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SDS should really start thinking outside of the box with online game modes in DD that cater to what the divide wants.  

There are obviously people who want user skill to be what matters most and there are people who would rather play a simulation with the cards they acquired.

You can’t appease both groups with the way things currently stand.  

Hooking online players is what SDS tried to do last year with the “balancing” of competition. Instead, it backfired and people quit playing the game.  

They could start by having a “sim” league which is played with the one button touch controls and have a “skills” league that requires advanced controls.

Tune the game for both leagues to reflect what users want and everybody is happy! 

This whole, “let’s try to make everyone happy at the same time” b.s. is the downfall of this game. 

That’s would be so cool if that could be implemented into live broadcasts.

Agreed.  Pitches with movement should be thrown to a break point, not where they are going to end up.  

I think a big issue with this game is Strike Zone view.  It’s just way too easy to lay off of pitches out of the zone.  

Offspeed pitches really have no deception either. SDS has managed to make the best curveballs in baseball look like a 40 mph rainbow from an 8 year old.

When was the last time you have swung through an offspeed pitch and was like, “Oh man! That was filthy. He really got me there!”?

This is where the frustration of RNG in pitching comes from.  The developers have made a game that makes it pretty tough to pitch competitively in the strike zone.

For all of us that have played this game for years, I understand the frustration.  Slower pitch speeds with less effective looking offspeed, coupled with RNG makes a way to regulate us. This in turn gives people who are new to the game a chance.

I know how I would fix RNG in this game, but SDS has the tough task of appeasing the longtime hardcore fan and the new causal gamer.  

Its all about money and I’ve accepted that I’ll never get a game that realistically represents a batter/pitcher matchup from them again.  

They reduced pitch speeds and increased RNG with pitch meter and PCI input to “level” the playing field in ‘18. 

In turn, they created a crappy game. 

I don’t understand why people care if other people are amazing with pci or pitching skill in this game.  The online matchup system should be matching you up with people of your ability anyways.  

What’s wrong with 1:1 user input? I’d rather lose to someone who kicked my butt than lose a game where you could’ve just flipped a coin.  

I agree...just make the inputs tougher.  One thing that has always bothered me is that more pitchers aren’t usable in this game because of RNG.  

If you are super good at input and mixing pitches, why shouldn’t you be able to deal with a Kyle Hendricks type pitcher? 

There are so many bronze and silver cards that have shut down stuff on any given day but are completely useless in this game. 

They should just let user input determine how effective you can be with a hitter/pitcher.  Attributes of the card should determine ease of use to the player

The stats this game generates are all out of whack anyways.  There is nothing sim about cpu or online stats 

If you can use a team of 60’s and beat an all diamond team because you are better than the other guy more power to you.  

Online Rated is a lot of fun to use everyday ballplayers 

In the spirit of competition buddy.  Why not have a few ways to play?


I think having an uncapped and capped ranked seasons would be cool.  Offer different types of rewards etc.

They need to get basic stuff perfected before they add in other stuff.  

This stuff sounds cool, but could you imagine the problems that would occur? 



There’s a Crazy with a directional hitting guide thread on operation sports.  Its 73 pages long.

All these theories haha.  Just learn to hit with zone! Seems like some people are hell bent in figuring out a way to be successful with it.  


I dare you to top my Challenge of the Week. And if you do I’ll top you.  Good luck you entitled punk 

Basically you want Online rated to be deeper? Where you can play with an average team, let user skill shine and compete? 

That would be cool 

...a cross section of the sweet spot.

and it has everything to do with the pci if sliders are adjusted to randomize outcome.

Their diagram doesn’t even work right in DD.  Why would you believe them anything they tell you?

Pretty sure the diagram you showed there would be representative of a barrel.

My point is that the level of RNG and  where you place your PCI is not consistent across the game.  

Online Rated is different than Ranked Seasons is different from challenge of the week is different from play vs CPU etc.  

It really isn’t hard to see if you play these different modes. 

Actually, you must be too non observant or blind to see a difference.  

You are delusional and I get that.  You also get triggered easily.  The rage is strong in you neckbeard. 

Go play challenge of the week and show me how squared pci doesn’t mean barrel.  

 Only people how are terrific with the pci can compete in that.  Why should it be any different in other modes? 

The same should hold true for pitching.  Honestly, the stats of a card should affect pci size and ease of pitching location, but if you are terrific in this game you should be able to use an all bronze team and beat an all diamond team if you are that much better than the other guy.