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posted a comment in Notification of Server Maintenance Please.

They do server maintenance in the wee hours almost daily, at least that had been the case last year.

5/8/2018 2:53PM PDT

Haha, well, good luck then!

5/8/2018 1:02PM PDT

I meant Pomeranz. Will fix

5/8/2018 12:56PM PDT
posted a comment in Severino gets ROCKED tonight.

Don't be that guy, 


Red Sox fan

P.S. Porcello has sucked this year. If he makes it out of the third, I'll be surprised.

Edit. I mean Pomeranz, not Porcello. Porcello has been pretty fantastic this year.

5/8/2018 12:44PM PDT
posted a comment in HoF game vs Dodgers (Timed mission game).

Wow, that was stressful. I'm not very good, so getting this done in just one attempt was a miracle. Wood made me look silly for 7 innings (2 hits, 7 Ks), but 88 Jack Morris was solid for me. Gary Sanchez hit a solo bomb in the third and that was the difference until a Corey Seager RBI double in the 8th to tie it at 1-1 (Seager was the only one to do damage against me, surprisingly). First pitch from Daniel Hudson in the 8th was another bomb by Sanchez to regain the lead. A hit, an error and an intentional walk later and Pedro Alvarez hit a grand slam. Stress gone at that point. IV Benoit had three Ks to finish the game. Done and done. 

5/6/2018 7:58AM PDT
posted a comment in Leveling up quickly.

Complete missions

5/5/2018 9:18AM PDT
posted a comment in Worst. RTTS. Ever..

All great points. Another complaint I have regarding the caps, is they only allow me to increase the caps of categories where I'm no where near the cap. However, categories where I've been at the cap for weeks, I never get the option to upgrade it, and I'm not remotely close to the top cap. It's frustrating.

5/5/2018 7:21AM PDT
posted a comment in What is going on with the market?.

Tons of prices are down. Diamonds all the way down to silver. Sometimes people dump their extras to buy new packs. I think that was a thing last year when special packs were released.

5/4/2018 2:43PM PDT
posted a comment in 92 Diamond Wade Boggs card?.

New event reward

5/4/2018 2:37PM PDT
posted a comment in PSA: You can get Didi for free....

Yup. They added the 'collect' requirement for each card

5/4/2018 1:13PM PDT
posted a comment in Chase utley able to be complete .

Still 'coming soon'

5/4/2018 1:12PM PDT
posted a comment in Impact Veteran Starting Pitchers.

5/4/2018 12:30PM PDT
posted a comment in Which program are you most excited to finish?.

Ruth and Ryan. I've done the exchanges, so I'm ready. I'm also waiting for Ted Williams to pop up

5/4/2018 10:00AM PDT
posted a comment in Active Hall of Famers.

As much as it pains me to say, I think CC Sabathia has a pretty good case

5/4/2018 9:58AM PDT

I absolutely agree! It's certainly not a fun aspect of the game. I'd rather play ball games than play the market, for sure.

5/4/2018 8:01AM PDT
posted a comment in 5% for a majority of my time....

I was with nearly every one else early on in hating the hat and jersey exchanges. They're tedious and somewhat expensive. However, think of how expensive these career arcs and immortals would be if they were on the open market. I just finished the pitchers, outfielder and hat exchanges for Ruth. I figure I spent 22K on everything I didn't already have. (I'm using my 5 team epics to skip the jerseys, which I figure will run more than 25K alone). When you add in the cost of the career arcs and the time spent grinding stats... that's really not bad for an immortal like Ruth. Hell, I bought 150-ish hats in less than a day with almost all of them buy orders.

I'm backing off agreeing on the 'cash grab' label. The format this year is certainly very different, but in the long run, it may be easier and cheaper, even without My Career mission rewards.

5/4/2018 7:47AM PDT
posted a comment in Who's your 1B?.

Consistently? Gallo. 

5/3/2018 2:29PM PDT

Same here. I got super lucky with the RF misplaying the ball in the first AB. RBI singles after that and I was done with him in one game. Walker was weird. I got one hit in my first two games with him and benched him until I tried the Pirates team epic hitting stats. First game, he was spraying the ball all over the place for hits. Now if I can just get Nava done...

5/2/2018 6:49PM PDT
posted a comment in DD Card Art Updated!.

Chris Hatcher still has that same awful picture, unfortunately. 

5/1/2018 10:38AM PDT
posted a comment in 3rd basemen .

I'm in the same position. I'm going after Chase Headley Padres Team Epic. Seems solid.

5/1/2018 10:27AM PDT
posted a comment in Future Career Arcs.

If the early streams are definite, then we'll get Schmidt, Thomas and Reyes. I don't remember seeing Belle as a career arc. 

I was hoping for Wade Boggs, but if Schmidt is an arc, then I don't see Boggs having one. Boggs would be perfect though -- rookie as the starter, Yankees impact vet/all-star and then the final card is is Red Sox breakout.

Winfield is interesting. Kenny Lofton for CF would be cool. Barry Larkin at SS?

I'm drawing a blank on SP. There's so many to pick from. I wouldn't be thrilled with Drabeck, honestly. Gaylord Perry? Fergie Jenkins? Blyleven?

The relievers seem like no brainers. Pick two of these three -- Eck, Fingers and Gagne. 

5/1/2018 9:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Ty Cobb MISSING from Legends Collection.

We had 90 different legends in 2017. I think they said they're adding about 30 for this year's game. We already have 23 of them, plus Frank Thomas, Albert Belle, (can't remember any others off the top of my head). I doubt Cobb is coming. I still have to give SDS props for giving us new legends every year.

5/1/2018 9:43AM PDT
posted a comment in DD Card Art Updated!.

Tons of new card art. Awesome. Thanks for replacing many of the faceless cards and updating the unis, SDS

5/1/2018 6:31AM PDT
posted a comment in Favorite Genres of music?.

Punk Rock and Punk Pop -- The Clash, 999, Stiff Little Fingers, Sloppy Seconds, Ramones, The Buzzcocks

4/30/2018 11:23AM PDT
posted a comment in Hanley Program cost.

I got the gold Hanley, but didn't do the exchanges. I'm waiting for Reyes.

4/30/2018 6:44AM PDT