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posted a comment in No offense... But I don't want a player review from you if you play under Division series. .

Player reviews are a joke anyway, not every card plays the same for everyone. Not everyone is of the same skill level.


4/18/2019 10:14AM PDT
posted a comment in Underrated players who you would like SDS to get rights to?.

25% of his career HR total came in 1 season.

Even with that anomaly, he averaged 19HRs per 162 games.

Take the 1996 season out of his career  and he averaged 11HRs per 162 games.

Brady Anderson was not really a power hitter. But one very strange case. I'm not saying he was juicing, but his 1996 power numbers legitimately came out of nowhere.

4/18/2019 10:12AM PDT
posted a comment in Votto = HOF?.

Missing out on that 2nd MVP in 17 hurt. Dont get me started on Dale Murphy.

His OBP is amongst the greats and even with his skills clearly on the decline, he is still getting on base.

Someone said his WAR is low.

58.8 in 13 seasons.

Willie Stargel 57.5 in 21 seasons, Hank Greenberg 57.6 in 13 seasons.

His lowest WAR season is 1.9, which was cut short by injuies. Last year which wasnt a great year was 3.5. 

So hes good for 3 a year. So tack on 3 for 19.

61.8, that puts him above the Killer at 60.4 in 22 seasons. Also would rank him 165 all time in WAR.

Willie McCovey is at 64.5, Edgar 68.4, Eddie Murray 68.7, 

These guys are all reachable in 3 seasons playing like last year, 5 seasons at his worst.

He only needs to play like he did last year for 3 years to have a more than Respectable WAR, to go with his MVP, GG, and his career OBP.

If he retired right now would he be in? Hell no, but he will have to really fall far off the rest of his career to not get in. Do not look at how he is playing as an indication of him not being able to end the season with a 3+ WAR. April/March is only month his career batting average is below .300 it is across the board statistically his worst month. 

Career slash is .310/.426/.528.

On the career list for OPS he is 18th. Higher players not in. Bonds, Ramirez, Trout, McGwire, and Walker.

Also for 2000 hits. He is at 1742, that is 258 short. Last year he hit 143, so barring injury and playing as "poorly" as he did last year, he gets to 2000 at the end of next year.

Again not saying he is in, but he is not as far off as some here are saying. I think he has to either hit a brick wall and fall or injuries keep him off the field, for him to not get in. He has 5 more years on his contract, so baring those 2 things he has 5 seasons left. Even mediocre seasons will put his numbers in a good place.

I am not even going to talk about Harold Baines here. I am talking about voters.


4/18/2019 6:59AM PDT
posted a comment in Underrated players who you would like SDS to get rights to?.

I just want to see his pitching and batting animations, that would be really cool.

I agree he should be added, I mean EA made a big deal about Shaquem Griffin being in Madden, why not?

4/18/2019 6:24AM PDT
posted a comment in 250 packs ripped today-zero diamonds .

New year, same old pack stories. Never, ever, ever buy packs, unless you just enjoy opening packs, by far worst method of obtaining cards.

4/18/2019 6:19AM PDT
posted a comment in Underrated players who you would like SDS to get rights to?.

I'll take this list, but do without Dunn and Harang.

Add Billy Hatcher, Jose Rijo, Tom Browning, Chris Sabo, Paul O'Neill and Mario Soto

4/18/2019 6:12AM PDT
posted a comment in What age are you?.


Man I'm like middle of the pack here.

4/8/2019 5:03AM PDT
posted a comment in Already that time of the year.

Yup, if you can go 12-0, you can build best lineup out there with those rewards and or selling them for better players. 

Plus at this stage in the game, it's still about how good of a player you are, not who had the better cards. 

4/8/2019 4:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Really starting to hate this STUPID mode.

Yeah, this is an example of why I didn't buy the 19 hype. All that work shining up the turfd that that RTTS is. Nice great additions that I could see from streams, but still not fixed major issues of roster AI that have plagued RTTS for years. 

4/4/2019 5:04AM PDT
posted a comment in Service time errors: how does this keep happening?.

Sad to say they are not concerned with it, because it has no effect on DD, which is the primary mode SDS focuses on.

4/2/2019 11:27AM PDT
posted a comment in How do people even enjoy online play in this game?.

Yeah, like you I cant stand the online mentality. 17 was brutal for me, only way to get cards I wanted was to play online. 18 was a lot better for offline players.

From what I gathered this year there is a lot for offline players to do on 19. 


4/2/2019 8:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Gallo.

Love the Dunn comparison. Dunn was always a great video game player, but watching him play for my Reds team was beyond frustrating.

4/1/2019 9:47AM PDT
posted a comment in Ramone Russell .

The OP has a right to complain, SDS has a right to block him, OP has a right to be upset, and SDS has a right to not care.

The only way to send a message to a company is to not buy thier product. I didn't buy 19, probably wont buy it. Will it bother them, probably not, but at least i am no longer supporting thier complacency when it comes to franchise mode. 

3/29/2019 6:15AM PDT
posted a comment in Will opponent manager AI ever be improved? It takes most of the intensity out of key games..

Yeah, it's one of those things that proves that the fan base only care about online play. Just like leaving Franchise virtually untouched  they completely ignore AI bullpen intelligence and no one seems to care., since they are all playing H2H

3/29/2019 5:49AM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone use Dave Parker yet?.

As a Reds fan I wanted to see a Reds version. With power being only stat that mattered in 18, I'm not sure the card would have been that great in 18 anyway.

I just wanted a Reds Dave Parker. Since I'm not buying 19 I'll just have to deal.

3/29/2019 5:45AM PDT
posted a comment in Events are not baseball. Is RS any better?.

Yeah, I'm 41 and I know if I wanted to really grind out RS I could make it to WS. I may have to play 100 games, but it could happen. 

3/29/2019 5:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Online and Offline is Very Different Gameplay.

Yeah, I think he took your post as someone who only cares that online plays good as opposed to agreeing that online is playing way better than off.

I knew this would happen, when people complained about broken online last year with offline being great, that it would be reverse this year. 

Plenty of patches to go, offline should be easier to fix, but good chance they break online trying to fix offline.

3/29/2019 5:28AM PDT
posted a comment in The Natural.

I love the baseball scenes in The Natural, it's the non baseball scenes that I dont care as much for. It's still a good movie and like you said baseball movies are usually good no matter what.


3/29/2019 4:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone use Dave Parker yet?.

The card I wanted to see them release in 18.

3/29/2019 4:22AM PDT
posted a comment in Events are not baseball. Is RS any better?.

Compared to events, yes, but problem is you get locked into a 9 inning game with a cheeser and its torture.

From what I heard the higher levels like CS and WS are best, but I was never good enough to see it.

Your best bet would be play friendlies with guys from here. Most of them are looking for a good straight up sim game.

3/29/2019 4:19AM PDT
posted a comment in Add more players to minor league rosters .

Yeah, cant get rights until they make MLB debut.

3/28/2019 7:35AM PDT
posted a comment in The Natural.

IIRC that theme was featured in All Star Baseball 2004.

Good movie, but far from my favorite.

I'd rank Bull Durham, Major League, Field of Dreams, The Bad News Bears(original), Eight Men Out, A League of Their Own, Mr Baseball, 61*, Soul of the Game, & Moneyball ahead of it.

I'd probably rank it just ahead of Major League II, The Bad News Bears Breaking Training, The Sandlot, The Pride of the Yankees, Rookie of the Year, The Rookie, Little Big League, The Bingo Long Traveling AllStars, & The Sluggers Wife.

3/28/2019 6:40AM PDT
posted a comment in So how's Rickey?.

He didnt develope power until later in his career. Not to mention that it was 297 HRs in 25 years.

Per 162 games if his career he hit 16 HRs. So.e pop, but not a power hitter. And like I said his best power years were later.

28 in 1986 and 1990

3/26/2019 10:40AM PDT
posted a comment in Setting Lineup and Batting Order.

Ouch, that is terrible. And this is why I stopped getting hyped up after the streams. 

It's like getting wishes from a jeanie, you ask for something and there is some hidden catch. This mode looked cool, but that's a game breaker for me.

3/26/2019 9:49AM PDT
posted a comment in No Power in Vs CPU .

Obviously my big fear going into 19 was over compensation to power being meta and make HRs a lot harder to hit.

But like Chuck said, small sample size.  Best to wait awhile before jumping to conclusions.


3/26/2019 9:38AM PDT