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created Friendly quit should be disabled when less than 30 seconds pause time remains.

Friendly quit should be disabled when less than 30 seconds pause time remains

4/2/2019 11:02PM PDT
posted a comment in Just bought Trea Turner, is he good?.

I have him at 2B right now and I love him out of the 2 hole behind Rickey.

4/2/2019 1:01PM PDT
posted a comment in (88) Adrian Gonzalez .

Agreed 100 percent. I locked in this collection right away as a padres fan and this card rakes and he plays great defense and Machado is not bad and can play SS.

4/2/2019 12:40PM PDT
posted a comment in Torn, Lvl 75 reward.

This was a very tough decision I narrowed it down to Bench, Ichiro, Ryan, or Hoffman (no Kershaw because I already have his live series and want to use that for a bit). Being a Padres fan and how much I loved the Hoffman card last year made the choice for me, but can't wait to get my hands on Nolan Ryan.

4/2/2019 12:38PM PDT
posted a comment in Catchers?.

Gary Sanchez is the best budget catcher in the game hands down. He is the Gallo of Catchers with good defense and a strong arm. I sold Torre and have been doing way better with Sanchez.

4/2/2019 11:44AM PDT
posted a comment in Go to Bullpen arms .

That silver Gagne card is legit.

4/2/2019 11:39AM PDT
posted a comment in Card you'd like to see that isn't a huge name.

Hardware Ken Caminiti

3/28/2019 2:45PM PDT
posted a comment in Who’s your starting 1b?.

I completed the Padres Live Series so I have Adrian Gonzalez and he smashes!

3/27/2019 9:36AM PDT

I know I am bias because Rickey was my favorite player growing up along with Bonds, but hopefully contact matters more this year so his "lack" of power shouldn't matter as much, and his speed on the basepaths when he gets on should make him a pretty unstoppable force. Rickey should have solid contact no matter what year the card is and his speed, stealing and baserunning should all be at least 99's regardless of the year (except for way later in his career).

3/25/2019 2:52PM PDT

I really hope its the Padres, we haven't been relevant for a long time.

3/25/2019 11:57AM PDT
posted a comment in Early Debate: Hunter or Henderson?.

It's Rickey all day and it's not even close! Rickey was a way better player and you can probably always keep him in your lineup for the whole year even if it is just as a pinch runner when you get better cards down the road.

3/25/2019 11:51AM PDT
posted a comment in Mike Trout is a bust.

That is the beauty of baseball, the best player doesn't always win. It's still a team game and most of the time the best overall team will win. You are foolish if you blame Trout for the Angels lack of Championships or post season success. Based upon his stats and WAR he has done everything in his power to make this team as good as it can be. It's not his fault they gave all that money to Pujols, which has hamstrung the Angels for the past few years and will have an impact on them going forward.

3/22/2019 12:52PM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone Request off from work next week?.

Definitely took off Tuesday and Friday. LOL

3/22/2019 12:49PM PDT
posted a comment in Looks like SDS nailed gameplay this year.

SHHHHHH Don't let everybody onto the Gwynn train. I'm definitely going to have a tough choice between Gwynn, Rickey, and Big Frank.

3/22/2019 12:47PM PDT
posted a comment in Hitting camera .

Strike zone high is amazing! You can thank me later

3/20/2019 9:02AM PDT
posted a comment in Finest Snell / Change my Mind.

It is hands down Immortal Kershaw

3/14/2019 11:02AM PDT

18 is my first season so I don't know.

3/13/2019 4:11PM PDT
posted a comment in Shippett Stadium .

I have come to the light. I used to hate Shippett and only play in major league stadiums because it always seemed like a offensive bonanza, but I just recently started using shippett and it seems to be the fairest stadium of them all like others have said not as much wind factor and being more consistently rewarded for great pci placement (maybe due to less lag).

3/13/2019 3:10PM PDT
posted a comment in Gaming Monitors .

ASUS VG245HE 24" Full HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care Console Gaming Monitor with FreeSync/Adaptive Sync

someone recommended this one for me and I think its fantastic and affordable I think I paid around 180 for it.

3/13/2019 2:58PM PDT
posted a comment in Glad i didn't buy 19.

OP does have some points. How many of us have had a few innings where we are squaring up a lot of pitches and not being rewarded at all while the opponent is getting a bunch of luck like passed balls, dropped balls in the OF and some bloop hits followed by a devastating 2 out HR. Yes all of these things can happen in real baseball too and do happen, but the frequency with which it seems to happen is quite high in this game. The game I played last night that got me into WS I was squaring up a bunch of stuff and not getting rewarded at all for the first 3 innings along with my team committing errors (one was completely my fault) while he was smoking everything and ended up being ahead of me by 5 runs two different times.  Luckily, the game started to finally reward my swings and I made a huge comeback and he ended up quitting in the 8th when I got him down 5 runs.

TLDR: The RNG in this game can be quite frustrating and it appears that your user input doesn't matter sometimes or during crucial situations especially when hitting. It is what it is you just need to deal with it, play your best and if you do square up more pitches than the player you are playing usually you will come out on top just like in real baseball, but sometimes you won't comeback and will lose.

Instead of being a crybaby try taking the loss with grace and realize the same BS you are complaining about that cost you the loss has and does happen to all of us and has probably "earned" you some wins you didn't deserve. (I get it sometimes we need to vent, but it happens too much on this forum and then these people sometimes deservedly so get attacked by the "elites" in this forum.) 

3/12/2019 3:36PM PDT

I love Brie Larson I will watch anything she is in.

3/8/2019 2:32PM PST
posted a comment in Diamond Dynasty Tourney/League Opportunity.

I am interested in playing in this.

3/8/2019 11:33AM PST

I completely agee and have the same issues when I am hitting. I will be unstoppable then I can almost be no hit by random crappy players even though I am squaring up a decent amount of pitches. It is truly amazing how those guys seem to always still consistently hit well.

3/8/2019 11:10AM PST
posted a comment in Legends/Flashbacks that NEED to be in DD.

1996 Hardware Ken Caminiti - Gold Glove 3B, Switch Hitter with Power from both sides of the plate. .326 40HR 130RBI OPS 1.028.

2/21/2019 12:59PM PST

Pete Rose isn't even in the discussion with a career batting average of 303 and only 160 HRs out of 4256 hits.

2/14/2019 2:11PM PST