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posted a comment in Glare/shadows.

One of the moments vs MadBum was horrible on my screen. His curve and sliders were disappearing until about half way to the plate and I could see them again. I’m going to try and have two settings on my monitor I can switch between I think. It’s not even fun at certain times of day. 

4/20/2019 11:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Losing 2/3 of the program stars we were initially receiving is bogus. .

Another one of the things that would have been easily noticed, or fixed, or in this case just properly implemented into the game from the start. IF THEY EVER HIRED GAME TESTERS!

1) could not load into DD properly without submitting a full roster

2) people assumed we now got extra game rewards for our first game of the day (rip) 

3) people didn’t understand they were already finished collections after the roster update (rip)

4) Playing 12 hours of MTO and having game seven of the World Series simmed (OmegaRip)

5) People boosted all the way to diamond100Xp, WS, and 12-0 ...again

6) Too many people completed the program so now we lose stars? (Big rip) 

7) Your “market average” has resulted in people getting banned

8) needing secret slider updates because we enjoy the game too much

9) not realizing user sliders worked in Moments

10) SoNyPaRtNeRs

4/20/2019 11:30AM PDT
posted a comment in Which is the best difficulty to play VS CPU?.

Go looks it’s been updated, 0% chance in HOF as well. You get like -1% at a gold and that’s the only diff. 10vs11. No sense

4/19/2019 2:49PM PDT
posted a comment in Which is the best difficulty to play VS CPU?.

you get a 1.5x better chance at a diamond on HOF than Legend for no reason at all. 

4/19/2019 2:23PM PDT
posted a comment in Some of y'all must be having some fantastic luck while pulling cards....

Select a category first. Pack diamonds next

4/18/2019 11:51PM PDT
posted a comment in Can somebody breakdown Ranked Season for me?.

Owning every player and failing to reach WS makes him look like he has no clue what’s he’s doing or talking about. He can now look the part and claim be to a WS player. Maybe get some more views and subs. I mean he INSTANTLY tweeted about making the WS which was his massive error, because the game was still front page on his game history. 

People get banned for transferring stubs, cheating for rewards is essentially the same thing. He cheated for 50k in stubs, or a banner, or whatever way you want to look at it, and a guy SDS sponsers helped him do it. Just all around really lame and pathetic stuff from the games “Partners” 

4/18/2019 2:47PM PDT
posted a comment in 94 eddie murray easily the best 1b in the game.

No OfFenCe bUt I oNlY TaKe AdViCe FrOm PlAyErS wItH G.o.A.T BanNeRs!!! 

4/18/2019 2:11PM PDT
posted a comment in Hitting moments are literally the most boring gaming experience I have had in years.

Stop quiting after the first at bat. It’s held you guys back far too long. The game becomes easier as the pitcher becomes tired, and less confident. The computer AI is embarrassing, they will leave him in there for 14 runs with 120 pitches. Work the walk and stop swinging at garbage, the confidence will go down, the pitch count rises, the PCI gets bigger, the game becomes easier your next at bat. Score some runs your team plays better and you get more of them. 

Swing quit, swing quit, swing quit, might not get it done. 

4/18/2019 1:48PM PDT
posted a comment in I better see 1000 Koogs faces during the stream tonight.

Lol, I don’t care about dude at all. It’s just hilarious he wants to tell kids how to beat the slot machines in MLB the show. Have you tried the howling at the moon trick? I’ve heard it’s best, but Tylerslikewhoa wants me to keep it on the DL.

4/18/2019 1:22PM PDT
posted a comment in I better see 1000 Koogs faces during the stream tonight.

Lol I don’t have Koogs emotes because I don’t sub to Koogs. I won’t be exiting and re entering the shop every time I open a pack like he suggests either. And people wonder where bad info comes from...

4/18/2019 1:11PM PDT
posted a comment in No offense... But I don't want a player review from you if you play under Division series. .

How dare you talk about glitch swing switch hitting plays every position Diamond Ben Zobrist that way. 

4/18/2019 11:54AM PDT
posted a comment in fielding ability indicator color under the feet of each player.

Blue is diamond which is the best, yellow is bronze which is the worst besides “common” which is like invisible/black 







4/17/2019 3:35PM PDT
posted a comment in WHAT DO I DO.

To be a little bit more specific you need to wait until it says the other played has disconnected on your screen. If it’s longer than 10 mins and not for a BR reward I’d just take the loss. Some people will freeze off for 2 days and that’s not an exaggeration. 

4/17/2019 3:32PM PDT
posted a comment in Is SDS ever going to acknowledge outfielders not locking on to flyballs?.

If he stood under the ball, camped under the ball, did whatever you want to call it under the would have bounced off his face.

He wasn’t locked on to anything or he wouldn’t have been able to over run and spin around and run under it again...because he would be locked onto the ball...

4/17/2019 3:22PM PDT
posted a comment in Anyone else using conquest Keith Hernandez?.

Yeah I made an all legends team to play with for some fun. And wow, no doubt home runs all the time with Mcgriff. I’m wondering if the Diamond is actually that much better, he has more power but less contact, the power doesn’t seem to be a problem for him and the contact seems to be really useful. I’m getting close to it but that Silver card is a glitch. 

4/17/2019 12:55PM PDT
posted a comment in Any mention on when Tops Now Packs will release?.

Yeah for 40 minutes and the casino closes the roulette table before they go broke...

4/17/2019 12:36PM PDT
posted a comment in Team Synergy/ Chemistry.

I’ve been hoping for catchers to get quirks since they started making them.

Throw a defensive juggernaut on Yadi and boost all infielders by + 3 fielding

Gamecallers could raise starting pitchers H/K9s

Framers could raise control and BB/9 

So many options and no love for catchers. 

There was a point in baseball about a decade ago where you didn’t win a WS unless you had a Molina brother catching

4/17/2019 11:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Hope you guys were honest.

See I kinda think that was the whole point. Put people on here at ease for a while so they think their input matters while they crunch some numbers and data and make the changes they actually feel necessary.

My only fear is the errors not registering as errors. Fielders getting stuck on a “rail” and casually jogging towards a fly ball you know theyre going to miss 10 feet before they get there, you can’t speed them up, can’t move them to take a better route, they’re just stuck doing what the game is making them do and it’s annoying. Then it says double or triple and not an error, it had nothing to do with the fielder or user, it’s just the game forcing your 74 fielder to take a horrible route to the ball. If they want fielding to matter, add a god damn “catch” button. Don’t force errors or fake errors on me because you don’t want to create a proper fielding engine. 

4/17/2019 10:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Is it lame to rep Banners under WS?.

If you see a GOAT banner just walk away, you don’t need that negativity in your life. 

4/17/2019 10:21AM PDT
posted a comment in Hope you guys were honest.

It’s not a survey it’s lipstick to make people feel good. It hardly made sense and you can tell they took 5 minutes to make it.

“What diffculty do you normally play moments on?” .....The setting its set on SDS. Thanks for asking.

They couldn’t even take the time to create one that may help the game and instead just asked people what they wanted to hear. It’s like a “Hey, come tell us how great you are!! OH WOW VERY SKILLED YOU SAY! That’s great bud, feeling better yet?” 

Why would they take info from a tiny data pool on a forum only survey where people constantly over exaggerate, when they have all the data in game?

4/17/2019 9:32AM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why do you guys keep moving past the “ if he’s getting special treatment why is his record 14-309739” ...Nooooo let’s deflect to something that helps my argument....

BeCuz YaH Bro TimMy aNd RibBoNs AnD OrAnGe SliCes. AnD DoNt FoRgeT The PiNg


4/17/2019 8:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Oh my goodness Joe Morgan .

You won’t get the exact DD stats (anything over 99 is capped at 99) but you can just go to roster control, move whoever you want to a team, and take some batting practice with that player. It has everyone available and some others that aren’t out yet. I was swinging with Gwynn last night to see how he felt. When I have time I’ll do it with the rest I’m thinking. Didn’t realize it was an option but I’m glad I found it. 

4/16/2019 9:25PM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

“I went searching for reality and sadly only came up with this trash thread” 

4/16/2019 9:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Ranked Seasons strategy.

Right? He should have avoided that loser like I did your dumbass this morning ;) 

Im ElIte AnD MiNdLeSs RoOkIe GriNds AnD GiT guDdEr AnD ImMa Be PrO WhEn ThIs GoEs ESpOrtS aNd FiX ThE GaMe iTs NoT HalF aS GoOd aS MeEeEe!!!

4/16/2019 5:43PM PDT
posted a comment in 2nd Inning and consecutive Programs.

I think the only thing that will contribute to the first inning program after the second inning starts, are the specific 1st inning moments, and it wouldn’t include any extra star you got for doing that moment. So if you have a 5 star 1st inning moment, and you complete it, chances are you get the 5 stars for that but any additional stars from playing or XP would go towards the second. 

If you fear you won’t finish I believe they said they’re adding one more set of first inning moments, and those would probably bring the total to equal 300 stars so you can get the player choice whenever you start, even if you buy the game late. But that’s if you wanna take SDS word, it could easily equal 225 and need 75 more from collecting 10 special edition cards. That would still technically be “enough to complete whenever you buy” 

4/16/2019 5:38PM PDT