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Optimal monitor settings?

Yep and he's absolutely awesome on defense. He also gets base hits and makes solid contact even on balls that he gets on top of.

I hit way better with Trout so JD is on my bench now

Yeah u can't get him but his card sucks in this game anyway 

Some of the immortals are quite awful though too. Jackie, Feller, Ryan, Musial, Brett, and Yogi were all really bad imo


Over .350 ba but I struggled greatly with him at first

I don't think he was attempting to make a realistic analogy I think it was more of a joke

Griffey isn't on the bench. I think he just worded it really weirdly and awkwardly 

That doesn't mean it's a good team 

Yeah this event sucks 

No that's a terrible team. Oh I guess it's ok based on ovr but that team would suck in rs

Stubs in January? I'd only play that event if someone was paying me real money tbh

I like that idea. Even if u do have all of the immortals, a lower tier card could be very useful for events too

I think you were experiencing comeback code in the favor of the CPU, unfortunately.

Shippett every time haha. I also love a hitter's park because it's the only time good input is rewarded consistently 

It's way harder imo with no pitch speeds

In what way? Is it cause he's good?

Try TC Schwarber before u do that. A platoon between him and Bench wouldn't be bad

Sports king golds are actually really good at the start of the season especially since many of them are probably gonna be over 10k. We'll likely see some 20k golds as well. (Bellinger, Sanchez, etc.)