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posted a comment in Not just another salty post. Legitimate complaint.

Because you’re doing it wrong. College Lefty posted a link to a video explaining how to do it this year. Works every time now. The key is to push the button you want to throw to once before the pitch hits the catcher’s glove.

4/20/2019 8:38AM PDT
posted a comment in 1st inning bosses.

The post-game stars from playing the moment/conquest will go towards the 2nd inning, yes, but the actual reward for completing 1st inning missions should be going to the 1st program. If this is not the case, then I would submit a big report so they know.

4/19/2019 3:30PM PDT
posted a comment in 2nd Inning Vlad!!.

I’m a little scared by that 68 fielding though 😱

4/18/2019 4:18PM PDT
posted a comment in Is SDS ever going to acknowledge outfielders not locking on to flyballs?.

Yeah, I agree with the previous comment in that you ran past that one. I struggled with it a bit at first this year as well, but you really just need to let go of the stick once you are in the ball outline or the fielder will run past it.

4/17/2019 10:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Hope you guys were honest.

I agree. The game is so much better than 18, there is no comparison! Please please please SDS, do not change this current version too much, it is really really good!

4/17/2019 8:36AM PDT
posted a comment in J.ram @2b.

I've been using him at 2nd since soon after launch and he has been fine for me (online or offline). He does have 1-2 errors probably, but no more than my gold/diamond fielding outfielders.

4/15/2019 12:48PM PDT
posted a comment in Kershaw signature pass.

Any tips? I feel like I'm doing the right thing with him, but my opponents keep lighting him up :(

4/12/2019 9:40AM PDT
posted a comment in Could we get a Chris Davis moment next update?.

Funny thing is, when doing the moment where you have to beat the Yankees 2 out of 3 games with the Orioles, I used him as a pinch-hitter in the top of the 3rd and hit a 3-run bomb to RF with him haha

4/10/2019 6:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Harmon Killebrew is doodle .

He actually mashes for me, but to each their own I suppose!

4/8/2019 3:11PM PDT
posted a comment in 30 Avatars and Themes for 2019.

Darn, if true then that's really lame.

4/8/2019 11:33AM PDT
created 30 Avatars and Themes for 2019.

30 Avatars and Themes for 2019

4/8/2019 11:29AM PDT
posted a comment in Tony Gwynn or Frank Thomas .

Personally, I am tired of losing games (or at least very close to it) because of either Dave Parker or previously my best was FB Jay Bruce (gold and diamond fielders, respectively) not being able to catch a routine ball to RF. So, in 2 levels, my choice is Gwynn.

4/8/2019 8:12AM PDT
posted a comment in 2018: Ohtani's bat mission.

I just did this earlier this afternoon and I am pretty sure it was 3 hits and 1 homerun, but I could be wrong.

4/5/2019 5:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Stubs and xp not counting from collections.

There is another thread on this in which Jax (SDS Dev) confirmed that with the addition of new players to certain rosters today, it was showing up as 29/40 (for example) when in fact you had already claimed 30/40 for that team and so you cannot collect the reward twice. This had me confused as well with the scenario I just mentioned for the Athletics, I thought I got robbed when in fact I had already collected the 30 player reward.

4/5/2019 4:30PM PDT
posted a comment in Just reached World Series! .

I believe once the window starts to expand, you just close it (or stop it) by pushing left on the D-pad.

4/3/2019 4:28PM PDT
posted a comment in Catcher bug.

I just started a new thread about this as I did not see yours, but yes I am having the exact same issue and it is costing me games! Devs, please address this ASAP thanks!

4/3/2019 3:22PM PDT
created Stealing accuracy bar not showing up when trying to throw out a runner.

Stealing accuracy bar not showing up when trying to throw out a runner

4/3/2019 3:14PM PDT
posted a comment in 1st Inning Bosses Program Bar Not 100%.

That's good to know, I will do some Conquest tonight then. I am at 240 right now, and I don't really want to pay for 10 SE diamonds to get the remaining 60 stars.

3/27/2019 5:07PM PDT
posted a comment in 1st Inning Bosses Program Bar Not 100%.

Same issue as well. All I can think of is that they might be adding some more moments to the program? That would also help with program stars as there are nowhere near enough right now.

3/27/2019 4:59PM PDT

Or if the servers are like they were in 17 at launch haha

3/25/2019 10:41AM PDT
posted a comment in Is it just me being immature today or?.

I'm the same way man.  Just counting down the minutes until 9pm PST!

3/25/2019 10:16AM PDT
posted a comment in Wild Guess here.

Wild guess here as well, but I think you might be crazy.

3/25/2019 10:15AM PDT
posted a comment in Early Debate: Hunter or Henderson?.

I know this wasn't your question, but although the two you mentioned seem quite tempting I still think I am going to go with one of the catchers. There doesn't seem to be as many good options when it comes to catchers, especially in the LS collection. Of course, this will depend on what I get in my packs as well.

3/25/2019 9:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Preordered 19 but i dont know where to go to download it.

Go to the PS store on your home screen of the PS4, then scroll all the way down to Library. Easiest then is to search for MLB 19 and select it. There will be an option to download it and a countdown until you can play it.

3/25/2019 9:46AM PDT
posted a comment in What game mode are you playing first?.

Think I'll do one of the smaller conquest maps first to get back into it (and try the Strike Zone 3 camera that many of the Devs were using in the stream, it looks nicer than what I was using). Then, I will check out a few of the moments and call it a night. Tomorrow, the grind begins haha

3/25/2019 9:44AM PDT