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posted a comment in PCI Shaking.

My PCI and pitching was jumping all over the place, plus when I was scrolling in the menus it kept skipping down.  It was because my left analog stick connections were corroded. I found a video on YouTube on how to clean them (it's pretty easy if you're halfway handy) and everything has been great since.

4/6/2019 7:35PM PDT
posted a comment in Is it just me being immature today or?.

Haha. Yep.  I literally just told someone last week that with the anticipation Monday (today) would feel like Christmas Eve when I was 7.

3/25/2019 12:41PM PDT
posted a comment in Online Gaming.

You should be able to sign up for a 7 day trial with PS+.  Wait until after you get the game, sign up for the trial, and test it yourself by playing online before deciding whether or not to buy a subscription.  That's how I've played my limited online games before.

3/19/2019 12:51PM PDT
posted a comment in Pre Order Diamonds, Is anyone not going to choose Kerry Wood???.

Back in the day, I used to try and draft Kendall for my fantasy baseball team, so right now I'm leaning towards him for nostalgia's sake.

3/15/2019 12:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Devs, any way possible to.......

Agree. Maybe we'll be lucky and it's already in there at season's start. 

3/14/2019 5:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Gamestop Monday.

It's on Gamestop's Twitter feed, if this helps.

3/4/2019 10:33AM PST
posted a comment in IGN Interview With Ramone.

Thanks for the link.

2/13/2019 2:43PM PST

Most of the immortals have an additional mission for xp, stubs and tickets.

1/15/2019 10:12AM PST
posted a comment in anybody having a hard time hitting on legend? .

I'm definitely too old to be playing on legend as I just played the CPU and every single fastball was in the glove before I even swung. My reaction times are way too slow. (to be fair, when I played online on All-Star I was always late too).  I had to switch to directional in the 3rd inning to even have a chance of hitting the ball.

12/18/2018 8:34PM PST

I've had it happen against me twice at Sportsman. Both times I got the target icon in right field and I jumped at the appropriate time. Both times the ball was an obvious home run. And both times it was counted as a double. Every other homerun has counted at Sportsman, only the two where I got the target and jumped did they not. So I'm wondering if that's where the bug is.

12/15/2018 10:07AM PST

Agree. First thing I noticed was that it was missing when I went to see if the other team had a player playing out of position and the lineup wasn't even there.

12/15/2018 10:01AM PST
posted a comment in Focus Feedback: Fielding.

Two issues I came across:

1. While playing CPU, I had runners on 1st & 3rd with one out, down 2-1.  Routine ground ball was hit to 2B.  Should've been an easy double play, but the CPU's second baseman faked a throw to first before turning to throw to second. End result was only getting the one out, thus allowing me to tie game.  I believe it was in 8th inning. Played on All-Star.

2. While playing BR, my opponent had runner on 3rd with one out in a 1-0 game (my lead). I think it was 2nd inning. Opponent hit a grounder to my first baseman and I threw home to try and cut down the runner. My catcher caught the ball, but did not attempt to tag the runner trying to score.

12/14/2018 10:37PM PST
posted a comment in Focus Feedback: Menus and UI.

#5 has definitely been an issue in 18 and it still does it (at least vs. CPU) in the Alpha.  I notice it late in games, and then it suddenly starts working again , in another inning.

12/14/2018 10:14PM PST
posted a comment in Focus Feedback: Pitching.

Is there any reason to warm up a pitcher? I noticed in 18 that I could bring in a cold pitcher off the bench, and I am still doing it in the Alpha. The pitcher doesn't seem to be affected negatively. 

12/14/2018 5:44PM PST
posted a comment in Home Run = Double.

I had someone hit a homerun off me to tie the game in the bottom of the third and they only got a double. It was in Sportsman Park in right field.

12/14/2018 4:49PM PST
posted a comment in Focus Feedback: Menus and UI.

On the My Squad screen, I really appreciate the fact we can now filter via series, team, etc.  The one thing I didn't see on the filtering is position.  It's not a big deal when selecting a position player in the starting lineup, but is a huge deal when filling out the bench. For instance, I want a second catcher on my bench, but I see no way of just selecting from just the catchers from the bench screen, I have to scroll through all my cards to find the correct position player.

12/14/2018 4:41PM PST
posted a comment in Fielding assists .

What HamburgerMan says, except for wait until there are 2 strikes to switch (and then switch back for next batter). Unfortunately, the non-catcher won't always drop the third strike, but I found it to be the easiest way to do it.

4/9/2018 3:27PM PDT
posted a comment in Tutorials Every Time I Play.

I'm sure it's a bug that will get fixed in a patch ... I hope.

3/28/2018 11:05PM PDT
posted a comment in Has anyone actually seen a rain delay?.

I got one in the first or second game I played. It was a 30 minute delay (it's not actually a delay in game time, you just have to decide if you want to leave your pitcher in).

3/25/2018 11:24AM PDT
posted a comment in CPU placing players out of position.

I was playing a DD game recently, and noticed the Pirates had started Josh Bell in center.  He is a 1B with a secondary position at RF. It would have been good if the CPU had placed the RF McCutchen, who has a secondary position of CF in center, while placing Bell in right. Result was Bell running past balls on the ground and missing an easy fly ball.

5/26/2017 11:18AM PDT
created Umpire Spins Multiple Times.

Umpire Spins Multiple Times

4/30/2017 3:54PM PDT
created Blank Pitcher Stats Graphic.

Blank Pitcher Stats Graphic

4/30/2017 3:46PM PDT
created Position Players Listed In Pitching Leaders.

Position Players Listed In Pitching Leaders

4/23/2017 3:32PM PDT
posted a comment in Errors ruled as hits.

I've seen this way too many times. Balls under the glove, balls through the infielders legs, routine grounders not picked up ... all hits.

4/21/2017 12:07PM PDT
posted a comment in Checked Swing Appeals to 3B umpire and 1B umpire.

I ended up turning off appeals. There was no point in having it appealed to only always be called a ball. Waste of time. Hopefully it'll get fixed.

4/21/2017 12:05PM PDT