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posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

To me that is just frustrating and makes every failed try just as wasted time.


It also doesn't help that they nerfed power this year compared to 18. I can get plenty of hits at all levels but have trouble every time a moment requires a home run. It also doesn't help that Rookie and Veteran CPU are throwing less meatballs than your average player in an event. This is aside from multi game moments that involve getting RBIs when it is completely random if runners will be in scoring position (they don't purposly program it so they are there every time) or that Musial "get a run" moment that felt 90% out of my hands on if I would succeed.


If you are going to give me something that is "supposed to be challenging," I want Conquest Extreme-level rewards.

4/19/2019 8:01AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

2 criticisms:

1) I don't know anybody who actually enjoys Moments

2) The XP grind sounds good now but what happens in a couple of months when everybody is at 100 diamond? That's why I really don't care about the XP "grind," I'm going to get to those levels eventually.


Also, can people stop comparing the Moments to grinds for 99 players? Compare them to what they are more like, the grinds for the program player cards. I would rather grind for Don Sutton than these moments for Wilie Mays.

4/19/2019 7:29AM PDT
posted a comment in Final #Sonypartners mission is TRASH!.

What's the problem? Do you think the Sony Partners are quitting on your team?


Sorry, couldn't help myself.

4/19/2019 5:14AM PDT
posted a comment in A 93 OVR Sig? This is a great thing..

The difference between a 93 OVR sig and a 93 OVR player is... ? Why is this going to mean more lineup diversity?

4/18/2019 3:05PM PDT
posted a comment in Hitting moments are literally the most boring gaming experience I have had in years.

I love how people are comparing a moment for 100 stubs to a grind for a 99 OVR player that was the best at his position.

4/18/2019 2:46PM PDT
posted a comment in SS worse than Immortals?.

They already decided day 1 to give a ton of XP for collections. The genie is out of the bottle.

4/18/2019 9:11AM PDT
posted a comment in SS worse than Immortals?.

The hardcare have hit well beyond 75 bronze. The hardcore are well on their way to diamond. I'm at 75 bronze and I don't even play the game every day.

4/18/2019 8:35AM PDT
posted a comment in I have no idea why SDS doesn’t run constant events like last year.

Seems odd to do a 72 hour event if there wasn't going to be abother event right after.

4/18/2019 8:28AM PDT
posted a comment in 1st Inning Online Wins Mission.

The 2nd inning starts Friday.

4/17/2019 10:34AM PDT
posted a comment in 1st Inning Online Wins Mission.

AFAIK, there is nothing besides events this year that expires. The only thing will change when the 1st inning ends and the 2nd inning begins is that your dailies and such will now apply the the 2nd inning instead of the 1st inning.

4/17/2019 10:32AM PDT
posted a comment in What Rank do you guys consider to be average.

Look at the number of players in each tier. Somewhere around PR/WC.

4/17/2019 9:52AM PDT
posted a comment in Jackie Robinson Bat Skin - Steal 10M Fans Mission.

This. Sorry if it was not clear.

4/17/2019 7:30AM PDT
posted a comment in Jackie Robinson Bat Skin - Steal 10M Fans Mission.

I think I was able to give the Dodgers fans to steal quicker by trying to steal their fans and quitting.

4/17/2019 7:16AM PDT
posted a comment in Is it lame to rep Banners under WS?.

I think the All Star banner looks the best last year and this year so that's what I fly.

4/17/2019 6:57AM PDT
posted a comment in Do SDS even test their game?.

I don't think people understand how short the time frame is to devlop a sports game compared to any other kind of game.

4/17/2019 6:55AM PDT
posted a comment in When are they going to remove directional hitting from competitive?.

Complaining about directional hitting (assuming that person does not atually use the directional part of it) is like complaining about classic pitching.

4/16/2019 3:35PM PDT
posted a comment in Pure analog and Directional vs. Zone Hitting in Online Gameplay.

I don't see nearly as many posts about how we should only be allowed one method of pitching.

4/16/2019 11:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Jogging Outfielders.

Most of the jogging I've seen has been on balls in front of them that they won't catch by running. However, because they do not run until the ball lands, the play that should be a single turns into a double.

4/16/2019 9:08AM PDT
posted a comment in Devs - What is "Contact"?.

I agreee but it doesn't look to be the case anymore. I was looking at 2 players with the same vision, one with much higher contact and the PCi size looked identical. I'm going to do some more experimenting later this week.

4/15/2019 2:29PM PDT
posted a comment in Devs - What is "Contact"?.

What do you mean the chance of base hits? That made sense before PCI but now you are inputting where you are looking.

4/15/2019 1:44PM PDT
posted a comment in Dear Moments .

Don't forget the ones that require RBI with you having no control of how many people are in scording position

Or the Musial "get a run" one that was just when the guys batting after you would let you score.

4/15/2019 1:32PM PDT
created Devs - What is "Contact"?.

Devs - What is "Contact"?

4/15/2019 12:30PM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone else just not having that much fun?.

Yes, I am feeling the same. There is something just overall frustrating about the game.

18: You can grind anytime you wanted and just relax and be achieving things. The people complained about the "hours in a row on Rookie at Coors doing hit and quit" chose to do it that way and chose to do it all at once. I did it more slowly and had fun chaning up my squad depending on what I was trying to do and always making some progress at something.


19: First, all of the hits means it's just frustrating/not as fun overall that it seems like so random on whether all those hits turn into runs. Plus people are also getting hits on the most random stuff and it's harder than ever to just pitch well. Then there are Moments that are all of the annoying single game grind missions combined into one. You can literally spend hours doing the same moment and not achieve it which each failed mission making no difference in completing the next one. Then you finally do and the rewards are so minimal. When i finished the long grinds in 18, I had a really good diamond that was better or equal to any live series card in the game. Now after I spend hours on the Bryce Harper moments (even if you finished them all first try it still would take quite some time) I get... Gold Bryce Harper that might make my bench. Or in the other ones you get what, a couple hundred stubs for your troubles? But even if the rewards were as good as they should be, I don't think anybody considers those Moments to be "fun" until the difficulty gets easier.


On the other hand, RTTS got a lot better so at least I can do that when I get pissed off too much.

4/15/2019 11:47AM PDT
posted a comment in Better Conquest Rewards.

Did you really just say Keith Hernandez is a great card? He's a first baseman with no power!

4/15/2019 10:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Oh Sure, NOW Give Musial Bobbles...

So are they done having new cards as rewards?

4/15/2019 10:32AM PDT