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As a lifelong Angels fan and stuck with the 10 year Pujols contract, teams should never go over 5 years. 

Pujols had great consistentcy until he came to the Angels and started having foot problems and turned onto an old man. If Pujols was a man of honor he would retire and quit bringing down the Angels organization.  I think he might at some point if his feet and legs give out again this year.

Harper outside of his rookie and MVP year has not been a great player. His defense has become a liability. Since he hurt his leg, he has not been an elite player. But at 25, he could always turn that around. But a 5 year contract is more than enough.

Machado has been more consistent and is an elite fielder. But over 5 years is paying for the elite production of a 25 year old in his 30s when physically things change and don't heal as quick. 

Genetics play a big role too. Some gene pools really age when they hit their 30s. Even with Trout I question his genetics in his 30s. His father and mom have that stocky body that expanded after 30. Heck I did too! 

The game has turned into a younger mans game. Without steroids to prolong careers and guys hitting their stride at a younger age, the game has gotten younger again. 

Trevor Bauer has stated he will only do one year contracts going forward, thus betting on himself every year. He figures to make more in the long run if his health and performance remain at high levels, taking advantage of a rising market. 

Any more opinions on Allstar Camo Jose Reyes 89 rated. He looks interesting if his bat has pop. 

I had fLindor but wanted to use stubbs elsewhere. I currently am using Allstar 91 Tulo. Like him a lot. Just lacking some HR pop. Warning track power. Lots of extra base hits to all fields though. Solid fielder and arm. 

So Kimbrels 2 seam FB doesnt move much then?  Essentially same velo as 4 seam. 

I have Brooks and Guidrey. Brooks has been very good clutch hitter. Great D at 3B. 

I would not get Guidry again. Would save those stubs to get iBerra. 

Dont have Winfield. No one seems to like his card. 

Schwarber is great. Catches too

Just got Shawn Green. Hasnt played yet but I hear good things. 

Just got Wheeler. Hasnt pitched yet but I hear good things. 

Mondesi is great too. 

Vlad was great when I first got him but then was nerfed.

Wood is excellent. Great value.  


Wouldnt this compare to the Chapman cards differences?  Similar attributes. Probably Chapmans Change at 88 mph being the biggest difference. His Slider at 89 compares to Kimbrels knuckle-curve at 85. Kimbrels 2seam fb at 96 with 99 Break looks intriguing. 

What about Wade Davis PS 92?  Nice 5 pitch selection. 

Yep. Its a lousy option. Hopefully SDS learns from this mistake in 19. 

That goes for any player. Has to be not in regular lineup or any online lineup to sell them. Depending on how you received your Finest card you will or will not be able to sell it on open market. If you bought the card then you can sell it. But if you locked it in you are not able to. 

Thanks. Yeah I sold Mauer earlier for 134k to pick up fLindor again. My final top Finest player I wanted for end game. Getting a duplicate deGrom for Jan mission helped with the stubs. Luckily I hadnt locked my other copy in and could sell it. 

I never did most of the Immortal grinds so have never played with Piazza or Bench. 

Thats what I was thinking as well. 

Mauer 95 Opinions

Treinen - TC vs Finest?

Vottos  85 card is arguably the same or better. Much better defense too

Betts is great. Great buy price there. I have him too that I bought for about 300k in mid Dec. Im kicking myself for not having the stubs ready to buy Lindor when he dropped to 280k. 

But I took the biggest hit on Yelich. Bought him for 288k in mid Dec. He hasnt recovered much from his drop and I just unlocked iTed. I should have sold Yelich before the drop. 

Just noticed my extra Degrom sold for 257,400

Finished Jan Mission. Got deGrom

Did all missions except BR and not quite done with Jan. So far 2 duplicates. 

Dont lock in. 

Picked up Giambi for 40k on the advice here for use in online Event. Very Schwarber like. In 7 ABs he is 3 for 6 with a Walk, 2 HRs and a Double. Platooning or PH mostly. 

Get both. Britton is half the cost usually though. 

How is Teds D in LF and also RF?  I just got him tonight with my 62nd win in Dec Event. I just started playing online seriously in Nov.  

I have iTrout in CF. fBetts in RF.  fYelich in LF.


Dont lock them in. Flexibility to sell is more important. I locked in 9 and wished I hadnt. The rewards are lousy to lock in. Wait until there is an announcement what you can do with the final reward of the Finest Program Souvenir when you lock in 12. 

Finest Souvenir Program Reward

Giddy up. Now what to do with Calhoun. 

Spahn is fun to pitch with and he can tie hitters in knots with his assortment. But can give up the long ball too. High stamina. 

He can be had for 20k too

Guess Pitch is redundant and just another layer of sim pre determined scripted BS. 

Depending on count leverage and your confidence gauging a particular pitcher, you just do it in your head.  Like in real life. 

Sold Finest Lindor and bought.....