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I think the casuals will complain for a week or so than move on since they dont care too much for the game.  Then SDS will realize <enter dream sequence> 

"Hey the casuals only complained for two weeks...last year the " loyal players " were relentless all year"

and then we all live happily ever after 


You cant hit the curveballs in the show 18...hopefully they bring it back in '19

Ya I know the feeling you guys. Last year I remember was not 100% pleased with the gameplay ( I understand tough cookies...not trying to sound entitled ).

That feeling though of pouring about $200 into a game and feeling crummy about the game was a pretty bad feeling. I told myself never again. 

This year stuck to my word and it felt great. It kinda sucked though hearing about e everyone being upset or slapped in the face by SDS talking about the money they spent.

But (back off grammar police) when it happened it confirmed I made the correct decision. When I get upset about gameplay I say hey u spent 60 bucks and got what u paid for lol

So if I square up a ball with Ted William's and Curt Casali both results should be a homerun correct?

Nows around the time..

I recommend.....

Correction I was hitting 82 points higher last year lol

That sir was truly the most beautiful usage of Spanish I have ever heard. Translator....just awesome. 

Can you please translate I agree to him por favor?..Much appreciated 

Early/Late same result?

"Where's The Strike Zone Blue!?"

No I do not....I also realized you need more than two or three letters

I am the first and second incompetent person on this post

Votes are in!

Haha...but they cant pull it off two years in a row....or can they (cue xfiles theme)

Actually feel kinda bad for SDS

Well played MLB Network

Fastballs are too slow.....most mlb players are not early on 100mph fastballs = true....therefore not whining.


How was I able to get rid of my frustration of playing the show

You said it man. My team was an overall 77 (I grind my stats against human players mostly) after that game they matched me up with a team with all diamonds and 3 immortals. Ruth Pujols and Griffey. It was awful on top of that I got a ton of bad I just told myself I will be stuck in Wild card lol

Is this right?

Looking at your post history you have an abusive history of interacting with people on forums. I just wanted to point that out. Maybe you see a change in your future? Well that's all I am about to leave before you turn your anger on me. 

4. If you dont want to take it out....PLEASE AT LEAST LET ME KNOW WHAT MY OPPONENT IS USING