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posted a comment in So I was looking at my crappy DD team last night.

So this crappy team of yours, if I look at the game stats correctly

  • Is 7-0 in the last 7 online games 
  • Has outscored opponents 42-5 in those games
  • Averaging over 9 hits per 3 inning game in those 7 games. 

Hard for me to feel too bad about your "crappy team"

4/9/2019 8:06AM PDT
posted a comment in Offline hitting is broken .

It almost seems like this year that being a little early or late is a benefit and more likely to drop in for a hit. A TON of my Good/Good or Good/Squared up hits are right at fielders. 

Oh and there are still too many diving catches in the OF.


4/9/2019 7:37AM PDT
posted a comment in So I was looking at my crappy DD team last night.

If you cut it down much lower than that then I would love to know how. 20 minutes seems to be about average for me for a single 3 inning game. I take a few more pitches than some may. I might finish a few games faster than 20 minutes but I will also inevitably have a few extra inning games to balance that out. 

30 three inning games takes some time. There is not many tricks to shorten that by any substantial amount of time. Maybe I overestimated the time it takes to capture all the hexes on the map. I have never really timed that. 

4/9/2019 7:30AM PDT
posted a comment in Fixing the Line Drive Issue.

I actually started using contact swings with Ty Cobb as is seems he will get more hits to drop in front of OF instead of lining out on every Good Time, Good contact hit. 


4/9/2019 7:22AM PDT
posted a comment in So I was looking at my crappy DD team last night.

12 hours for the main conquest map is about normal. At the bare minimum you have to play 30 - 3 inning games. A game takes roughly 20 minutes. that is 10 hours right there if you don't have extra inning games, don't bother to steal fans and never have a stronghold attacked. Add in an hour or two of simming the three hundred plus hexes around the map and you are adding an hour or two to the total.

12 hours is actually a good estimate.

4/9/2019 7:18AM PDT
posted a comment in So I was looking at my crappy DD team last night.

Unless you are doing the exchanges please explain 2-3 hours? The exchanges require stubs to even begin. And here is a News Flash, some people don't enjoy flipping cards

Playing innings requires 30 full nine inning games with a complete roster of that team's players. Even at a conservative 45 minutes a game that is 23 hours.  

While I don't agree with the OP on the subject, telling people that they are doing it wrong because they may choose one method of earning the team affinity's over another is just wrong.


4/9/2019 7:12AM PDT
posted a comment in So I was looking at my crappy DD team last night.

I personally don't consider Ty Cobb mediocre. But I preferred the multiple cards you used to be able to win in conquest in previous years. If they are only going to give one or two cards for the main Conquest map then swap them out monthly (like you do with tthe online modes) so that I can earn another diamond next month. 

March to October being all or nothing is a mistake in my opinion. I am only playing on veteran and it is still stressful now that I have made it to the playoffs. 

4/9/2019 6:35AM PDT
posted a comment in I'm deeply disappointed..

Do you have to play a year no matter where you are at in your career or is it just that the game can't go backwards in time and can't handle any years prior to the current one? I kind of assumed the latter is the case.

4/9/2019 6:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Hey SDS here’s a good idea for an update..

I ma guessing that this is an online thing? I have less than stellar fielders playing secondary positions and have not noticed these types of errors offline at all. 

4/9/2019 6:22AM PDT
posted a comment in how many program points do you guys have?.

I am with you. I might have 280 so having over 1,000 seems insane, but I realize there are people out there that play far more than I do and that playing ranked seasons and the events will pile up the program points. Unfortunately, I don't play any online modes. 

4/8/2019 12:16PM PDT
posted a comment in Can we fix the fielding, I just lost because of it.

Is this just an online thing? I have cobb in my outfield and he has been fine. In fact I had him and Jose Martinez out there and neither ever dropped an easy fly ball.

4/8/2019 8:14AM PDT
posted a comment in First Inning Conquest.

Here is a trick.

Take as many territories as you can without playing the stronghold. When you get to the point where you get a decent number of reinforcements simply put them all on one hex. Then skip all of the rounds (including attack) to get back to reinforcement round. Stack the new reinforcments on the same hex. Lather, rinse, and repeat until you have an overwhelming force and then use the move phase to move them around to the strongholds for the games.

If any opponent starts encroaching on your stronghold move all of those fans near them and take over those hexes again. 

4/8/2019 8:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Wow did they make simming conquest a pain.

I'll be honest, I rarely pay that close of attention to how the games sim or how many fans it takes me to beat a lesser number on the other side. 

4/8/2019 7:20AM PDT
posted a comment in Best (sort of) short term 2b options?.

I have Matt Carpenter there. He is the only gold left on an all diamond team but he hits HRs more consistantly than any of my other players. 

4/8/2019 7:16AM PDT
posted a comment in Wow did they make simming conquest a pain.

I finished it and it seemed no more difficult or easy than last year. I only ever steal fans from Colorado during the first few rounds just so that I can take it fairly early.  

I think I finished the whole map in under 30 rounds.  It sound like you might be better off restarting, but watching one of the countless tutorials on the best way to beat it. 

I have finished the Main map and the backwards K map and just started the New one. But the new one has not seemed bad yet. 

4/8/2019 6:31AM PDT
posted a comment in New Moments BS.

I tried the Goldschmidt homerun and only had one hit to the warning track in countless attempts before I gave up.

4/5/2019 8:35PM PDT
created Really? A Roadblock in a mission. .

Really? A Roadblock in a mission.

4/5/2019 8:33PM PDT
posted a comment in Thread requesting a much needed change to M2O.

I agree that the all or nothing nature of the mode when it comes to team affinity is more of a discourgament to playing or replaying this mode. But your payput structure seems extreme. you have 110 points listed. Does team affinity rewards even go that high?

4/5/2019 6:36AM PDT
posted a comment in YouTuber moments .

I am always amused at the jealousy and hatred people have towards youtubers and streamers. 

They are doing something that they enjoy, either as a job or a hobby and getting paid for it. Good for them. It is not easy with the sheer number of people streaming and uploading videos to become even remotely successful at it and it is a very volitile job where you never know how well you will do from month to month. 

And this is coming from someone older than almost all of you, so it has nothing to do with growing up before the proliferation of social media. It really does just feel like jealousy. 

As for the moments, I am fine with them because in the end I can choose to do them or not. 

4/5/2019 5:22AM PDT
posted a comment in Items that the community would like address in today's stream. .

#2.  Nothing will happen to thos players because

  • It was SDS fault for allowing the sliders to be used in that mode 
  • There is probably no mechanisim to tell who did a moment legit and who changed the sliders. 

4/4/2019 10:51AM PDT
posted a comment in Career Arcs.

Some offline modes need to refresh. They have said that more moments are coming which is good but I am not sure how many i will do. 

They need to do something like rotate Conquest rewards monthly when they reset Ranked seasons or Events. I now have Cobb. Give me a reason to play again next month by replacing Cobb with a new reward. We all know how the pack odds are. I am not going through 12-15 hours of conquest to earn 40 or 50 common and bronze cards out of a 10 pack bundle, most of which will be duplicates at this stage. 

Or even give us event style conquest runs. Put in lineup limitations we need to stick to. 

4/4/2019 9:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Career Arcs.

I don't mind grinding that much if there is a purpose in the game I am playing beyond just grinding. Making me play a bunch of meaningless games for the sole purpose of gaining stats to earn some marginal player gets boring really quickly. 

I am an offline player. I have finished two of the three conquest maps. I am 100 games deep into March To October., I am unsure how deeply I am going to dive into moments as there are repeated reports that the difficulty seems harder than listed and I am not that great to begin with. So I am looking at a couple weeks into the release being back at a point where, as an offline player, I am only grinding against the CPU simply for the sake of grinding. 

4/4/2019 8:19AM PDT
posted a comment in Is there diamond hitters in packs?.

I have been very lucky and pulled Harper and Justin Turner. 

4/4/2019 8:08AM PDT
posted a comment in SDS shut down my XP glitch thread.

No such thing as free speech on a private forum. 

4/3/2019 10:41AM PDT
posted a comment in Kershaw or Ichiro at Level 75.

I already have Musial, Cobb and Jason Kendall so I am pretty set for my high contact hitters. Definitely thnk I am going Hoffman

4/3/2019 9:14AM PDT