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posted a comment in Packs vs Cards.

Me personally I go with the packs... because I can't justify buying stubs and just outright buying a card off the market. Granted the packs are tricky as there is no guarantee that you'll get the card you want.

At the same time if you are going to purchase packs this is the best time to do it seeing as both stubs and packs are half off. For example at the beginning of the year you could spend $100 for 150k in stubs and then spend 50k of those stubs for the 50 pack box... now you only need to spend $50 for 150k in stubs and then only spend 25k of those stubs for the 50 pack box.

Keep in mind though that there are no guarantees. Case in point I pulled Mike Trout atleast once in all the previous Show games (15, 16 and 17) and completed the MLB collection with time to spare. This year I have tons of teams including the Angels that I have yet to complete... granted I could just buy the players needed this year I kind of didn't feel the need to do it since tons of other cards came out that made getting these cards pointless with the exception of wanting to get Vlad.

2/1/2019 6:23AM PST
posted a comment in Pre Order.

I went with the Digital Deluxe... In previous years I have gotten both the Digital Deluxe and the GameStop special edition... I have something to do in a few minutes so won't be able to do the GameStop edition yet but at the end of the month I'll probably go ahead and put my order in for that copy of the game... still debating if I'm taking the day or the rest of the week off to enjoy the game for a bit with no distractions.

2/1/2019 6:18AM PST
posted a comment in Souvenirs and Exchanges in MLB19.

My hope is that they make it less of a focus or remove souvenirs entirely. 

I know the hope in the beginning was that people would want to collect these items but in the grand scheme of things they were definitely more problematic than they were rewarding.

I know some players want them to remain in the game as they definitely played a huge role in certain players got themselves a ton of stubs by flipping these on the market. I've never been a big market guy so primarily relied on packs, drops and exchanges to get the ones that I needed as I preferred to spend more time in the actual game.

Guess we'll have to wait and see once the stream schedule releases (if they stick with that practice, which I think they will)... I want to say its possible that we get the trailer on the 5th along with the schedule not long after the trailer drops... and I want to say the first stream could be as early as the Thursday the 7th. (fingers crossed)

2/1/2019 6:14AM PST
posted a comment in New HW 94 Jackie Robinson card.

I get that Power is the meta... but in no way shape or form is a card like this trash... smh.

Just because a card lacks power doesn't make it trash... smh.

I redeemed it but the only game I tried to play was one against Red Sox on All-Star to complete all of the January missions but ended up cutting my system off as it was real late when I attempted it... outside of me getting his Immortal which I need to either get more Dodgers jerseys or a ton more Dodgers hats I'll be using this HW card quite a bit starting tonight after work.

To each their own I guess... personally I can't stand playing WS MVP Steve Pearce at 2B so there's that... to those that do more power to you (no pun intended).

2/1/2019 6:09AM PST
posted a comment in Feb program missions.

If you play Battle Royale the common and bronze pitching stats should be pretty easy to get.

Definitely looking forward to this to kind of end MLB The Show 18... my hope is that I can put together my Black History month team although I kind of got away from picking up certain players top cards as the year went on but with any luck I can field that team as well as my optimum Mets team which is only missing Finest deGrom.

All and all it should be a fun time these last two months heading into the 26th of March. Definitely would be cool if they do a March Ranked Season as well as Timed Missions since 19 doesn't come out until the end of the month.

2/1/2019 6:04AM PST
posted a comment in MLB The Show 19 gameplay footage tomorrow (1/29).

TV shows, Movies, Netflix, etc do this a ton... this is nothing out of the ordinary... plus Bartolo Colon Cologne is just genius... also having him featured from his Mets days (although you see him pitching in I'm guessing all of his uniforms during a brief part) was great for me to see... especially the dinger he hit in of all places San Diego.

I'd love it if he has a bigger role in 19 similar to what other non-cover athlete players have done in the past.

Also hoping this means that a Bartolo AS Mets card is confirmed to be in the game this year

1/29/2019 10:57AM PST
posted a comment in Finally! After 7 Months..My 1st (Real) Immortal!.

Gotta love when you finally finish the grind... I'm hoping to play more leading into 19 and have a ton of guys that I just don't want to splurge on souvenirs (hats/jerseys) to complete while I have others that I'm real close... just have to knock out a few more stats but just haven't played as much as I have in the past.

My first Immortal was Tom Seaver and I'm glad it was him... still wish Mike Piazza's Immortal was assigned to the Mets but getting him was pretty cool too... hopefully this year they can improve that system... still a little tight that there was no Mets card for Billy Wagner.

1/29/2019 7:44AM PST
posted a comment in Griffey, Babe, and now?.

Seeing as I didn't believe that Babe Ruth would be in The Show until he was put in The Show... I'm going to be cool and keep an eye out for Easter Eggs in the trailer to see if someone catches my eye.

1/29/2019 7:41AM PST
posted a comment in If we are getting a gameplay trailer today....

I'd imagine that others would have already "spoiled" his signing and there were tons of tweets about him signing with Phillies and Vegas sportsbook(s) removing the prop bets for betting on where he's signing.

I think we'll just get a gameplay trailer with easter eggs as per usual but I'm not expecting a Harper reveal as a way to announce his signing but as soon as he signs SDS will release the official cover and its possible we could get a new Harper centric trailer for the game similar to the one where he got announced... I'd imagine that wouldn't get released until after his press conference so that footage can be included.

1/29/2019 7:37AM PST
posted a comment in Will Ranked Season make a comeback in 2019?.

Ranked Seasons will continue... to take it further I'm thinking we get an actual "Program" similar to the Events program for Bob Feller and Ted Williams to go along with it.

As the main competitive mode I don't see Ranked Seasons getting removed especially since you have full use of your inventory.

1/29/2019 7:33AM PST
posted a comment in The show as an esport.

It's always tougher for games based off real sports to become eSports... NBA 2K is the closest to getting some legitimacy and Madden is also in that realm but more so as a one on one deal... even though they could expand competitions of they do "Squads" mode right.

But yeah MLB is going to be a tough one to "get over". I'd imagine they would have to follow a Madden 1v1 model but yeah the people that are going to watch will watch. It all boils down to servers and online gameplay. 

But yeah if they can work those out they can make a legit go of it... but I can't see them expanding beyond 1v1... my recommendation would be to do it similar to Madden where multiple events are held with different rules for each. Can have Battle Royale type events, and Ranked Seasons type events as well as Events type events in terms of putting teams together. With qualifying being done through the respective modes in game. 

1/28/2019 8:49AM PST
posted a comment in Do these players belong in the hall?.

I can't put Barry Bonds in... it would take some doing for me to finally say yes.

now Roger Clemens will always get a "NO!" from me... you don't mistake a broken bat barrel for a ball AND STILL throw it at the runner... that was some steriod rage if I've ever seen.

Pete Rose is long overdue to go into the Hall of Fame. If anyone should get in out of the three it should be him. MLB actually gave approval for him to be apart of the All-Star Game ceremony when the game was in Cincinnati... so yeah let him in... plus he finally admitted his guilt a few years back if I'm not mistaken.

1/23/2019 1:35PM PST
posted a comment in MLB 19 free diamond guess.

yeah far as I know from what I heard at the end of the season he was saying that he still wanted to play in the 2019 season but understood why it wouldn't be with the Mets.

1/23/2019 10:03AM PST
posted a comment in Finest Diaz? .

The one thing that I never understood about this game is the amount of people that feel that using a pitcher with 3 pitches or the pitcher doesn't have a certain pitch makes the card unusable. I always chalked it up to learning how to use that specific pitcher and see what advantages you can gain from their pitch selection instead of relying on the pitcher to have a certain pitch that you personally utilize well.

Diaz is definitely a card that I'm looking forward to using in MLB The Show 19.

1/23/2019 7:23AM PST
posted a comment in New legends.

Depends on how rights work. I know there is a Hall of Fame license in the game but not sure to what extent in regards to player likeness. Personally the longer Clemens and Bonds stay out the better I'll feel about the process. Plus a player doesn't necessarily have to be in the Hall to get in the game... its just a matter of being able to get that players likeness... case in point Billy Wagner wasn't voted in and has an Immortal card in 18.

1/23/2019 6:31AM PST

odds are still the same... just that the packs are cheaper which lowers the risk and increases the reward.

1/23/2019 6:28AM PST
posted a comment in Immortals.

Immortals definitely need to return... maybe the tweak the programs in terms of what we have to do to get them but not having Immortals in 19 would be a step backwards. I enjoy going after these guys and am happy to say that I was able to unlock Piazza, Seaver and Ryan with others at my fingertips if I ever decide to bite the bullet and get more Jerseys/Hats to do exchanges... that is the one thing that I'd say in hindsight was a negative no matter how many stubs some players were able to make off selling those items on the market.

1/23/2019 6:27AM PST
posted a comment in Refusing to use players because of real life.

Chase Utley... I used him more this year partly to get his missions done for Immortal Jackie and I also eased up a little because I found out that he apologized to Ruben Tejada albiet through David Wright... so on the strength of my Captain I eased off him a little... plus he helped me out (his gold card) in the lefty event with him having reverse splits.

1/23/2019 6:00AM PST
posted a comment in MLB 19 free diamond guess.

Looking at all the possible options for the Mets I'm going to say that they give us - either Jose Reyes (if he's still active at the time that they finalize the cards) or Daniel Murphy... in a perfect world David Wright would still be playing and he would be the no brainer choice for the Mets Diamond Flashback... but yeah I think they'll do the Jose Reyes as I'm sure they'll continue to save the Daniel Murphy for Postseason time.

1/23/2019 5:59AM PST
posted a comment in Ranking all the finest players.

Freeman is great for his reverse splits while still maintaining high contact vs righties. I'd strongly recommend using him as a bench bat. Granted some players will be hip to his reverse splits and bring in a righty to limit the potential of you going yard but in th heat of battle if they have a lefty in the game that they are confident in chances are they stick with the lefty which is what you want them to do with this card.

And yeah Lindor is an insane card... I just have a personal thing against using cards that I rack up insane stats with but as of yet in my limited Head to Head time I have yet to take Lindor out of my lineup despite him possibly becoming the first player that I use that could hit 100 homers for me in DD with the ROY Pujols a close second but that was because it took me forever to complete his single game mission.

1/22/2019 10:12AM PST

Yeah I'm also thinking he got the Finest for a 15k Finest pack... if he pulled it from a 500 stub standard pack I'd really be amazed... but all in all its still a great pull.

1/22/2019 5:45AM PST
posted a comment in My take on why we haven't seen anything about 19..

I'd imagine that SDS will stick to the same schedule and will either release the calender this week to start info as early as Feb 1st but more than likely we get the schedule next week with info starting the first full week of February.

As far as Bryce Harper and the cover is concerned I don't think they'll show us the cover with the actual game trailer. Not sure when that'll be or if he'll sign in time for the initial release but he's all but guaranteed to sign well in advance of spring training... this is however good news for the Nationals though because it sounds like no one is offering him and Boras the right amount of dollars with the right amount of years.

1/22/2019 5:41AM PST
posted a comment in Shift Option?.

Autoshift is fine by me. Granted there are those times where opponent goes oppo on you but more often then not they'll pull the ball right into the shift on something that would otherwise be a clear hit. Works both ways as well as I have lined out or grounded out hard in particular either right up the middle with a righty or shallow right with a lefty.

I'd rather have the autoshift instead of having to set my defense for every batter. Players already complain about the length of some of these games and taking out autoshift would either force players to manuel set their defense for every batter or it will lead to more players complaining about certain hits that their opponents are getting.

1/18/2019 6:23AM PST
posted a comment in Is the actual event ending today ? .

I'm thinking the new event will start either today or tomorrow. Info probably won't come out until the event goes live.

1/18/2019 6:01AM PST
posted a comment in THE SHOW19 GEAR UP CHOICE PACK?.

Gear Up is probably simpler than what you guys are thinking. I have a feeling it just gives you your pick of x amount of diamond equipment items... I don't foresee them allowing you to put equipment on actual players unless they do it like NBA 2K where players (to my knowledge) are restricted to only being able to wear their brand of sneakers.

So for example you would only be able to put Under Armour cleats on Bryce Harper... so I'm thinking they keep equipment to Diamond Dynasty CAP and RTTS players only.

1/18/2019 6:01AM PST