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Can’t remember the year but it was right after Thome played for the Twins and joined Philadelphia. I was in the second level at Target Field halfway down the third base line. Thome smoked this ball over the batters eye but what I will never forget is how high it went. I believe I’ll never see a higher/farther hit ball in my life again.

What was also cool is everyone was cheering, Thome was loved in MN

Oh nice didn’t realize I was playing a fellow TSN member. Thanks for a honest clean game and I agree you blasted a few pretty good. I remember you threw a couple FBs and a slider dead center and I probably swung when it hit the catchers mitt and was thinking my opponent probably thinks I’m drunk lol. It’s all good we’re supposed to be having fun this late and agree you should have won that game. GG!

Haha no I was however waiting for the “nice excuse, git gud” posts.

Any of you guys colorblind?

Last year they also stressed how fielding would matter showing how diamond fielders stop on a dime to throw and bronze takes five steps to throw. Yet over and over if your leading late in a game your diamond fielder will take five steps to throw or miss throw. Funny too on how your pitcher with 27 fielding will stop on a dime on a throw on a “swinging bunt” to just beat out your 87 speed batter. Yet he takes 5 steps to throw if you have a 42 speed guy. I’ll believe this bs when I see it.

Are we or are we not less than two weeks from 19?

Agreed and honestly how many of these cards will be relevant in July/August.

If we are not forced to pick immediately I wouldn’t mind playing a few games first.

How do contact hitters play?

How do power hitters play?

How are pitch speeds?

How relevant is the pci now?

Then base my decision on that. If pci placement doesn’t matter much will a lower diamond really matter? Same for power and contact hitters. Just be nice to play a bit before your choice if possible.

Does anyone really know how hit chance is figured?

I played him a couple events back and he used the games exploits for sure. I was lurking on his stream during our game and a few other people were commenting how he was being cheesy. He even chuckled and said “this guys going to send me a hate message”. I was getting destroyed that game but he still felt the need to steal up by 5 or 6 runs in the final inning.

When I face streamers and feel they’re stand up honest players for example Jonbear, unstoppabull, and Lefty are awesome guys to play so I will follow them on Twitch, give them publicity, etc. When I get a bad vibe from streamers gameplay I will not give them another view in the future. It’s the only thing you can do if you don’t care for them. Let’s just say I have never watched another of Bucks streams since.

Phillies agree to sign Harper

Just did it today in an event game. Bases loaded he hits to short. Tag the runner going to third, throw to second then first for the force outs.

Too hard to pick, for me it’s all about my state of mind at that moment.

Anything Guns n Roses

Anything AC/DC

Anything Cinderella 

You have to read between the lines with the silence. My theory is this:

There will be no online Franchise for 19. However if they say this then SDS will lose potential preorders. If they keep you in the dark with no answer you still will have a small percentage that will still preorder hoping online franchise will be a part of 19. If it was included in 19 you know they would already have said yes because that means more preorders.

Nothing better than facing Phil with 10mph blowing in, lol.

I’ve always had German Shorthair Pointers. I currently have two. If you live an active lifestyle they are awesome. Very loyal and extremely smart. If you have younger children like 3 and under they may be a bit much as they are so happy all the time they tend to knock small kids over when playing. Other than that they are easy to maintain and have great health records. Not uncommon to live around 13/14 years old.

Sweet, I remember this card was great last year. I think I’ll mess around with a couple fun event game lineups tonight.

Played Bayfront Park 4pm overcast today and it was bad. Anytime the white corners of the strike zone disappear into the sky it’s gonna be troublesome. Obviously idk this but I feel anytime someone picks these parks in the higher levels it’s on purpose. As this guy kept throwing high breaking balls because you absolutely could not see the spin on it. You didn’t know if you were getting a FB or a slider. 

MLB 17 I was down 8-0 in the ninth

Note how the guy either threw mid to high inside FB or breaking balls low. Watch how he ignores pitching matchups and even brings a righty in on a card that smashes righty's. You can see with my PCI I was basically sitting on pitches as he got so predictable. Was this DDA?

On a side not you need to know this game is just flat out bad. It took me a few months as I was critical of it a lot and had a good amount fun videos to share. I soon realized it's just a badly programed game and this is what it is. If you can't accept that in February you should just wait until 19. 

What I get frustrated about is the routine plays. I am not talking lunging over or taking an angle at a ball. I am talking feet planted ball hit right at a diamond fielder primary position 85mph hit speed and it goes right through the defender as if they were not there. I would accept knocking the ball down but to go right through them is 100 percent wrong. Then take a fielder like Pierce playing secondary at 2B. I have seen multiple times you hit a ball deep in the hole with a 90 plus speed guy and he stabs the ball takes a half step, stops, fires a laser to get the out at first. This is a common fielder playing secondary. Then I have seen many times finest Lindor at short take a angle at a ball, stab it but then take 75 steps to stop and wouldn't you know the 62 speed guy just beats it out.

We were told this year fielding would matter. We were told we may have to sacrifice giving up a few base hits if we choose to play a mediocre fielder that has a great bat or if we want to prevent some hits with a great fielder but maybe not a great bat. It is absolutely not the case. As random as hitting is the fielding is just as random. 

If the formula was true we would have nobody but ourselves to blame if fielding errors happened. This is not the case though. Once in awhile is fine and yes it does happen, the amount it happens in this game when you are in the lead, NAH!


There is just way too many people talking about similar issues for it to be a fluke. Funky stuff happens to me almost every game. It's no joke predictable. For example if my diamond fielder makes a little league error (after I score the previous inning) you bet your boots 8 out of 10 times that your giving that run back. 

Why is it fielders hardly ever knock a ball down? A slower three hop grounder comes right at your diamond fielder and it goes right through them like they don't exist. Then the beauty is it's counted as a hit not an error. There should be more balls knocked down then passing right through. Ever since tee ball we are told to keep the ball in front of you at all times.