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posted a comment in So they clearly adjusted sliders today.

F**k that moment. So many balls out of the zone. Finally did it on a slider. 

4/16/2019 3:51PM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

The best team doesn’t win every game. 


If a team swung at pitches out of the zone all game long then they more than likely would go 0-162. 


If this game were too realistic then only some would be able to enjoy it. If that were the case then the budget given to SDS or any game developer would be far less than what it was for this game, I’m sure.

You want a better game? Go make it. I’m sure you could get some of The Show’s customers and maybe a handful from RBI. Good luck getting MLB licensing. Be sure and link us.  

4/16/2019 3:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Can we get the airhorn out of the game.

1000x this 

4/12/2019 8:19PM PDT
posted a comment in Trevor Hoffman Review.

I’m also curious.

Hear Kershaw is end game, tho. 

On a side note. I love how SDS made card accessibility this year. It’s working out well in terms of giving everyone a shot at top cards, while still giving top players an incentive. 

4/11/2019 5:37PM PDT

Slow clap

3/22/2019 8:11PM PDT
posted a comment in Controversial pitching opinion .

I think it’s about averages, ironically. The portion you tip the scale at and your ability to do that with precision is the task. It can be difficult, I’d imagine. 

You have all these metrics in place. Perk boosts. H/9 Vs contact/vision/power for just a tiny slice of the clustertruck of dueling program code. 

That being said, I’m not sure how this secondary penalty will play out. 

3/22/2019 7:18PM PDT
posted a comment in Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz.

I am aware of this fact. 

3/22/2019 4:11PM PDT
posted a comment in Biggest concern about DD this year.. .

Someone had the idea of ending each month in the seasons with a playoff for each division comprised of the best 4-8 teams. Then having each division champ play in a playoff. Live streaming would be great for revenue. 

3/22/2019 4:09PM PDT
created Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz.

Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz

3/22/2019 4:06PM PDT
posted a comment in Rickey Henderson confirmed - GameStop Monday.

Hope they go over the 99 threshold on speed just for Rickey. Maybe 110 speed with 125 steal

3/18/2019 12:20PM PDT
posted a comment in Rickey Henderson confirmed - GameStop Monday.


Number 1 player I wanted added. 

NOW SHOW US MADDUX, SMOLTZ, GLAVINE AND THE BIG UNIT. (I know what have you done for me lately. I’m sorry.)

Having Rickey is super cool. 

3/18/2019 12:03PM PDT
posted a comment in Will 1/3 Innings Count This Year?.

I really hope so. Should have counted last year. Would be nice to get an answer to this. 

3/16/2019 12:46PM PDT
posted a comment in More randomness for pitching in 19? :(.

Players want pitching too perfect. Only the best of the best can consistently hit their spots. THOSE pitchers and ONLY those pitchers should have the kind of control half the pitchers in The Show have. Placing a curveball is difficult. Not many pitchers can spot their secondary stuff. Some pitchers can’t even spot a fastball. 

I don’t like the idea of spamming penalties. That should naturally occur by your opponent adjusting. 

3/15/2019 6:05AM PDT
posted a comment in 99s Not 5 Tool?.

I don’t understand the point of having a 99 overall cap when it’s clear that some players surpass this rating. Why not just show their actual rating? 

3/14/2019 9:19PM PDT
posted a comment in So is it a thing to draw the strike zone on your tv???!!!.

What? Explain. 

3/12/2019 2:59PM PDT


Yes indeed

3/12/2019 2:57PM PDT
posted a comment in Sadly, MTO may be a failed game mode ADDED NEW INFO.

This is the best response to this thread and the same one I would argue.


There is far too much emphasis put on the DD value you get out of the time you spend playing. Playing purely for the sake of adding to your DD team is a good way to make yourself miserable while playing the game. 

3/12/2019 7:50AM PDT
created Different way to look at bat skins and HR animations.

Different way to look at bat skins and HR animations

3/1/2019 8:29PM PST
posted a comment in New Legend Yure most exited four?.

I want Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz. 


Andruw was an unexpected surprise. Mays is awesome. Foxx. Pudge. 


Loving the new legends thus far. Hope we see Ricky Henderson or even a 1992 Dion Sanders

2/21/2019 9:10PM PST
posted a comment in DD Variety.

Your idea for a playoff within the series you finished in is a really, really, great idea. Especially if they made it into a stamina related best of series for the last two players. Could even host a stream of the series with sponsors or commercials to donate to charity/pad SDS profits/allow them to have literally any player license.  

2/21/2019 7:27PM PST
posted a comment in WHY?!?!?!?!.

I don’t want DH in DD. 

2/16/2019 3:18PM PST

‘96 or ‘97 Andres Galaragga. 

2/13/2019 5:51AM PST
posted a comment in Ah, the good ol' days..

Your league idea is possible now through simple communication between players.


We could have a 30 team draft with 25 rounds. 

2/13/2019 5:43AM PST

Don’t be a d*ckhead. 

2/11/2019 7:00AM PST

Don’t be a d*ckhead. 

2/11/2019 7:00AM PST