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Gameplay in BR, events and RS- 3/10

Everything else? 8/10

Play more online earlier. Spent a lot of early time grinding programs, which I enjoyed, but could h e gotten better in online play earlier. This was my first year of DD. Had always done Road to the Show. This year’s version of RTS sucked and made me look for something else and I got hooked on DD

Gold or worse

I’ve never understood why people who stopped playing the game months previously still come and check on a forum (and usually post quite often) about a game they don’t play. To each his own, I know, just seems strange to me.

ive honestly gone back to playing more vs. CPU becuase I was overt frustrated with online play. Working on Conquest destiny and extreme since I didn’t do them earlier. It amazes me how much different the game plays vs. CPU (on any level) compared to online.

Maybe in higher divisions (the best I’ve done in my somewhat limited RS play has been Wild Card) it is more immortal heavy. 

Immortals are fine. I would prefer no current player immortals. Only HOFers. If they did more immortals and/or more cards to compete with them, that’s fine too. Personally, I think they’ve been fine and everyone is making too big of a deal about them. As has been stated plenty, all lineups get stale later in the year. Everyone wants the “best” cards.

while I roll with several immortals in my lineup,. I’ve faced plenty of people who change it up.

Yep, Ive had the same thing happen. Can’t hit a lick with him. If I get a good piece, it travels. But consistency is definitely an issue when I use him. And I actually did well with his LS card, so go figure?

This list still works. Scott or Finest Scherzer are among the best options. If you only need one, just pick one. He gave you three good options to pick from.

Those are some interesting names. Pedroia stands up at 2B if you're not moving players there from other positions, I suppose, but plenty of other guys who can play 2B that are pretty good. Brock, he doesn't have the power, so I wonder. I only used him for a couple games in BR. Upton has crazy splits, so if it's against a LHP, then sure. I haven't played with Reyes.

I've had success with Wood. He's pretty darn good. I haven't used Britton in RS. Hader is hit or miss. Seems like either my opponent knows how to hit him or not at all, nothing in between.

I can't imagine Harper being better than Ted or Ruth. As for pitching, I've heard a lot of people talking up Ohtani on here lately.

I have played with him a little bit in a BR run. He was OK for me. Higher OPS in that limited time than I have with Baez. Just been debating a bit because I haven't done as well with Baez.

I agree that Zunino is crazy underrated. Hits great for me. I still think I’m better with other options. All those guys, you must not mind the small PCI. Conforto is an interesting call. I’ve done well with him, but didn’t think it was extraordinary.


Do you guys agree or have other ideas?

Hey OP, I don’t think you’re off with thumb positioning at all. I think it does matter. Of course, I think the answer is what works best for you. For me, I have Kontrol Freaks and I put the taller on one the left stick for MLB (the taller, the more precise). And it might sound weird, but what I have found works best for me is putting the meat of my thumb on the bottom edge of the stick. I don’t put my thumb or tip in the middle. I feel if I’m on the edge, it works better. From there, I usually hover around the middle with my PCI, sometimes move it a tiny bit before the pitch so I have the feel. Or I sit up and in becuase I feel those are sometimes the toughest to reach. I fluctuate at times between sitting up and in or hovering middle.

granted I’m not the greatest hitter, but it’s what be found that works best for me. Like you, always willing to hear suggestions. Good luck finding your sweet spot.

What are some of the best settings for custom practice that relate best to RS hitting and pitching

I will say, the optimal (best of best lineup) probably looks like:

C-Diamond Schwarber 

1B- iRuth

2B- fBaez

3B- fRamirez or iPujols

SS- fLindor

LF- iTed

CF- iTrout (for some, not me)

RF- iGriffey.

SP- iSeaver, iRyan, fDegrom, Tiant, and either fScherzer, Hershiser or Mike Scott.

RP- iWagner, Sutter, FB Aroldis, Gagne, Koji, and maybe two of iGossage, Romo, Alex Wood, Darren O’Day, Nen, Hoffman, Neshek.

I’m talking about their actual position. Schwarber is a LF. Yeah, I like Chipper, but I think the consensus is that Ramirez is better (talking strictly 3B).

Best performing cards of 2018

 Is there a sheet that has these listed somewhere ?

I suppose it’s time for me to hit some practice. Never a good player anyway and suddenly I can’t hit a damn thing.

Just pulled Betts for the BR run. Haven’t used him yet, hope he’s good. I already have Baez. Was hoping for JRam or Lindor, but I can’t complain. Betts is high rated and wasn’t a dupe. After that Br grind, I would have been bummed with a dupe.

Ive now got Cain, Realmuto twice, Snell, Diaz and Betts from guaranteed packs. The only one, I think, I haven’t finished is the vs. CPU.