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posted a comment in Sony Partners win trading? .

Win trading doesn't actually have anything to do with trading in the conventional sense usually. Not sure where the term comes from but its in regards to one guy helping another with free wins. 1 win really isn't that big of a deal however, the apologies by the 2 doesn't help out the case

4/20/2019 4:33PM PDT
posted a comment in Can I change my lineup.

No I am pretty sure that its not possible

4/20/2019 4:28PM PDT

You say that someone else sounds dumb and then you post nonsense like this. A rookie in "your" eyes so he doesn't get an opinion? I am bad at this game and even I can beat a directional hitter. Out of curiousity, how do you even know that they are using directional? Is it because they foul off pitches? 

4/20/2019 4:22PM PDT
posted a comment in Whoever bats first wins.

I'm a horrible player online and I've never given up 10 runs in an inning before so you must be doing something wrong. I'm 4 and 1 in br and I am awful at online lol 

4/20/2019 12:52PM PDT
posted a comment in See people who dont friendly quit when its lagging really bad.

Can you not backout before the 1st pitch is thrown? I don't play much online but I assume you cant 

4/20/2019 12:50PM PDT
posted a comment in Ticket counter.

There isnt a ticket counter this year. The xp rewards are there instead 

4/20/2019 12:44PM PDT
posted a comment in I think I have found out whats wrong with hitting.

How much could it be the pitchers this year? Early on the lower difficulties would be easier to hit but getting up to the higher divisions and better teams could it be that they are all so overpowered?

4/20/2019 10:04AM PDT
posted a comment in Losing 2/3 of the program stars we were initially receiving is bogus. .

I'm not even sure what the issue is right now, I must be missing something. I'm at 75 stars already though I played a lot yesterday. I havent touched online at all 

4/20/2019 8:49AM PDT
posted a comment in How do I redeem my Jackie bat skin?.

This is what happened when I logged in. Said I stole 3 million fans and got the bat. Other than locking it in for the collection, its trash plus 1 contact where all the other are 6 for contact and power 

4/20/2019 8:45AM PDT
posted a comment in Not just another salty post. Legitimate complaint.

Unless it is working as designed. 

4/20/2019 8:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Sony Partners win trading? .

I dont think koogs acts like a jerk but he certainly acts with a massive ego and is 99% of the time condescending to most people. I dont care really,I dont watch him anymore at all so I couldn't care less what happens to him if anything or mighty goat for that matter. However, they do need to do something and not pretend it didnt happen. At least speak on it but the silence just shows that they do not care. 

They tell us all the time that the always read every thread so they are very aware of it and this thread but clearly choose to stay out of it. In all honesty though, there really isnt anything anyone can do about it if they dont want to. Their tos, their rules and their way of sweeping things under the rug. 

Sad really. They should just say something 

4/20/2019 8:40AM PDT
posted a comment in Tired of pulling Betts diamonds .

Some have it and some dont. My pack luck is horrid and even I've lucked into max Scherzer and Freddie Freeman. Itll happen at some point. This was only the 2nd and 3rd diamonds I've ever pulled yet my notifications keep telling me the people I know have amazing pack luck lol 

4/17/2019 12:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Great Game BigReebs07!.

You couldn't just have ignored the post and moved along?

4/14/2019 3:53PM PDT
posted a comment in Unplayable on all star.

If your record is that good then what is the complaint? Should take you no time at all to make it out of the games that play on allstar and play on the higher levels. The hitting is the same for both teams so you can obviously do it too.

No idea why people who have great records come on here and whine because someone is able to get bloop hits now and then when it obviously isnt bothering your record too much. Do you just want to win every game or because you're irritated you have to jump on the forum and cry? 


4/13/2019 11:09AM PDT
posted a comment in Conquest.

I personally didnt notice anything difficult or different about conquest at all. The first 2 turns I stole fans from Colorado and then Minnesota and just walked the whole map. Pretty easy if you ask me. All of the maps are so far though I suspect they will be getting way harder soon 

4/12/2019 5:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Extra Innings games vs CPU.

That seems kind of dumb then unless there is going to be some kind of stat grind later on. Thanks for the response all

4/11/2019 7:50PM PDT
created Extra Innings games vs CPU.

Extra Innings games vs CPU

4/11/2019 6:39PM PDT
posted a comment in Ethical Question.

When it comes to online gaming and basically the internet in general, there is not very much ethics at all. Annonimity takes care of that but in this case, grab it while you can lol

4/9/2019 1:57PM PDT
posted a comment in You know you play The Show too much when....

Thats because the Jays strike out all the time, nothing to see lol ;)

4/8/2019 7:27PM PDT
posted a comment in Quit complaining elite players, don’t ruin the game like last year.

Fully agree

4/8/2019 1:05PM PDT
posted a comment in High Game LEvel, no DD.

Im sure a lot of it is comeplting collections and stuff like that.

4/8/2019 12:57PM PDT
posted a comment in Hidden rewards for Conquest.

no you only get them one time

4/8/2019 9:07AM PDT
posted a comment in Umps?.

They would be fictional

4/6/2019 4:17PM PDT
posted a comment in Miguel Sano got tagged out at third on a homerun that went over the fence..

That is a messed up play but glitches happen, happy to see that you won that game but I'm not sure if I'm the only one who was thinking this but do you record your games that way? That was like it was in real time. 

4/6/2019 3:13PM PDT
posted a comment in Really? A Roadblock in a mission. .

Everything about these moments is to make it more difficult and frustrate people. 

4/5/2019 9:03PM PDT