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posted a comment in Who to quick sell of LS Diamonds.

If you don’t play events you can pretty much sell anyone who won’t make your ranked lineup. Otherwise I would hold on to them

4/19/2019 3:18PM PDT
posted a comment in When are they going to remove directional hitting from competitive?.

I don’t really understand how people can tell if that’s how you are using directional or zone. I use zone only batting about .260 but my obp is at about .320. I walk a lot and foul off a lot of pitches sometimes out of the zone so your logic seems off there. Just the way I hit, typically takes me a little to get a feel of a pitcher. So your logic seems off here.

4/16/2019 2:19PM PDT
posted a comment in Upgrade Yelich’s Vision and power .

His market price is shot up pretty quick after tonight 

4/15/2019 9:31PM PDT
created Extra program points.

Extra program points

4/15/2019 10:35AM PDT
posted a comment in Who is the best player you've been offered in a MTO trade?.

Moose just carried my Dbacks run. 7 playoff homers tied Springers shared record. Got robbed by Judge in the 8th on a shot that would have broke the record the game I won the world series

4/10/2019 11:30PM PDT
posted a comment in Sony Partners Missions.

I don’t have any issue with youtubers but I agree felt like a big waste of time. I toughed it out in hopes of pulling Tatis. Got a silver and felt like a waste of time. Not even playing with major leaguers. I want to play with real players, 9 Pepe Alazars just wasn’t very appealing.

This is no disrespect to any streamers! I actually watch Lefty and Koogs. I feel like it helps with hitting watching these guys go about their business. Just don’t understand why you would want to play as a team of fake players. Felt like I was rushing through the moments just waiting to get the pack. Rather than enjoying the “moment”

4/5/2019 11:33PM PDT
created I’ve never had this kind of luck.

I’ve never had this kind of luck

3/31/2019 10:57PM PDT
posted a comment in Who are most people taking??.

I won’t be able to be near my console until tonight. Out of curiosity what was the collect all NL players reward?

3/29/2019 4:23PM PDT
posted a comment in Painful Moment.

The Babe Ruth 6 extra base hits is impossible. Either a fly ball that dies at the 250 ft wall.. or a bomb out to center field that would be out in any other park but of course it’s the polo grounds. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to complete this.

3/28/2019 11:49AM PDT
created Babe Ruth Moments.

Babe Ruth Moments

3/26/2019 4:31PM PDT
posted a comment in MLB 19 FREE Stuff Right now : 10 free standard packs, 1,000 stubs, MLB The Show 19 theme.

Apologies if this has already been covered, but how would you find out if you have won the 67500?

3/23/2019 1:53PM PDT

Snell had 2 sub par seasons in the majors before last year. He should have to prove he’s a diamond by keeping up the pace more than midway through this upcoming season.. otherwise he’s justifiably a gold. 

3/22/2019 1:59AM PDT
posted a comment in SDS is this a JOKE?!?! $30 for preorder?.

I know this because I had only pre ordered the standard edition before recent streams and upgraded to mvp for $10 just since I couldn’t help myself

3/18/2019 9:17PM PDT
posted a comment in SDS is this a JOKE?!?! $30 for preorder?.

Simmer down buddy. The $30 you are talking about would just upgrade your standard version to deluxe.

3/18/2019 9:15PM PDT
posted a comment in Dang I just realized Arenado has 80 fielding (in 19).

Gold glove in every year in the majors so far so 80 seems a little harsh actually. Not saying he should be 99 but I don’t understand just 80 for him

3/16/2019 3:11PM PDT
posted a comment in Will a new monitor make a difference?.

I only hit .201 this year and am thinking about getting a monitor for next year. The Acer sb220q looks relatively cheap does anyone have knowledge on this monitor? I pretty much just play the show, I’m curious if it is usable or if I should just spend the money on something more nice.

3/16/2019 1:58PM PDT
posted a comment in Team Affinty Guesses.

Dbacks - Gonzo. 

If its Goldy or Pollock I’ll be a little rattled seeing as they just left.

3/16/2019 12:32PM PDT
posted a comment in (Almost) charging the mound - behind the back pitch.

This is really cool actually I’ve never seen that in game before. Wish it happened more if you are getting hit by pitches a lot. Definitely have had more than a few times this year getting beamed 4 different times in a game

3/15/2019 8:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Value players on 19 Release.

Willans Astudillo

3/9/2019 10:06AM PST
posted a comment in I preordered the basic edition....

If this has already been clarified on another post I apologize. If I preordered the mvp edition do I get the gold choice pack and the diamond pack? Or just the diamond?

3/6/2019 11:40AM PST
posted a comment in CAP CP question.

Nope. Did it early on and went “balanced” because I didn’t know how bad fast balls would be. The pitches I obtained for the max level diamond though, was a 4seam, slider, and change. Idk what a pure break build would be or pure velocity for that matter

3/5/2019 7:37PM PST
posted a comment in Fantasy baseball draft tonight at 7pm eastern.

You guys should be drafting way later. I do one every year with old teammates and we don’t draft till the 24th or so. Would suck to draft Stanton now and have him get hurt right before the season starts

3/3/2019 4:41PM PST
posted a comment in Team based moments, what would you like to see?.

What about the Dbacks come back and Gonzo walk off in 2001? Legendary “moment”

3/1/2019 8:10PM PST
created HR reset.

HR reset

2/26/2019 11:45AM PST
posted a comment in FINALLY MADE IT WORLD SERIES!!!.

Ive  actually made CS this year. Think I’m 826 but too afraid to play the next game haha easily the best run I’ve ever had. Game mode switch on my tv gave me a huge difference with hitting.

but congrats man I’m chasing you

2/23/2019 3:57PM PST