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created 2nd Inning Program.

2nd Inning Program

4/16/2019 7:02PM PDT
created Pack Odds.

Pack Odds

4/14/2019 7:09PM PDT
posted a comment in Left handed relief pitcher.

I like Felipe from pirates affinity and tony sipp(80 ovr gold)

chris sale and aroldis Chapman are good silvers as well

4/7/2019 8:49PM PDT
posted a comment in Gypsy Queen .

I don’t collect gypsy queen but as a fellow card collector that set looks amazing. Good autos, parallels, and variations

4/3/2019 7:27PM PDT
posted a comment in How many right/left/switch hitters do you like in your lineup?.

I like to have a good balance of each. So right now my lineup is


4/1/2019 6:54PM PDT
created Catcher CAP.

Catcher CAP

4/1/2019 9:16AM PDT
created Grind.


3/31/2019 7:22AM PDT
created First Inning Program.

First Inning Program

3/30/2019 6:13AM PDT
created Trea Turner.

Trea Turner

3/29/2019 7:26PM PDT
posted a comment in Who are most people taking??.

I’m taking goose

other question - how do you create a post?  Little confused by new forum layout

3/29/2019 7:22PM PDT
created Preorder diamonds.

Preorder diamonds

3/15/2019 4:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Prayers for New Zealand.

So sad to see what’s happening

3/15/2019 4:21AM PDT
posted a comment in Got stubs from the event, and want some fun recommendations for cards under 82,000 stubs..

Jim edmonds


2/18/2019 5:36PM PST
posted a comment in Kyler Murray Situation..WWYD.

Here’s what I would do from both sides

kyler Murray - you were picked #9 in the mlb draft. You have a bright future in baseball. Congrats on winning Heisman and respect for staying with your team, but I think you’re a little small for an nfl qb. You were going to make a lot of money playing baseball

athletics - I would say thanks kyler - good luck in football. We’ll take the signing bonus back and good luck in football

2/13/2019 4:33AM PST
created MLB 19 preorder.

MLB 19 preorder

2/10/2019 6:45AM PST
posted a comment in Lineup Upgrades.

I’m also going to do the postseason program and I’ll get trout from that

11/2/2018 8:04AM PDT

I’m almost done with a couple. Pitchers though. Any arcs I should start grinding?

11/2/2018 7:57AM PDT
created Lineup Upgrades.

Lineup Upgrades

11/2/2018 4:22AM PDT
created Ticket counter.

Ticket counter

10/19/2018 4:25AM PDT
created Finest.


10/15/2018 7:54PM PDT
created Postseason collection.

Postseason collection

10/2/2018 4:39AM PDT
created Pack opening.

Pack opening

9/26/2018 11:45AM PDT
created Daniel murphy.

Daniel murphy

9/23/2018 7:46PM PDT
created Future stars, immortals.

Future stars, immortals

9/19/2018 3:37PM PDT
posted a comment in The Austin Jackson program.

I batted him lead off. If I didn’t get the first hit I quit out and tried again

9/14/2018 3:42AM PDT