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Yup! I was like “That was Daniel Murphy that just hit that!” Didn’t realize he’d signed on with the Rockies. Good for them!

Daniel Murphy...

Just finished all of the Collection Programs as of yesterday. The Mother’s Day cleats took a little while and I most likely overpaid, but it’s done.

Still got a bunch of missions to complete for Team Epics and Career Arcs. I’ve only unlocked 2 (real) Immortals and have Piazza, Wagner, & Goose waiting in the wings as I try to finish the career arcs connected to them.

My last real goal is to save Stubs to get the last 3 Finest cards I need: Baez, Yelich, & Lindor. There might not be enough time for that Lindor before MLBTS19 comes out...

Thanks for all the tips, yo’s!

Server issues! Yikes!! Let’s hope they’re minimal! I’m gonna go ahead and take that chance! Just put in for my off day on the 26th!

Let the countdown begin! Cheers!

MLBTS19 Release Date Question...

Dang it, Marwin... :/

Springer Dingers!! Noice!

It’s cuz he’s an Astro and the Stros are THA BOMB!!! Enjoy it!

Hoping he and his teammates bring back a WS Championship to H-Town in 2019!!


I got into DD for the 1st time ever in July 2018, but I'm feeling, now, how late into the game I really was. Still got soooooo many missions to try and complete before the new one launches....

I plan on getting involved in DD from the launch date and get better at getting all the little missions completed to eventually focus on online play. In the few times I've tried playing online (BR, RS, Events) I got destroyed, handily. I've won 1 Event game and that was because the other guy had to quit early as the game was tied and was dragging on (I think it was supposed to be a 3 inning event, but we were already into the, like, 7th inning.) So he offered a friendly quit, but I had the time to spare, so I said no. He then paused again and waited for the timer to end  the game was ended and I got the win! I was ecstatic! Figures - the only way I can win is for others to give up due to time. Lame, I know... :/

The very 1st game I played online (in which I think it was something for the Starter Program, if I'm not mistaken...) my opponent almost had a full 27 K's on me (I think he finished with 25 K's...possibly 26 K's). It sucked. So my ultimate goal - still - is to finally start REALLY playing online, and I'm hoping I'll get to that point with MLBTS19.

In the last few days before the new one launches, I'm still trying to finish the career arcs in MLBTS18, as well as trying to win games on All Star (I think I've won 1 All Star game, which was the last mission I had to finish for I think the January Program, against the Red Sox. But it took several tries... Trying to beat the Astros on All Start to get that POTM Verlander, but it's not going so well...) Wish me luck!

The grind lives on, for me... But time is running out! There are still so many missions I'd like to attempt/finish, but the new MLBTS will be out before I know it! There's like, what, 40 days or so left until the new one comes out..? So I'm just doing what I can, when I can, and just see where I end up. I got into DD way late in the game so I was already at a disadvantage.

I really suck at the All-Star difficulty level and haven't been able to complete any of the POTM Programs because of those missions where you have to beat the teams on All-Star. :/  Been trying to beat my beloved Astros on All-Star to get that POTM Verlander...but my efforts have been drastically unsuccessful. :'(

On to the next...

Oof!! If you’re going for F-Baez or that 96 Gagne, I’d say go for them over Reggie. Reggie’s been ok for me on my bench. Nothing spectacular. But if you’re going for 96 Gagne, go for that! He’s one I want to try and get before MLBTS19 comes out...

Noice!! That happened to me with a 50 pack a while ago! I went ahead and exchanged it in to finish the Halloween Program and obtain Reggie Jackson! Good luck!

1.) Fool In The Rain - Led Zeppelin

2.) Layla - Derek & The Dominoes

3.) Against The Wind - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (TigerMoose93 already beat me to it, but man is this a dang classic!!)

Oh, and wingspan1985, good call on "American Girl!" I guess that'd be my 3a. I miss Tom Petty... :'(  

Like everyone's been saying, it's hard to just pick 3 cuz so there's soooooo many good ones out there, but here's a glimpse of some of my faves. As one ages, "Against the Wind" becomes even more and more doubt! True classic!!

If I’m not mistaken, it’s April through October...

Oh snap! That’s right! Harold Reynolds had a lil mission, but I didn’t know about Gardner!! Once he pops back up, I’m gonna snag him! Thx for the remind!!

That’s right! I forgot about those!! I kinda gave up on the POTM missions cuz it’s still a challenge for me to win on the All-Star level! :/

But this week I plan on taking the challenge and finishing ALL of the POTM programs! Wish me luck! Thx for the info!

Nice job! That’s a lot of tickets, no doubt! I have purchased what I could since I started DD in July 2018. I have some of the “main ones,” I guess you could say, like Schwarber & iBerra. I currently have about 7k right now.

Here’s my question. Out of all the TC players available, do any of them have any bonus missions or missions in the Starter Program like the silver TC Eck & silver TC Uehara had..? I’d def purchase any of the ones with a lil mission attached. Thanks for any info/input!

It’s time to double up!! Just got iSeaver!! Twice is nice!!

2 immortals unlocked in 1 day! I’ll take it!!

Finally! After 7 Months..My 1st (Real) Immortal!

I had earned a free 10 pack from one of the programs (but I can't remember which exact program it was...but it was when I really started getting into DD) and it was the first time I had a chance to open this many packs at once and I would end up pulling my 1st diamond ever, LS Arenado! Was ecstatic!

I wanna say about a week later, I was reading the forums and one guy was talking about the pack odds being weirdly great at that moment in time, so, inspired by the post, I bought a rando 1000k pack and pulled my 2nd diamond ever, LS J. Ramirez! Noice!! :D

Kept them both in the quest for Vlad.

Pulled that Koji in one of the Finest Packs that we could earn. That was nice!

What If I Go - Mura Masa. It’s in TS18. Looked into his other stuff and been jamming it all ever since.

Lineup looks solid! I don’t have anything to add, but I do have a question. How good is that FS Ohtani..? Is he worth the Stubs..? Or were you able to pull him from a pack?

I’ve got some mad Stub saving to do if I want that card. I can’t remember off hand, but was he also earn-able through a program..?

Good luck on the WS.

I've only managed to complete 1 - The Astros. I have many that are close, but, yeah, all of the IP's and saves needed will be a big challenge... Trying to finish all the career arcs before I tackle the Team Epics again, but it's slow going... :/