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posted a comment in Well I was wrong on Greinke.

Hold on to him - hopefully he goes diamond in the upcoming weeks.  I had a couple Kimbrels that sat in my inventory and currently still have a couple of Keuchels.  


Worst case, everyone will start trying to buy him next week before the update so you could at least break even or make a few stubs.  

5/26/2017 12:39PM PDT
posted a comment in Jung-ho Kang treatment.

[quote id='152973']

Im 99% sure hes still on the pirates 40 man



I just checked the Pirates' website and he is not listed under the 40 man.  Although, Marte is also not listed under the 40 man.  

5/26/2017 12:36PM PDT
posted a comment in Jung-ho Kang treatment.

[quote id='152945']

his price also dropped about 5,500



Wish I would have waited to complete the Pirates collection - Cutch downgraded now Kang

5/26/2017 12:33PM PDT
posted a comment in Jung-ho Kang treatment.

Hmm that is strange.  Pirates still own his rights.  I'm surprised that he was moved to the free agents pool before anything is officially done by MLB.  

5/26/2017 12:33PM PDT
posted a comment in Ticket Counter - New Cards.

Diamond V-Mart

Silver Tom Seaver

Silver Brad Ziegler

5/26/2017 11:55AM PDT
created Ticket Counter - New Cards.

Ticket Counter - New Cards

5/26/2017 11:54AM PDT
posted a comment in May Players of the month predictions.

[quote id='151913']

[quote id='151905']

[quote id='151695']


Conforto- 87

Altherr- 85

Blackmon- 89

Adam Fraizer- 85


Kemp- 91

Greg Holland- 91


Ervin Santana- 94



So you're saying Adam Frazier is going to go from a a 65 to 85? Although he has been playing very well and definitely deserves a bump, I don't see them having him jump bronze and siilver. 


These arent predictions for live series they are pom cards which have higher ratings due to how they played in the month of may



Oh okay - my mistake!

5/26/2017 10:26AM PDT
posted a comment in New Legend/Throwback Stadiums.

If they are not able to or don't want to pay the money to get every cookie cutter/multi-use stadium, they should make a generic one.  I'm pretty sure they were all pretty similar field setup, dimensions, etc.  I'd hope they'd put in astroturf to get the big bounces too.

5/26/2017 10:02AM PDT
posted a comment in A Change I Would Like to See in the Market.

FIFA has an auction/buy now setup for their Ultimate Team. 

5/25/2017 7:01AM PDT
posted a comment in Meaning of "chased".

was the pitch in the strike zone?

5/25/2017 7:00AM PDT
posted a comment in Diamond Kimbrel.

It should go back up.  Everyone expected D Murphy to go diamond.  When he did, the price went up to 30K then dropped to the high teens for a while.  Now, its back up to the high 20's.  I'd venture a guess that Kimbrel will do the same.  

5/22/2017 10:44AM PDT
posted a comment in Rookie Feller.

I have dominated with him against the computer, but haven't used him in a H2H

5/19/2017 7:00PM PDT
posted a comment in Machado .

Probably was a reward that didn't pop up due to server issues. That's awesome though!

5/19/2017 6:59PM PDT
posted a comment in OFFICIAL KIMBREL 92 Diamond.

finally cashed in on Kimbrel. Glad I picked up a Holland.  Ticked Keuchel didn't go diamond.

5/19/2017 12:04PM PDT
posted a comment in Keuchel NOT Diamond.

unreal - not sure what else the guy can do to go diamond!

5/19/2017 12:03PM PDT
posted a comment in Francisco Lindor or Manny Machado .

Lindor although the Orioles collection will be easier and a lot less expensive to complete.  

5/18/2017 11:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Posey!.

Agreed, he deserves an upgrade! 

5/18/2017 11:10AM PDT
posted a comment in Posey getting an upgrade tomorrow?.

I bought Posey this week to complete the collection and start working on the team epic, but with the rise in price, I may have to flip him.  Currently, I would make about 11K profit. 

5/18/2017 5:29AM PDT
posted a comment in Rookie Tony Gwynn.

I just finished up the Padres Team Epic and have only played a handful of games with Gwynn, but I'm a fan so far.  Nice fit in the 2-hole or down in the 7/8 slot.  Real good contact and speed.  One of the missions calls for stolen bases by right fielders so I'm using Gwynn to work towards that.  

5/17/2017 11:37AM PDT
posted a comment in Craig Kimbrel....

Everyone is expecting it to go diamond like D Murphy so I'm thinking it will jump up to around 30K then filter back down to around 20-23K.

5/17/2017 10:20AM PDT
posted a comment in 97 goldy.

If I had the stubs, I would purchase him.  All around player and you are not locking him in with any collections.  If his price does skyrocket, you can flip him.  I'm hoping that price stays where it's at until Friday and Kimbrel/Keuchel go diamond then I should be able to make a run at him. 

5/17/2017 10:18AM PDT
posted a comment in Diamond Prices.

It may be because many people are getting these diamonds and locking them in by doing the collections.  I just locked in Bumgarner and Posey.  Obviously not as high priced as Trout, Harper, etc., but there are now one less of each available on the market. 

5/17/2017 10:13AM PDT
posted a comment in Babe Ruth was not the greatest. not even close..

Many people argue Babe Ruth was not the greatest because he did not even have the highest voting percentage in the first Hall of Fame class.  Obviously, there are many factors that may cause someone not to vote for a player.  

Ty Cobb - 222 votes - 98.2%

Babe Ruth - 215 votes - 95.1%

Honus Wagner - 215 votes - 95.1%

There were 226 voters.  


I personally think Ruth was the greatest due to what he accomplished as a hitter and pitcher, but everyone has their own opinion.  

5/15/2017 9:20AM PDT
posted a comment in Who will become a Diamond.

hoping Keuchel and Kimbrel finally go diamond after they didn't on Friday.  

5/15/2017 9:07AM PDT
posted a comment in Babe Ruth was not the greatest. not even close..

[quote id='114383']

Why does it being an all white league matter at all in this discussion?



There was a ton of talent not allowed in the major leagues at that time so the talent pool he was playing against was diluted. 

5/15/2017 9:02AM PDT