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With an extra step, 53 and 57 speed is plenty  fast enough to steal.

I personally think it’s kinda cheesy, but go ahead.

There’s a lot less people playing the game, obvs.

I would have grinded less and played more RS.


1. If you really want to sac bunt, try squaring early. That way if it’s a ball you can just pull back.

2. Frank Thomas _should_ be bad at bunting.


I kinda think it’s a drag that there is no impetus to use good gold cards anymore. I know we all want to use the best cards, but it has been majority diamond/immortal and lately finest based teams in ranked for a while now.

I personally feel like there are too many elite level diamond type cards.

It would be cool if the average end game team OVR was lower and had a mix of lesser and greater cards. 

At the beginning of the year SDS streams talked about wanting to widen the gap between the average Mlb player and the elite players. LS Mike Trout was an example given.

Now, LS Trout would not make many lineups. 

I realize this is a bit like Spinal Tap “everything on 11 why don’t you just turn your amps to 10 and call 10 the loudest”... I digress.

I don’t. I’m carrying AS Britton over him.

You can get Ted out with finest Snell. You can get Griffey out too. You can even get PS Steve Pearce out with finest Snell. 

If you can’t, IMHO, your opponent is probably better and will beat you regardless of matchups.

Now am I going to push my luck deep into the 7th or 8th against a lineup with all those guys with Snell? Probably not, but then the same really goes for any starter against a good player.

Just .02 cents worth.

Wouldn’t the best possible rotation be the one you pitch the best with? I don’t get the fixation with overall.

Chasing after a better ERA or batting average seems a lot more worthwhile to me...

I think this is it here ^^^.

Not that I’m unsympathetic, but just about everyone still playing this game has got at least one duplicate pull.

We’ve had this discussion SO much. Yes, it sucks. Nobody is saying it doesn’t. The thing is, the possibility of a duplicate should have been pretty clear by now. Choosing to do the grind regardless was your choice.

I got finest Nola twice. He is not currently in my rotation. Move on, man.

IMO Griffey on the bench is kinda weird. You’re playing Williams over Jr. in the outfield?

I have not used Scott, but Feller pitched once for me and did not make it out of the fourth inning.

I found nd his control to be awful. FWIW.

Well, if he doesn’t pitch well for you, you can always just sell him again!

Neither of them scare me at all when facing them. I think I’ve been hurt by Robles once in this event. That said, if your fielders happen to air mail one to first, you know what is coming.

I tend to give him a quick hook come the sixth inning, but then, I kinda am like that with every starter. I find his control to be superb.

Hmm. That’s a bit discouraging news. So is there no way to evaluate connection quality of an away game pre-start?

Yeah, if it hiccups as you scroll through your lineup...

Nen is definitely worth it, IMO.

Is it a 10 run margin or just someone puts up 10?

Yeah, I usually send a FQ if it goes to extras and there is like two hits a side and/or wind blowing in. 

FWIW, you can get an idea of your connection pre-game by scrolling through your batting order before hitting option to start.

Since I have started paying attention to jittery connections like this, I have had far less super laggy games.

I think we’ve all had the experience by now of being ahead in the count, wasting a pitch, and have it hit for a home run.

Its a drag when it happens to you, but if you miss your spot, you miss your spot.

Also, I would add, the so called “perfectly placed slider low and away” seems to be a pitch many of my opponents are looking for. Whenever I give up a bomb on one of those, I try to make a note not to throw that pitch to that hitter again.

I can imagine being mercied sucks though. How many runs to the mercy rule in this game?

Agree. This is especially annoying when your opponent is trying to squeeze in a run after stealing second and third.