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posted a comment in QOL Feedback!.

In the batter analysis (from the menu during a game / post game menu), when scrolling through the batters, sort the batters by lineup order. Or alphabetical order. Or some kind of logical order. 

8/5/2018 3:59AM PDT
posted a comment in Shame on sds..

Most likely different development teams for the presentation and hitting engines.

8/1/2018 11:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Another Awesome Soundtrack.

They do choose some great tunes; The Show 14 was the best I reckon: Dangerous, Fire and Brimstone, and Slumville Sunrise. 

8/1/2018 4:10PM AEST
created Does this freak occurrence happen to anyone?.

Does this freak occurrence happen to anyone?

8/1/2018 4:00PM AEST

So it's not a Duda problem then, and you are essentially asking for the cpu to auto shift you on your tendencies and take away all your opposite field hits?

Yes that's exactly what I'm wanting, if said CPU team were a 'shifting' team. If that's what a team would do in real life, I've got no problem with that happening in my game. Wins mean nothing to me; it's about the experience. 

It's funny, since my original post I played a game with Duda batting yesterday and of my 3 ABs two were pulled, right into the shift...

8/1/2018 3:22PM AEST

Pics or it didn’t happen.

7/31/2018 9:47PM AEST

Almost same here, although I reckon I can top that. I wasn't batting, it was an AI vs AI wildcard tiebreaker, bottom of the 10th: It was such an unbelievable finish I had to record it:

Triple, then 2xHBP - the second one was going to be a suicide squeeze (1:30 in the clip) and because of the HBP it was a dead ball so runner had to return to 3rd, and then it just fell apart... 

7/31/2018 4:52PM AEST
posted a comment in What is the funniest thing to happen to you while playing? .

I thought I was the only one who cracks up when that kind of thing happens!

In Australia, we call it a Falcon if a player gets hit in the head with a ball (long story...)

I don't know which one of these is my favourite (from MLB The Show 15 and 16): Homer falcon Cutoff falcon Teamwork falcon


7/31/2018 4:49PM AEST
posted a comment in Idea for MLB The Show 19 situational awareness - dynamic batting tendencies please.

The problem here is you are not using the player in game the way he plays IRL where those tendencies are derived from.  Lucas Duda is an extreme pull hitter, so that's what they make his tendencies.  If you are choosing to use him different than how he plays that's really on you.  

I am naturally a late swinger simply because by the time I recognise what has been thrown I rarely make good contact. I'm not doing it to beat the shift. All I do is swing the bat when the ball is coming at me - didn't realise that was the wrong way to play?

In all seriousness though, I must disagree - the AI in the game should adapt if the game is going for realism. It's a very simple piece of code and a data table to store the data. I can't see it needing a lot of work at all. For each player a 100 (for example) space array to record the number of batted balls to each of left, centre and right sectors of the field (it would be just as easy and memory efficient to even divide the field into zones Bill James style - why stop at three?). With each AB stick the result (eg 7=left, 8=centre, 9=right) on the top of the array and remove the bottom value. The percentages can then be derived from the last 100 ABs and calculated for all 50 featured players when loading a new game. AI can base its defensive positioning on those percentages.

I agree it probably isn't high on the list of importance, however I suspect it's a very simple thing to do that can make a massive difference to how a game is played out and the realism/ immersion factor.

7/31/2018 4:35PM AEST

I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing - there's no reason to re-record simple play by play stuff that is still relevant, or player names unless you're replacing the play by play commentator. They've definitely been adding to the collection of phrases over the last two iterations. There might be some kind of RAM trade-off that prevents a massively wide variety of lines but that could be worked around; however there's a financial trade-off as well.

7/31/2018 3:50PM AEST
posted a comment in Commentary dynamic content ideas.

Madden seems pretty good but then again I've only played a few games. NBA 2K16 blew me away when I first heard it - that they can keep the commentary flowing while the game was constantly moving was impressive. I only played a couple of games of that too. So I don't know how repetitive they get. 

The Big Ant cricket games (Don Bradman 14, 17 and Ashes cricket) have simpler commentary requirements (very stop-start gameplay also) are getting better over time (14 was absolutely woeful; 17 and Ashes were improvements but they still suffer from three major problems:

1. Use of 'the batter' and 'the bowler' too often instead of names. Having both male and female players may have impacted upon this. 

2. Lack of dynamic content. The most dynamic it gets is including player names or team names in a sentence... 

3. ...and most of the time the sentences sound disjointed when this happens. MLB The Show really shines in this regard. I'd love some insight into how the sound guys achieve it! (Kirby St John?)  

Big Ant also makes the Rugby League Live game and its commentary is good, considering it's a free-flowing game (like basketball). Certainly much better than their cricket commentary. But still no dynamic content apart from player names really.

7/30/2018 11:04PM AEST
created David Wright 2,000 career hits.

David Wright 2,000 career hits

7/30/2018 10:44PM AEST

Awesome, thanks for confirming. Glad to hear it!

7/30/2018 10:41PM AEST
created Commentary dynamic content ideas.

Commentary dynamic content ideas

7/30/2018 10:18PM AEST
posted a comment in Headshot comebackers - any lately?.

Did it knock the pitcher over like in the clip I recorded from 15 (link above)? I want to know if it still happens or not.

7/30/2018 10:06PM AEST
posted a comment in Headshot comebackers - any lately?.

Did the commentary mention it as hit in the head?

7/30/2018 6:10PM AEST
posted a comment in Headshot comebackers - any lately?.

I'm curious - did it show the pitcher getting knocked down like in my 15 clip? That's what I want to know about.

7/30/2018 6:09PM AEST
posted a comment in QOL Feedback!.

Two ideas:


1. Load career stats into 'press triangle' player stats card during a game. If it can be done audibly (Matt mentions career stats sometimes), it can be added to the stats screen. Presently we only get to see quirks and season stats.

2. Leverage scouting reports tables code from RTTS and combine with data from / franchise save file data. In RTTS we get to see our scouting report stats vs each pitcher on a team. This would be an excellent addition to franchise mode (add it to the ‘press triangle’ player stats card). Obviously seasons prior to the beginning of the franchise save file would need to be imported (it’s available on so I assume the data is available to SDS). But over time, the scouting reports would be full of your franchise data.

Here’s an example on

And the icing on the cake? How awesome would it be if during each at bat Matty V mentions the odd stat from the player’s career history vs the pitcher! I confess I watch the odd AI vs AI game from my franchise (stuff like this happens!) so immersion is important to me and the commentary is just as important as how it looks. I've even had people doing a double-take because they think it's a real game that I'm watching.  

7/30/2018 6:02PM AEST
created Idea for MLB The Show 19 situational awareness - dynamic batting tendencies please.

Idea for MLB The Show 19 situational awareness - dynamic batting tendencies please

7/30/2018 4:41PM AEST
created The bug that prevents pitcher info and upcoming batter info from showing still exists.

The bug that prevents pitcher info and upcoming batter info from showing still exists

7/29/2018 10:14PM AEST
created Headshot comebackers - any lately?.

Headshot comebackers - any lately?

7/29/2018 4:41PM AEST
created Pickoff replays would be nice.

Pickoff replays would be nice

7/29/2018 4:35PM AEST
posted a comment in How is the AI so good at pick offs? .

Pickoffs are way better than in 16 and 17, but I agree - some fine tuning required so that it's all about OUR reaction speed combined with the involved players' stats.

I play on all star hitting, classic baserunning controls.  How is baserunning difficulty set? Is it in hitting difficulty?

7/29/2018 4:31PM AEST
posted a comment in Venditte rule.

This seemed to be present in The Show 17 also. In 16 it used to prompt you. It disappeared in 17. Sad to see it's still not back to being a choice.

7/29/2018 4:14PM AEST
posted a comment in Lineup/Rotation/Bullpen Management.

This, this and this. And the contents of the original poster's previous post.

Excellent ideas from both of you. I like that all suggestions are reasonable, simple and aren't massively difficult to implement. They would also increase immersion in Franchise SIGNIFICANTLY. 

A great point about leveraging from RTTS too - exactly right. There should also be some franchise stuff in RTTS as well.

As much as 'create a stadium' and relocation would be great, let's be real - the cost/benefit just isn't there. It's a one-off thrill (in my opinion, sorry if I offended those people who really want them. Not intended).

7/29/2018 4:08PM AEST