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Reddit user Kasabe takes requests.  He had over 9 pages of logos for 17.

I usually spend $20 on opening day but that's it.

I remember when I was one of the guys who would buy the newest AAA game to drop.  I've noticed as I got older (26 btw) less and less games appeal to me, almost all I play is MLBTS now.

I said it once and I'll say it again.  The Community is what ruined 18.  SDS decided to listen to the complaints about 17 and try to rectify them in 18 which is why we saw slower pitch speeds and that failed "timing=hit" pci algorithm that broke hitting resulting in power being all that mattered.  

I dunno that I'd pick Wood.  Seems everyone else is and you're going to face him a ton.

It's always a non sellable LS gold. 

I am being completely honest in this answer but probably Clayton Richard.  I've seen Lindor, Goldy, Cargo, Story plenty of other guys smash them but almost all of them were well scrapers.  

Unless you're a Rockies fan.  Then it's just the same old ditch with the same old spade.

Agreed on ATLA.  Imo The Office.

I'll do it so I can start Conquest Extreme.  If those rewards are anything like last year's, hoo buddy they'll be good. 

I hope we end up with over 40 Sigs total.

Shovelface's Rookie card.  His diamond will be the Rockies pick 30 option.  He will remain the Rockies only legend.

I'd wager that no directional hitter has made WS during the games prime run (ie March-Nov).  

I've received hate mail for almost every game ive played, in particular BF3.  Enjoy it, it comes less and less frequently.

You're going to be late on everything and there is going to be some huge input lag.

Imo I don't think it really matters.  So long as you can use game mode you should be just fine.

I probably won't even do mine.