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posted a comment in Hitting is getting better....

I think people are just getting used to the pitch speeds of 18 now. I played a game of 17 earlier today and man, 91mph Fastballs seem sooooo much faster than 98 in 18.  I think pitch speeds still need to be turned up some because fastballs are useless, I’m literally pitching my curveball off my change up. 


In in regards to hit, it’s so so. I don’t think Joey Gallo should be the best hitter in the game lol and I shouldn’t be able to power swing on every pitch and not have to worry about missing the ball

4/9/2018 12:38AM PDT
posted a comment in How About Stanton Today.

He also was the only starting position player not to reach base today. On both teams lol

4/8/2018 7:41PM PDT
posted a comment in How About Stanton Today.

Third player in the last 100 years to have two 5K games in the same season 

4/8/2018 7:24PM PDT
posted a comment in Please fix.....

Yeah, but I remember quite often last year (I am guilty of this too), people would wait to see what handed batter people would bring out to pinch hit for when it was the pitchers spot to hit, then they’d bring out the appropriate handed pitcher. Would turn into a game of chicken and a position player would start pitching to the pitcher. This is a totally fine fix by me.

4/8/2018 1:40PM PDT
posted a comment in Best Ways to Beat Yankees on Conquest Extreme?.

Pitch as carefully as possible to Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez. Take the lead before they do. There really is no other way, but pitch on the black and have good per 9 pitchers

4/7/2018 9:05PM PDT

Email with your issue


they probably won’t get back to you for at least 5 days minimum if they do at all. I’d suggest continuing to email them until they respond to you

4/6/2018 11:53PM PDT
posted a comment in Servers?.

Yeah I just got kicked out of an events game. I’m more worried about the Buy Order I had placed for Harper at the time...

4/6/2018 9:17PM PDT


4/6/2018 3:46PM PDT
created How to build a favorites list?.

How to build a favorites list?

4/6/2018 3:37PM PDT
posted a comment in Petition: Diamond drops should not DECREASE for playing on higher difficulty..

I think what OP is talking about how there is a higher chance of pulling a diamond on All-Star vs HOF/Legend it you look at the chances of post game rewards in the play vs CPU section (not conquest). Although the chances are not high regardless, this is a totally valid complaint 

4/6/2018 3:22PM PDT
posted a comment in Flipping cards is my favorite part of the game .

Are profit margins this small because it’s still early in the game? Didn’t play DD until June last year and by July it was a lot easier to flip cards for bigger profit back then 

4/6/2018 2:29PM PDT
posted a comment in Bug when placing orders through a laptop.

Yeah, it's kind of weird that it happens, it will happen to me when I have not numbers entered and will even scroll into the negatives.  Seems like a simple fix that they can take care of.

4/6/2018 8:13AM PDT
created Bug when placing orders through a laptop.

Bug when placing orders through a laptop

4/6/2018 8:02AM PDT
posted a comment in Aaron Judge/Giancarlo Stanton Strike out Thread.

They are on pace to strikeout 540 times combined this year. 20K through 6 games (not tonights). Impressive!

4/5/2018 5:16PM PDT
posted a comment in Aaron Judge Worship Thread.

Another fun fact: On pace to hit 0 homeruns!

4/4/2018 8:48AM PDT
posted a comment in I’m not throwing another FB in MLB the show.

Yeah, it’s bad that I’m throwing Fastballs with the frequency that I’d throw a curveball last year, less than 20% of the time

4/3/2018 6:42PM PDT
created Who will have more?.

Who will have more?

4/3/2018 5:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Try hards complaining .

Fastball spamming isn’t a thing. Not being able to hit a fastball is. 

4/3/2018 5:44PM PDT
posted a comment in How do I email the creators because I have 2 cole hammers but no Edgar or Luis Gonzalez. and tell them your issue. But good luck, I’ve been sending them emails about missing cards/stubs since last Monday and haven’t heard a thing from them

4/3/2018 12:06PM PDT

If you go to practice mode and read the tips regarding hitting with zone, it will tell you flat out that swinging early will raise your PCI and swinging late will lower your PCI.



Any more brain busters?

4/2/2018 7:47PM PDT
posted a comment in MLB Fun Fact.

Meanwhile, Judge is on pace to hit 0 HR and strikeout over 200 times this year ;)

4/2/2018 7:40PM PDT
posted a comment in Hats are the Cause of This.

Hats arreeee the cause of this and all the other souvenir BS. All these issues are eventually going to come back to haunt SDS. This is their karma for making all the programs exchange missions difficult to complete without spending some money because of these stupid souvenirs. 

4/2/2018 1:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Just had $150,000 stubs or so completely disappear!.

I just lost over 40,000 stubs from having various buy/sell orders up when there was a server error.  This is ridiculous, had a similar issue last week where two gold cards I had sell orders on went missing without the completed order or stubs being placed into my account.  Sent them an email Monday regarding it and haven't heard a thing.  The lack of communication between SDS and it's customers while these issues continue to occur is just pathetic and so frustrating.  I really enjoy this game and have in years past as well, but the customer service is terrible.  

@Pat_SDS @Victor_SDS @Adam_SDS @Ramone_SDS

Can you guys at the very least provide updates regarding these issues beyond the broad and generic "We're working on it... send an email"?  Because the email box is so backed up most people are never going to hear back from you guys which is plain wrong.

Are you guys going to extend the event since it wasn't counting wins for multiple days or lower the number of wins required to be rewarded Lenny Dykstra?  A simple comment regarding this would be appreciated.  

4/2/2018 12:25AM PDT
posted a comment in Check Swings.

This has happened to me soooooo much. And when I pause the game to watch a replay of my “check swing” most of the time the ball is literally passing through the barrel of the bat. This happens in every mode and difficulty that I’ve played and online. I had an events game where I had like 5 or 6 singles from check swing grounders and then my opponents fielders couldn’t field the ball. It was a shitshow

4/1/2018 5:34AM PDT

The Who?

3/30/2018 12:53PM PDT