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posted a comment in What I do with 75k? Have a few ideas but wanna get some feedback.

tHe GaMe sUx bUt I lUrK tHe FoRuMs Lo0o0lol Do00od

5/7/2019 10:16AM PDT
posted a comment in Who do you use in RF?.

I moved Ichiro to center and put Yelich in right.

5/7/2019 9:05AM PDT
posted a comment in Kershaw is unfair (post your stats) and hitting experience .

I can't hit him to save my life on HOF. Last night I won a game because I got rewarded for very poor timing and pci placement against him and that's about the only way I can win against SS Kershaw and SS Ryan sadly...


5/7/2019 8:40AM PDT
posted a comment in Okay so here's my list of people who I believe should get a signature series.

With how this year is going so far with signature cards I think anyone can get them.

I don't think any of us expected guys like Alex Gordon and Adam Jones would get cards but here we are,,

5/7/2019 8:27AM PDT
posted a comment in Arrieta reviews?.

Faced him this year and in years past and he was easy to hit. All of his pitches are aronud the same speed (including his change up). Only speed change is his curveball which seems to get hung a lot. Maybe i just faced poor pitchers, who knows.

5/7/2019 8:24AM PDT
posted a comment in what is ruining your experience poll.

- Gameplay that line drives are always out and the way to go is blooper hits.

- That you lose games because one of your fielders decide to make an error in a routine play in a key moment of the game.

Those two easily for me.

5/6/2019 1:13PM PDT
posted a comment in Players you refuse to use for whatever reason?.

Pat Neshek, Darren O'day, Steve Cisek, etc....

I understand its a tactic but i just don't like the submarine tossers.

5/6/2019 12:06PM PDT
posted a comment in How should I order my lineup.

Pujols (I'd sub in Yelich personally)

5/6/2019 8:31AM PDT
posted a comment in Who is your shortstop?.

89 CAP...

Until a better SS comes out he's going to be in there.

5/6/2019 8:23AM PDT
posted a comment in Quit saying, it happens in real baseball. .

The amount of times it happens in real life compared to in the video game is extreme though.

5/2/2019 12:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Quit Complaining!.

You aren't playing a movie are you?

You're playing a video game so therefore you can say something is broken if you encounter it while actually being interactive with it. 


5/2/2019 10:03AM PDT
posted a comment in Quit Complaining!.

Devils advocate here:

If i pay money for a game and it is broken, why am i not allowed to voice my opinions (good or bad) on issues with it?

5/2/2019 9:21AM PDT
posted a comment in HR/9 effect .

I am fine with HR/9 meaning something just not EVERYTHING.... but it's the exit velo's that are dramatically nerfed (because of HR/9 i would suspect) So i don't know what needs to be changed. I am not a developer or coder so that's beyond me.

When the feedback says "Good/Squared up" on a 95 mph fastball i don't know how it's possible to have the ball come off the bat below 90 mph CONSISTENTLY. Other times you'll have a "Good/Okay" swing and it'll be a 110 mph rocket. Now whether that's a feedback issue or due to HR/9 is again beyond me...

Just my observation

5/2/2019 8:41AM PDT
posted a comment in Best Closers/Relievers?.

Johnny Venters gold card is nasty. I have more trust in him over Chapman most times.

Roberto Osuna LS card is also amazing.

5/1/2019 1:09PM PDT
posted a comment in 2B recommendations please....

Gold Devon Travis is pretty damn good at 2B on a budget.

No budget? Hornsby, hands down.

5/1/2019 9:08AM PDT
posted a comment in Joe Morgan or Brooks Robinson?.

Out of those two I would take Joe Morgan personally.

I don't have either, but Morgan is probably going to be my gold level 1 choice

5/1/2019 9:05AM PDT
posted a comment in Signature series you want to see for your favorite team .


4/30/2019 2:52PM PDT
posted a comment in Silver 1 Pack .

You should get Gwynn.

Slide Ichiro over to Center (He is still a diamond fielder there) and move Gwynn to RF.

4/30/2019 2:45PM PDT
posted a comment in It's A Shame What They've Done To This Game.

SDS White knights are licking their chops right now

4/30/2019 2:44PM PDT
posted a comment in Do you guys quick sell the locked diamonds from completing collections .

I don't sell the possible useful ones like you metioned, lindor, stanton, judge etc...

Sometimes they can be used in events

LS Kershaw on the other hand was gone as soon as he was locked in

4/30/2019 12:53PM PDT
posted a comment in What a warm and welcoming first game of the new season. Here's to high hopes..

Get ready for the avalanche of people defending this nonsense. example: "yOu oVeR rAn ThE BaLl" on the last play

4/30/2019 10:52AM PDT
posted a comment in Tips..

What i've found is you need to be consistent. I used to switch my camera angles up all the time and found myself flailing at garbage all of the time. So....

Number 1: Find the right pitching and hitting camera veiws YOU perfer and stick with them. (I use Strike zone camera w/ zone hitting. I also use Zoom camera with analog pitching)
Number 2: Don't be afraid to take some pitches. If this includes getting to a 2 strike count, it is not the end of the world. Not every pitch that is on the plate needs to be swung at. Wait for your pitch. Which brings me to number 3.
Number 3: Try and figure out your opponents pitching pattern. If you notice they consistently throw breaking pitches at 2 strike counts maybe you could sit on that.
Number 4: Similar to number 3, while pitching you should pick up on the hitters tendencies. Maybe they're late on fastballs all of the time, or maybe cant hit the cruve.. Keep an eye out for that.
Number 5: At the end of the day, it's a game so you got to have fun with it. Frustrated that you aren't playing well? Maybe do some conquest or even take a day break and come back!


4/30/2019 8:34AM PDT
posted a comment in Quitting.

I like when people quit. Free win, don't have to play the whole game and on to the next one nice and quick.

4/30/2019 7:19AM PDT
posted a comment in Wow... Someone already made WS.

It really wouldn't take extremely long for some of the top guys to get back into WS after playing legend for a whole month.

4/30/2019 6:41AM PDT
posted a comment in Alex Gordon SS has openened the flood gates. .

I'll take these guys over ridiculos immortals any days.

4/29/2019 3:34PM PDT