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Exactly , I wasn't using him at first for the fact he is so easy to obtain and everybody would have him . but he's way too good to not use 

I agree . trout delivers . if jd doesn't hit a moonshot he's out of tricks . trout is always doing something productive offense or defense 

I went the Stanton route . I didn't like him at first but now i love him. Hos fielding is ok tloo

I went crazy over trying to get Reggie so long I then went crazier to get vlad instead .. Love vlad btw so much I passed on the Halloween bat recently .. 

Im always eating there lol won't eat fast food except for them 

Fisherman's warf is really cool . maybe the Monterey Bay aquarium 

O ya if u want an amusement park great America is right next to the niners stadium in Santa Clara.  Or Vallejo has marine world six flags

Check this out though . I did 3 potm programs . peralta , carpenter , goldy ( hardly used yet ) .

 Carpenter : 94 abs/.468 avg/44h/16hr/.474 obp/1.096 slg%.

Peralta:177 abs/.249 avg/44h/26hr/.273 obp/.751 slg %

 All of the stats come from RS or CPU grinding on hof or legend only . 

I guess what I'm finding is carpenter may be my favorite even tho its been peralta in my mind this whole time ... Go figure .

Peralta rakes . plays over his rating imo he is always on the bench or starting. Mostly bench since immortals cover the outfield .But still worth it

He hits dingers and has the best defense imo. Favorite finest card 

They haven't even thrown the first pitch yet .  paper champions don't always win .. I know a team that won 3 world series within 5 years that weren't good on paper . 

Lindor . I put Baez vs. Ramirez . Lindor ls and finest have always been better than baez and Ramirez imo.  I even think I like Ramirez offense better than Baez ... Everybody is gonna say something different 

Bahaha same homie !  I was using will alot the last event .And running Pablo at 3rd for this tourney. Wish they would hook up an 85 Kevin Mitchell next years giants program :)

I was looking at the bat today contemplating on the purchase lol what kinda giants fan am I to not have Willie 

Yup took an L to one last nite I believe 

I swear they have a guy at each rating lol 

Ruth has to be .hes a 125 power split both ways Ted just one 

Server issues anyone?

Well good than Lol thanks fellas

I have ted , vlad, griffey , and trout . teds on the bench . the 3 of them in the outfield make it tough on your ops offense .

Vlads the man . better arm then trout and griffey .