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posted a comment in Game is awful on HOF.

I agree that HOF is fine. If you square up the ball you’re rewarded more often than not. 

But Legend is a joke. Once I hit WS and started playing on legend, the quality of gameplay nosedives.

as stated above, user input does not matter. The diamond Jim Edmonds squaring up fastballs and producing lineout and lineout or at best, a warning track shot.

i hope this can be tweaked. Sucks hitting WS then not wanting to play any further since the game turns into a difficult, dice roll

4/20/2019 1:15PM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Exactly. The only moments that have a justifiable reward is the Mays moments.....which may be the most frustrating.

And I see, I imagine the vouchers will be used to redeem for packs......or maybe even certain players? Maybe vouchers are the replacement for tickets?

4/18/2019 7:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Good looks!

4/18/2019 7:24AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

I think the idea of moments is great, I for sure enjoy missions structured like that but the RNG and randomness in veteran mode makes it tough to justify as well as the lackluster rewards at this point.

Question about the Topps now moments though....what are those vouchers used for? Thanks in advance!

4/18/2019 7:22AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Oh wow, I did not even know that there were collections for those items.. thanks man! I havent looked to deep into collections beyond live series and FA.

I'll definitely check that out when I get home. Appreciate that!

4/18/2019 7:20AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Yeah I've done a lot of the collect cards missions. I've completed the FA collection, the NL Central, and a lot of progress on all other teams.

So at this point, playing the game i.e. conquest and moments are my only options

4/18/2019 7:12AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Yeah man I heard conquest this year is a little more the CPU being more aggresive stealing fans.

But when I'm home from work I'll definitely dive into it so I can get that XP and Cobb.

At this point, I've reached WS, completed the first inning program and none of the moments seems worth the time and effort so.....conquest it is!

4/18/2019 7:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Yeah I think I'm going to just get over it and knock out the Ty Cobb conquest map. 

I went the instant gratification route and bought some stubs to complete some teams as well as the collect 30 for every team. My goal is to get Mays by the time July rolls around.

4/18/2019 7:06AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Lol you know what I mean. 

When I refer to conquest I mean the national map that takes hours to complete. This year with Cobb as the reward, I am still very reluctant to devote time to that mode.

At this point, I may just have to sack up and get it done in case the Cobb conquest map is tied to another conquest reward in the future

4/18/2019 7:02AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Earn XP.

Yeah, I figured that this is still the best way at this point to gain XP

But i've already hit WS and playing online games on legend is not too enjoyable lol.

For anyone that has done the Ty Cobb conquest map, I'm thinking that this is a good route for some XP? but I am not the biggest fan of Conquest

4/18/2019 6:58AM PDT
created Best Ways to Earn XP.

Best Ways to Earn XP

4/18/2019 6:54AM PDT
posted a comment in Who’s your starting C?.

Maxed out CAP with double power focus and switch hitting. With equipment, 92 contact from both sides and 106 power from both sides.

Sometimes I feel as though the CAP does not play up to the stats but at the same time, my CAP laces line drives and missiles all over the field they just go for outs 80% of the time.

Either way, I wont be looking for another catcher until signature Piazza releases

4/16/2019 5:55AM PDT
posted a comment in Steve Finley reviews?.

He was my pre-order diamond choice and he’s still in my lineup. He’s an amazing 2 hole hitter with a great swing, good power and serviceable fielding/speed.

If you need a left handed hitter, don’t hesitate to pick him up 

4/14/2019 3:53PM PDT
created Mattingly, Boone, or Mathewson?.

Mattingly, Boone, or Mathewson?

4/13/2019 6:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Who’s Your Starting SS?.

Correa has been a beast for me leading off. He’s the last position player I use that isn’t a diamond. I swap between him and Javy.

4/13/2019 11:54AM PDT
posted a comment in Signature Kershaw or Ryan???.

I took Ryan in my pack last night but haven’t had a chance to play in RS since.

Once I’m home later tonight I just pray that he gets chosen in some RS games lol.

4/13/2019 11:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Be careful what you wish for with hitting.

I think that your weariness stems from 18, the gameplay in 18, and the terrible patches released last year.

I agree, hitting will never be perfect....but SDS has a job to get as close as possible and I think this year can get closer to perfection if they give power hitters the pop they deserve.

I'm curious; regarding you saying you haven't experienced many lineouts, what level/difficulty have you made it to in RS? As stated above, I think All Star plays phenomenal and should not be touched. But on HOF and Legend, hitting is miserable, there is no power, and 90% of squared up, good swings are lineouts. It is certainly happening at a rate that warrants change, I mean look at all the threads/comments saying the same thing.

In a nutshell, I hope they can simply increase exit velos for power players and only touch that without impacting contact cant be that hard to simply increase exit velos right?

4/10/2019 7:30AM PDT
posted a comment in Be careful what you wish for with hitting.

I totally appreciate your concern and respect it. I also am weary about SDS over-tweaking hitting and causing more trouble than harm.

Can you not agree that the incessant lineouts are a problem? And not realistic at all? 

Also, online hitting is rewarding late/jammed hits and early bloopers more than squared up swings......this has to be fixed.

I'm with you; even in its current state, online hitting this year is much better than in 18. But does it still need fixing? Certainly. With how much more difficult it is to square up a pitch this year, we must be rewarded accordingly and that simply is not happening in online play right now

4/10/2019 7:16AM PDT
posted a comment in Online Hitting Needs to be Tweaked.

Well said!

I really hope SDS sees this. I mean I'm sure they know of the issues stated in this thread but man, hitting in CS and above feels so tedious and is not fun at all. 

They must find a correct balance and give power hitters the exit velos and launch angles that produce more HRs and not weak warning track shots.

I have faith that they will get it right with time and patches but the current state of online hitting is sooo frustrating. 

4/10/2019 6:39AM PDT
created Online Hitting Needs to be Tweaked.

Online Hitting Needs to be Tweaked

4/10/2019 6:04AM PDT
posted a comment in My Opinion Through 2 Weeks of Play.

Ehhh we could nitpick at things all day, overall 19 is much better but still needs tweaks

4/9/2019 9:36AM PDT
posted a comment in Jesus I've sucked these past two days.

Slowly learning to roll with the punches and not let a tough defeat impact how I play the next RS game. I still think 19 is awesome and will play up until the launch of 20.

My goal this year is to end with a .300+ online average....oh, and to get Griffey

4/9/2019 9:02AM PDT
posted a comment in Way too big of a gap between Championship Series and World Series Rewards.....

As with 18, over time the rewards for RS should improve. I still hope they create much better rewards for online players that grind at RS. Hitting CS and WS are great accomplishments and the rewards should reflect as such.

4/9/2019 8:58AM PDT
posted a comment in Way too big of a gap between Championship Series and World Series Rewards.....

I agree with this! RS is very tough to make as is CS. I agree that CS should have either reward a low diamond or a lot of packs/XP/stubs.

4/9/2019 8:52AM PDT
posted a comment in My Opinion Through 2 Weeks of Play.

Great point.

I think that we experienced very easy hitting early on due to playing on low difficulties in RS. Now that players, including myself, have moved up to higher difficulties, its natural to struggle.

But still, on those higher difficulties that have smaller PCIs, you should be rewarded for managing to square up a pitch.

It is so extremely frustrating to break through against a great pitcher, to start squaring up his pitches bc you caught on to his tendencies, only to have the game determine that your great input is going to be a lineout....8 times out of 10.

4/9/2019 8:35AM PDT