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Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody 

They call me Big Al and I hit dingers

I was jus tthinking that, like damn dude check your CAPS LOCK BUTTON

Is there a way to turn the strikzone off for RS?


Because I also feel like this was by far my best event. I got my first ever 12 win run and another 10. 

Carp should definetly be

He absolute rakes online. I play him at 3rd and Cals immortal and short and nothing gets through the right side.


You just have to adjust to his pci. But, if you center something up it's going a long way

C= Johnny Bench 

1B= Albert Pujols 

2B= Jackie

3B= Mike Schmidt

SS= Cal Ripken Jr

LF=Ted Williams

CF= The Kid

RF= Stan the Man

SP1= 1968 Gibby

SP2= Randy Johnson

RP1= Billy Wagner

RP2= Mo

I would have to say that I feel like it is easier to hit with them but harder to get BS homeruns if that makes sense. 


For instance: With Gary I hit a lot of homers in RS but with Piazza I don't seem to be hitting near as many homeruns but I'm a more consistent hitter. 

You can only purchase like $75 and $100 ones off amazon I believe 

I forgot Robles and his 50 power versus Righties makes him a Power hitter. My bad lmao

Well considering you are one of those people who use Robles in a "power" event then you definetly deserve what you got. 

Jordan Hicks has clocked 105 multiple times still barely hits 100 in the game

Why is Pete Rose not in this conversation?

Schmidt, Frank, and CC are definetly the best for me

Created Player

They added it to replicate the Team epic programs for immortals. The only thing it does is add an extra 5% MEANING you don't have to do either a player exchange or souvenier exchange for the career arc of your choice.


You don't have to have them to unlock them. They are optional for the people that do have them. 

New Career Arcs

Definetly worth getting. His pitches have lots of movement so he is pretty good in RS (not saying he is end game just stating that he is decent) 

And he feeds into Ryan and he's relatively easy to get completely done. 

Hoffman was one of the first ones I got done. I waited until I had a good train on Conquest then just let him get all the saves while I was getting the holds for Goose. But it definelty took the longest. And Lee Smith's innings suck to get also. Have to get 75 relief innings with him

I have Gibson, Ryan, Griffey Jr., Chipper, and Ruth ready for the 2nd Career Arc then I'm done with them. 


Do you guys think Babe's second career arc will be a pitcher?