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posted a comment in My OF dropping a ball per game now.

" So I’m supposed to watch a video of some idiot literally running away from where the ball is going to land and blame SDS? "

I don't know what video YOU are watching, but the one I linked shows the CF running directly into and then over the white ball marker. Exactly what your "pro tip" said to do.

The reason the OF looks like a chicken with his head cut off AFTERWARD is because he didn't lock on and the player will then tend to try to move the controller around to try to get him to lock on the ball.

The fielding controls aren't difficult. There aren't as many stupid people as you might imagine.

4/22/2019 3:19PM PDT
posted a comment in My OF dropping a ball per game now.

Watch the video here:

It is definitely happening. I have it happen myself.

There is a bug, OFs are not always locking on.

4/22/2019 2:48PM PDT
posted a comment in Revert please. Just go back..

" The problem with video games, there is little to no option for adquate testing "

Not actually true.

You just have to be willing to spend the time and money.

Which they are not.

4/22/2019 10:33AM PDT
posted a comment in Makes no sense.

Manager AI in this game is abysmal and they don't seem to care.

4/22/2019 9:52AM PDT
posted a comment in Gallo Needs a Vision Increase.

"Too ealry to say MVP?"

LOL. Yes.

It's less than 1/6 of a season. Also, it's pretty hard to win an MVP unless the team does well (fair or not).

Both Gallo and the Rangers are overachieving right now.

4/22/2019 8:37AM PDT
posted a comment in Refusing to use CAP.

" CAP is the corniest thing ever. "

As opposed to a team with people on it who have been dead for 50 years?

In a mode where people can spend real money to get a significant advantage over others?

Let's face it: all of DD is fake.

4/22/2019 8:05AM PDT
posted a comment in Why Do I Keep Buying Packs?.

Because they are designed to appeal to the gambling nature of people, and some have a real weakness in this area.

4/22/2019 7:13AM PDT
posted a comment in Please SSD stop forcing me to play Legend because I'm a decent player. .

" Last year all we heard was “faster pitch speeds”....”game needs to be competitive” ...well, they made it this way because of all the complaining last year, plain and simple.  "

Change isn't automatically good just for the sake of it.

When you change something and the result is not what people want, then you haven't improved things, you have substituted one problem for another.

The real answer is proper playtesting, something SDS has shown consistently it is unwilling to spend the time and money to do. The result is unhappy customers.

4/22/2019 5:25AM PDT
posted a comment in What Happened This Morning with the Market???.

Funny, I have no problem making lots of stubs.

4/21/2019 2:21PM PDT
posted a comment in What Happened This Morning with the Market???.

Low volume leads to volatility.

It's Easter Sunday morning and there's probably fewer people playing right now than at any time since the game launched.

Good time to sell (and I am making a fortune on one card right now that I stocked up on, lol).

4/21/2019 9:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Out of Curiosity question for offline players.

1. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

2. People trying to do anything they can to win, leading to the game no longer feeling like baseball. This isn't the same as #1 but encompasses things like weird pitching patterns, subbing out pitchers that are doing fine, stealing insanely often, not batting based on the count, etc.

3. Feeling rushed, especially while batting. Baseball is supposed to be a leisurely game, and I don't like the online style of feeling like I'm in a batting cage set to "as fast as possible."

4. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

5. I often play while doing other things and it's hard to find a long stretch of time when I can be sure I'll not be interrupted.

6. The slowdown/lag ruins the feel of pitching for me.

7. Team names and uniforms that utterly ruin immersion.

8. Poor sportsmanship from other players.

4/21/2019 5:05AM PDT
posted a comment in Did they nerf the moments ?.

Don't feed the troll.

4/19/2019 2:08PM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

Yep, Precisionist.

I am still having fun with MTO. And I'll start RTTS at some point, which I enjoy. Maybe by then there will be more real content.

Plus, summer.. more stuff to do outside.

But this is a step backwards for a lot of casual offline players.

4/19/2019 10:30AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

"Maybe I’m the *** up one here, but you brought the game, right? So play it. There’s no reason to play the game, period. Or Madden. Or any PS4 title. Or watch movies. Or procreate without intent to produce child. The thing is we do all these things and more at times for the sheer entertainment value of them. If you don’t find simply playing MLB The Show entertaining without being instructed to play a certain way and do certain things, maybe it’s just not the game for you."

Or maybe you just aren't able to understand that not everyone enjoys the same things. Which is fine.

4/19/2019 10:01AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

" Now, they’ve tried everything with these grind missions and nobody is ever satisfied. "

People have been pretty consistently clear about which ones they liked and disliked and why.

No, there's no universal agreement on this or anything else. But that doesn't mean you just take everything out and leave people with nothing to do. Or worse, replace one problem with an even worse one.

"They’re saying “Hey, play however you like, get any hits you like, online or offline, then have a choice from a bunch of great cards and take which one you like”.

Which is fine if and only if there are actually things to do that mean anything.

There is for online. For offline, there really isn't.

So that's the paradox here. You now can "do whatever you want" to earn XP and there's nothing anyone wants to do because they haven't given reasons to do it.

4/19/2019 9:08AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

" I hate that I feel like I'm arguing against the xp rewards, because I'm not, I think they are a great thing. But I need some kind of structure. Playing random exhibition games against the CPU feels pointless because there is no structure  no goal other than xp. At least with conquest there is a structure and a goal, but sometimes I want to play a full 9 inning ball game. "


At least there's MTO, though it has its own issues. But how many times do I want to do that?

What does the XP matter once you hit 100 Diamond anyway? There are already people in the Gold rank and it's only the middle of April.

A unified path for XP is great. But it's not enough without other things to work toward.

4/19/2019 9:04AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

Fair enough Sweedy. But you're repeating a point I already replied to.

Many offline players enjoy working toward something. They don't want to play games versus CPU just for XP, because it feels pointless. Whereas making progress towards missions wasn't pointless.

You may not feel the same way, but that's why people don't like this change. The "Moments" are bad for all the reasons we both have mentioned before, and there's really no reason to do anything else.

They could have simply made the missions more reasonable rather than removing them. It doesn't have to be "you must get 10,000 saves" or "there's basically nothing for offline players to do." There's lots of ground in the middle that SDS (and a lot of people here) are ignoring.

4/19/2019 8:46AM PDT
posted a comment in Two more terrible errors (video). What is going on today?.

" Your line towords both balls were terrible. "

It wasn't, at least in the one I saw, and it doesn't matter. The fielder was there well before the ball and should have caught it.

4/19/2019 8:34AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

Sweedy, again, "it's not worse than the thing everyone hated the most last year" is not praise.

These were billed as being fun. They're not. If they are "less not fun" than grinding 200 holds, that doesn't change them not being fun.

4/19/2019 8:24AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

"It's just as helpful as people complaining about moments/fielding/Koogs."

No, it's not. This forum is here in large part for feedback, and that's what those complaints are.

In contrast, a reply saying "it's not boring if you only have to do it once because you're awesome" is utterly pointless.

"I don't know what else to tell you."

That much is evident.

4/19/2019 8:22AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

"You only have to keep repeating it if you suck and can't get it done."

Well, that's an incredibly helpful response, isn't it?

It does show that you kind of missed the point, which IS what happens when you can't get it done.

I may suck, but we can't all be superheroes like you are, and I paid for the game just the same as you did.

4/19/2019 8:17AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

"If you don't get to the grind goal you get nothing for it, same as moments."


So if I had a team where I was working on 8 different missions and I didn't finish 1, the other 7 didn't count?

I couldn't accumulate innings for my CAP while working on missions?

I couldn't do Conquest maps while working on missions at the same time?

That's not how I remember it going.

As opposed to Eons (my new name for Moments), where you can literally spend an entire evening and have nothing at all to show for it?

How about fun. Last year I could play 30 different teams in dozens of ballparks. I'd face different pitchers and different batters.

Whereas with Eons it's the SAME thing OVER and OVER and OVER with zero variation.

When did repeating the same exact thing dozens of times become fun?

PS Not to mention, this was supposed to be an improvement. "It's not worse than the worst part of last year" is not high praise.

4/19/2019 8:10AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

" That said, I’m a touch confused by all the complaints about offline grinding being dead. As many have said, you can still use your DD team to play vs CPU in any difficulty level..."

Because there's really no point in doing so.

People don't want to do things for no reason.

4/19/2019 7:51AM PDT
posted a comment in The Grind is dead...Moments are here to stay.

The grind is dead.

Long live the even-more-boring grind.

4/19/2019 6:57AM PDT
posted a comment in Final #Sonypartners mission is TRASH!.

I got this first try because I knew before I started how I probably had to approach it.

The key to this one is patience.. and I mean a LOT of patience. You must take a lot of pitches, get his pitch count up, and start chipping away at his confidence. If you do that you can win this. If not, you probably need to restart.

4/19/2019 4:36AM PDT