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I appreciate the response man so you also have both cards  and you prefer Reggie ? And yea vision doesn't matter too much to me but it is nice to have

So you would rank them 1)Stanton 2)Reggie 3)JD ? And you start both Stanton and Reggie ?

Also have you used Stantons LS card if you have is this one really a feelable upgrade? I apperciate the reply bro

Thanks for the in depth comment bro much appreciated.. Really cool of you

Yea u gotta lock in Reggie also. Plus idk how much better this Stanton plays vs the LS one

Yea and he’s also cheaper then both of them. I just always play in yankee stadium so I was thinking Reggie as well plus idk how much different this Stanton plays vs the Live Series

Lmaoo exactly this kid is a joke. What is he even saying “nothing better then beating a full immortal team” with a full immortal finest team lmao I’m dead

@Quin exactly lmao this kid is a joke trying to brag that he beat a full immortal team with a full immortal team. Lmaoo I’m literally in tears wtf Was the point of posting this. And the only non immortal his gold Sutton got rocked lmao

Lmaoo obviously you didn’t look into it chuckers. The kid used a full immortal team also he just had a gold starter. He beat an immortal team with an immortal team fools

Lmao why you talking about beating full immortal teams when you’re using a full immortal team. Just cuz you had a Gold Sutton start which you took out anyway lmaoooo. Joke post ur a clown

HW Stanton, PS Reggie or Finest JD

I want that Reggie card I’m gonna get him or Stanton soon

Postgame Rating Points in DD

I disagree completelty.. Everyone has preferences.. How somebody is using Chipper at short, some use Cal, I prefer Lindor... Thats called OPTIONS... When there is only one or two immortals at a position there is no competition... The FINEST cards are the only competition this year.. Thats why before Finest it was ALL immortal now with Finest you see Finest players sprinkled in.. There should have been a lote more cards like Finest to compete..

Furthermore your argument is a joke.. Why doesn't SDS just release 12 immortals for the entire game span then ?? I mean those are the "best players" why would anyone want anything else?? 

Dude if it’s BO cargo anywhere near the Cargo of last year I will throw a party

Agreed its either 1) No immortals 2) A lot of immortals 3) A lot more 96-98 ovr cards that can compete.. 

Nothing is cornier then seeing the same Griffey Puljos Chipper team every game 

Idk if you know cars but a Range Rover is a lot better then a Lexus. Almost double the price. Like Ted is Better then 95 Harper. But to say a Honda to a Ferarri is like saying Harper is a bronze or silver player. That’s just dumb 

Lol thats pushing it.. Its like a Lexus (Harper) or a Range Rover (Williams)

Ill admit JD might have the glitchiest swing in the game with monster power, but thats really it.. Yelich is the total package

If you need a cleanup power hitter then JD.. But if you want a great hitter that can play in any lineup spot  with speed fielding and some power also then Yelich.. I have Yelich playing LF and I love him esp in Yankee stadium where I play 

Yea i think thats the right move.. For some reason his pitches dont move great.. Easy to read

Regional for me.. Growing up in Brooklyn esp in my childhood with the 98-01 Yankee teams, Yankees were where its at..They are the class of NYC and represent the city.. An established powerhouse just like NYC, I honestly like the Yankees more then baseball overall.. I dont watch playoffs unless Yankees are in it and I only watch Yankee games.. I would not be able to watch a Brewers v Cubs game