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posted a comment in Losing 2/3 of the program stars we were initially receiving is bogus. .

From 4 stars an offline game to 3.....slowly adds up.  But honestly when all thr affinities are done what is left to play offline. Moments are a joke, especially cap ones, two hits and two put outs.....never had a fly ball hit to men in one game.  And that was a rookie mission.  

4/20/2019 8:27PM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone else using conquest Keith Hernandez?. grinding for McGriff right now hernandez because i split squads with the mets when im near the 250 threshhold....somehow,i lost track and only needed one brave inning.....had to go met heavy then. 

4/17/2019 12:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Kerry Wood.

His fastball is great strike one or three pitch......if you hit it.....slurve replaces a good slide....mixed up with that other curve which almost always drops to their shoelaces....very decent starterhasnt gaven up many runs for me and the bonus is.....damn can he hit.....better than position, doubles, homeruns.....just that pesky three bagger thats hard to hit

4/15/2019 3:35AM PDT
posted a comment in Can a get a more hittable pitches in "Moments" please?.

Just ridiculous how it is, you think if the goal is to get rbis they leave men on base, get hits more hittable pitches instead of constant corner pitcher, home runs then more high pitches. So frustrating with pa's without guys on and only maybe one high pitch for a hr and way inside or to high to do anything with

4/15/2019 3:29AM PDT
posted a comment in Missing reward.

Id close the game and start it up, thats how i got my mising stubs which was weird for some reason. Love the six packs of only bronze players.....worst pack luck i swear. That map was ridiculously easy.....just block them from north and south and expand then numbers are in your favor. If i wasnt badly sick id taken the stronghold....another day though

4/15/2019 3:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Stealing vs cpu.

Try a throwback in a 3-2 two out sitution and your runner bolts.....the cuss words fly then

4/14/2019 4:31PM PDT
posted a comment in Kerry Wood.

Very hard to locate even when you are spot on. Very annoying when you spot your meter perfectly and its goes to the other side of the plate

4/14/2019 4:29PM PDT
posted a comment in Tagging Up.

You think runners with good aggression would get a good jump for a tag

4/14/2019 4:26PM PDT
posted a comment in Tops Now....

Kinda hoping guarenteed topps now but likely wont be. I have the most terrible odds with diamonds or gold with any my show or standard packs, excluding the initial promotion packs. So roughly around 30-40 packs and not a single gold....yet i pulled one after a game, diamond equipment after a game. Worst pack pulls ever, for 3 years running. My pulls always favor lousy diamond fielders or worse starting pitchers 

4/14/2019 4:22PM PDT
posted a comment in Conquest: Gotta Love....SDS.

Frustrating as hell......i mean i didnt think we were dealing with the imaginary.....strange thing is i do believe it was the rockies as well....the angels did it on the k conquest map and rockies on the Hernandez map.  Wonder if it will never get fixed

4/13/2019 10:45PM PDT
posted a comment in Tagging Up.

Lol Dee Gordon tagging from third being thrown out by that damn Angel freak! No way that happens to an elite runner.....average-above average....maybe but not one of his caliber even with a cannon arm. Funny thing is i like Trout in center so lets try it. Defense matters way too much.....they went way to OP with it. Even infield singles are ridiculous hard. Seems like they just dont exist anymore in todays game

4/13/2019 8:00PM PDT
created Conquest: Gotta Love....SDS.

Conquest: Gotta Love....SDS

4/13/2019 3:00PM PDT
posted a comment in Level 50 Diamond Choice Pack Help!!!.

control matters.....i went with Woods with my first pitch and he is hard to locate so id leave Woods, ryan and feller out. Rickey was my 50 level pick with regrets.....someone with triple 90s and he doesnt steal when i cue him to steal is rather annoying esp when he is the lead runner

4/10/2019 3:31AM PDT
posted a comment in Baserunning AI BROKEN.

Hence why i steal or hit and run.....but still they try to return to their original base.  Isnt it three years and running though!!! Most annoying is balls that drop infront of your player, if cpu batting they auto advance before the ball touches th  ground, if you are batting you have to risk it one way or the other

4/9/2019 12:47PM PDT
posted a comment in Having a really hard time stealing bases this year against the CPU...anyone have any pointers?.

Im using Maxie Smith as well, and Mondesi and unless its two balls counts you are playing russian roulette with a loaded gun.  Try sliding to outside of the only gunned a few times that way. Sometimes the throw is just too spot on and you have to deal with it. 

4/8/2019 3:28AM PDT
posted a comment in Did SDS Even test these moments out BEFORE they released them?.

Love the rbis one when out of two games only once was there any runners on.  Another only had opportunities at putouts and not assists

4/7/2019 3:54PM PDT
posted a comment in Is it possible to get 300 program stars without online play?.

Just did it .....but ive started to begin with! But with the dailies and the new moments its doable. I managed to get mine done within two weekends.....but it is time consuming and if you have the stubs just buy him. A high end closer for 25k isnt a bad deal.

4/6/2019 8:52PM PDT
posted a comment in Miguel Sano got tagged out at third on a homerun that went over the fence..

So i got double off of third after he caught the ball in foul territory. Wasnt even touching or close to the bag yet thats what the pathetic gameplay said. Should of been a guy on third two out....nope end of inning instead

4/6/2019 12:28PM PDT
posted a comment in This game is trash.

Doubtful....i dont remember last year barely scraping  runs to barely win on rookie, plus wasnt atrocious baserunning blunders ....i mean the inability to slide away from tags while stealung, pickoffed at first with no leadoff......pop flies and not being able to send your runner to tag in time.....gunned out at second because it didnt automatically send you guy back to the bag.  The hitting in general is the same, good goid means just a pop up and under the ball equals a homerun.  Oh yeah and they havent fixed the post game rewards like they said they had.  Sad but not shocked over it all. This game franchise is kind way past its prime and just isnt up to par. New game modes while great change, classic failure.  Alot of this game is like Torres doubles from last year......

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4/6/2019 6:46AM PDT
posted a comment in Apparently conquest isn’t giving post game rewards since patch.

So an update screwed post game rewards up and we are to wait for another update that hopefully maybe might fix the issue.  Such a sad state. The karma of it is if they hadnt even tried to be sneaky and change moments it wouldnt happened.  Heres hoping something else doesnt break after they tinker with it. Atleast the communication is better, can say that atleast

4/4/2019 3:52PM PDT
posted a comment in Question about DD once Servers Shutdown.

Yet stores will still sell the game........

4/4/2019 12:42PM PDT
posted a comment in Finally got The Show 19, need some advice.

Oh yeah and every outfield has Vlads arm......they dare you to tag on a fly!!!!

4/4/2019 10:13AM PDT

Funny how the one mode they put their thunder behind is such a failure in different ways.  Same crap as last year as far as i seen. Hype, hype, hype.....then.....failure, failure, failure!

4/4/2019 10:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Vs Cpu.

Got a diamond equipment on rookie and today Blackmon as a reward.....second time to get him so i dont think i will sell him this time around ....doubt i use him but i do love the better rewards....either they are very generous(silver and gold )or very stingy (minor league stadiums)

4/3/2019 4:55PM PDT