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Change the title to that then lol

It's Always Sunny or Workaholics for best comedy show

Come on don't question him. He passed Time Management 101

Ohhhhhh. Congrats man we're all proud of you

Why can't you just say my bad? lol

A lot of DC fans lol. I have yet to watch any MCU movie and think it was bad

You should be able to go into the store or in your library and download again even if you delete it


I want to take over as Mo and get Gonzo to ground into an inning ending Double Play instead of a bloop walk off single lol

12 years for 310 was pretty damn close lol

Im pretty anxious to find out what they aren't showing us now lol

Frank Thomas, Stan Musial, Tom Seaver, Roy Oswalt

I've been hearing people say more than two. That would be pretty cool

It was going 12-1 in BR( I know it's not 12-0) but I finally made WS last night for the first time

Ron Fowler is denying that a deal is done now lol

Yea they just haven't released them yet but they said they would reveal them

I used Alvarez, Brandon Moss, and Lucas Duda

New Legend