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Absolutely TRUE.  If one were to look at his real stats, 3 seasons with a BA over .400.  And quite a few that hovered near there.  Lifetime .358 BA is nothing to sneeze at...

3/20/2019 8:12AM PDT
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Ok, since we are talking about our 2 cents, here is mine.  This notion of catering to 2% of the customer base is complete fantasy.  The “elitist” mentality of a lot of you guys is utterly disgusting.  How many of you so called “gods” in this game have EVER offered advice to novices, outside of your tooting your own horns, and the sarcastic eff off attitudes?  How many of you have taken the time after a game to contact your opponent that might have struggled through that game with you to say, “hey bud, it was a good game, can I offer you some tips to help your next game better?”  How about NONE of you have taken that time from atop you self deluded mounds of self loving bullschit.

Now, I admit, I’m not all that good, but I have had my share of wins.  And I ALWAYS make the effort to at least acknowledge the 45 minutes or so that the other player, that other human being mashing buttons on their controller, during that game.  And yes, SOME will be complete azzhats.  Some, like myself, might not invest 5 bills in a damned monitor or 3k or so on BUYING the best of the best so people can drool over the size of my wallet.  I’m a humble COMBAT VET, with a completely different “idea” of what a GAME should be.  It certainly isn’t the ego fed garbage I see here.

Ask yourself, WHY do you think SDS decided to cater to the less experienced, less adept players.  Do you think it might be because SOME of you guys with your delusions of pixel greatness might be driving players away?  Do you think MAYBE people are getting more than tired of reading how great you think you are?  Maybe they did it to humble some of you, to get you to start considering those “losers” that you think don’t mean anything.  Maybe you should consider that novice players want, deserve, and perhaps need to feel like they matter.

Its just my 2 cents.  But I can tell you, in my 21 years of service, with 13 of those served in combat, I never considered ANYONE below me.  Perhaps some of you should remember, there was a time when you were a nothing...

4/13/2018 1:46PM PDT
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3 DAYS NOW.  Still waiting on missing purchase of stubs.  This *** is BEYOND ridiculous.  Stubs work fine in previous titles.  Sent emails to you geniuses for 3 days now, NO REPLY.  As a disabled combat vet, let me just say there’s a special place on a squad for inept people like you guys.  In the front, as IED Fodder.

FIX THIS.  Complaint with BBB is forth coming.  My patience with this is GONE!

3/28/2018 9:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Marketplace Issues [Update].

Still missing my stubs purchase

3/27/2018 7:01AM PDT