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I can't remember his name but he call's his team team visa and he buys all the cards on day 1.   probably spends about 2500 to do that.  

I spend about 300 on stubbs.  Usually at the beginning but I don't keep on putting money in during the year.  maybe once more at the first stubb sale, like a 50 bundle.  

Evenings and weekends are usually the worst when the game launches.    I8 was there best ever.  

Was thinking about calling in sick on Tuesday.  But who knows, maybe there will be server issues and it might not be worth it.  

it's got great reviews.  brand new is 99 bux.  I would buy it for 50 if it's not too old.  

just make sure there is no pixels messed up.  test it first.  

But 22 inches is small.  I have a 27 and I don't recommend any smaller.  

Hitting a buck 74 would make me angry too lol.  

I know. One of the last great sitcoms before reality tv took over.   Cody Bellinger didn't know who Seinfeld was lol.  

I'll add more.  


Married with Children

Knight Rider

Love Boat

Fantasy Island

Gilligans Island



Archie Bunker for president.   

And I had to google Avatar the show lol.  

Some of my favs as a kid.  

Happy Days

The Brady Bunch

Three's company


The A-team

Different Strokes


Dukes of Hazzard.  

I think he is the best overall player.  Not many diamond hitters with gold defense.  The only negative is his 62 or 66 speed, can't remember.   that's not great for center field.  but still a very good card.  If I were to choose a lefty it would be him.  

How much do you think these cards will be going for during the first week of release?   20-30k?

If ones more expensive, more people will choose that card bringing the value down.  

I'm going for one I can use for a couple months in RS.   I may even buy an additional one.   

have you decided your diamond pick?

I think it's going to make things interesting.  And it doesn't take away from strategy.  You can still bring in that lefty specialist to face Bryce.  But you may have to pitch to the next guy though.  Or you can walk the next guy to get to another lefty hitter.  Or you can unintentionally intentionally walk someone.   The strategy is still there.   And it should speed up the game.   

And your going to see some matchups that you wouldn't normally see.  I think I might like this change.  

Brooks or Frank, and I'm leaning towards frank because I've never used his card before. Or  Whichever position needs an upgrade at that point.   

Clarification on pitching in 19.

I don't know official rules but I don't think that should be ruled a GIDP because Altuve made a base running error after the put out at first base.  

So we won't be able to get our confidence up on secondary pitches?  Ridiculous.  We should be able to throw what we want when we want.

  If I can't adjust to what my opponent is throwing as a hitter,  that's my problem.  

LS cards are not end game cards.  That ended in 18.  I had Trout, Stanton, and Seager on my end game team in 17.  But none in 18.  They will still be good cards for a long while though.  

I killed it with Suarez with a good inside edge vs. righties in 18.  one of my best hitters until I/E ended.  Golds become diamonds with I/E.  

Always hating on the Dodgers.  Seager played in 26 games last year while being injured.  Turner also didn't play the full year.  Both diamond caliber players.  

How did they lose you as a customer if you still plan on purchasing the game?   lol

I'm excited about the baseball season in general and also about the game because I'm loving what I'm hearing about it.  More legends, less grinds, and improved gameplay.   And play the way you want.  There giving us  just about everything we asked for.  

I may go with Seaver too.  One of my favorite pitchers to use in this game.  I didn't get him this year due to giving up on his grind.  

Immortal gallo returns lol