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posted a comment in Winning feels like losing.

It doesn't help you if you don't take mound visits or change pitchers.  I have given the formula to keep games close on here.  Do the same thing but once you give up a few runs change pitchers and/or mound visits.  If you leave the same pitcher in it will not help you.  It really isn't comeback logic as much as it is "keep the game close".  Game opens up after the 7th.  


FYI - If you have had several wide margin losses in RS, you more than likely left your pitcher in too long. 

4/17/2019 2:17PM PDT
posted a comment in Winning feels like losing.

So our company competes in CC.  One of our teams got beat 28-0 in one of the events.  I asked them how it was.  They said it was fun.  I said you played about 20 minutes, got beat 28-0 and that was fun?  I must be a different breed.  Doesn't sound like fun to me.  

4/17/2019 2:09PM PDT
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How many of these occur when you are in the lead?  Once the game is tied, you lose the lead or later in the game these become hits again.  It's not rocket science.  Unless your opponent leaves the pitcher in too long.  The only games I have played that were not close were when myself or my opponent left a pitcher in too long.  Every other game has been close.

4/17/2019 1:42PM PDT
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People say I whine too.  I am fn 22-3 in RS.  Why do I need to whine?  There is an issue in this game with the developers keeping games close.  It is blatantly obvious to see.  Society never ceases to amaze me.  I don't even worry about getting down a couple runs.  Change pitchers, do a mound visit and swing at strikes and I will have a chance to get back into the game.  Game opens up in later innings so you have a huge advantage if you are running a majority of 99 players.  If they took this component out, a lot of you would not make the WS.


I think every post of mine about this has been deleted.  Gee, why would they do that?



4/17/2019 1:36PM PDT
posted a comment in What Rank do you guys consider to be average.

Obviously WS if you can be 10 games over .500 126 games in and still make the top rank.

4/17/2019 11:21AM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Pretty sure Tyler probably packed those too.  Guess I should have put fan boy in there too.  

I don't need the best cards.  Most games are already unfair.  Maybe I should roll out an all common/silver lineup to give most of you a chance.  


4/17/2019 11:20AM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Fan boys uniting.  Makes me all warm inside. 

4/17/2019 11:13AM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Uh, besides a couple of games internet connections seem fine.  Haven't posted a thing on it this year.  Pack luck?  I've joked about it a few times but haven't complained.  That is just how you take it.  You think a game is going to give me better players when I am 22-3 online?  This game wants every one to be even not 22-3 or 3-22.  Just common sense to me.  Do you know who pulls the most diamonds out of preorder packs?  I'll entertain you here.

Streamers -  This is so they can put their pulls on youtube and tell every one that packs are "lit".  Good business move.  I know packs aren't lit but a lot of people see streamers and buy packs.

New players - Gets them hooked.  They think it is easy to pull diamonds.  Thousands of stubbs later they realize not so much.

Bad players - SDS tries to help people compete.  There is only so much SDS can do though.  Bad players will always be bad.  They find ways to win a few games.  

Not my fault people can't see the blantantly obvious let's make all games close coding in the game.  Do I have some things that help me out?  Of course.  I have a good idea of what to do.  Probably needs some more research and I have a few more things to try.

4/17/2019 10:51AM PDT
posted a comment in Scripted.

I will tell you why they want this.  Say I am a bad player which most just are.  I play a guy with a good record that I should have no chance of competing with but I lose a close game.  I think to myself "Man, I could have beat him with a few better players."  So I get out my credit card and purchase a few more players.  Guess what happens?  The exact same $h!+.  So on and so forth.  What should happen is the bad player should get an a$$ beating but we can't have Timmy getting butthurt.  

As long as you change pitchers (and mound visits) and don't swing at horrible pitches, unless something changes you will be in every game.  The keys to winning in this game are the aforementioned items, really good relief pitchers and being able to hit in the 7th-9th innings.  Because of how this game is Hoffman is actually a better choice at 75 than Kershaw right now.  Try these things and tell me you don't have more success.  

4/17/2019 8:32AM PDT
posted a comment in Scripted.

Crappy players don't see it.  

4/17/2019 8:26AM PDT
posted a comment in Market Is Dead.

Packs feel the same as17 and 18 to me.  Haven't pulled one diamond.

4/17/2019 8:24AM PDT
posted a comment in Reality just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I haven't looked but if you are only 10 games over .500 with 126 games played you should not be sniffing the WS.  Another Timmy here.  Good job on 10th place son, here is your ribbon. Not even sure why this game has ranks.

4/17/2019 8:11AM PDT
posted a comment in Why do players quit RS so early in lower divisions?.

You should be thankful.  Most of these games would come down to the wire if they are changing pitchers and swinging at strikes.  I love when people quit, saves me a lot of stress.  Like when I go up 2-0, I know I am done scoring until the 7th or they catch up.  That is how this game is.

4/17/2019 8:06AM PDT
posted a comment in Scripted.

You must have left your pitcher in too long.  Had you been smarter you would have been in the game.  SDS can only help you so much.  

4/17/2019 8:04AM PDT
posted a comment in I am out .

Another Timmy.  

4/17/2019 8:02AM PDT
posted a comment in I am out .

Another blind person.  The only games I have blown people out are when they are keeping their pitchers in too long.  Switch pitchers and cut down on strikeouts and the game will be close.  


99% of the errors I have seen in this game are made by the team ahead.  Can't believe people can't see this.  

4/17/2019 7:59AM PDT
posted a comment in I am out .

Let me introduce you to the players this benefits.  You know the terrible ones that are magically in every game.  Here are the Timmy's SDS is catering to.  Whole bunch of Timmy's in this thread.  This has turned into a participation trophy game.  Let's keep every game close so Timmy feels better about himself and also feels like he is always one player away from the next level.  Truth is same stuff will happen at the next level too.  


I debated buying players for a few minutes.  Game is going to perform the same way whether I have Arenado at 3rd or Story. Every game will still be close.

4/17/2019 7:52AM PDT
created Does the survey even address the real problem with the game?.

Does the survey even address the real problem with the game?

4/17/2019 7:39AM PDT
posted a comment in If I closed my eyes I'd swear I was playing 18. .

So he never plays but has a ton of games on his record?  OK.  lol

4/16/2019 1:28PM PDT
posted a comment in If I closed my eyes I'd swear I was playing 18. .

Yea, people are blinded by these streamers.  Rebel has a ton of quits against him that padded his record.  The followers get all star struck with streamers and gift them a win.  Pretty sad how pussified our society has become.

4/16/2019 1:25PM PDT
posted a comment in If I closed my eyes I'd swear I was playing 18. .

Read any of my posts genius?  Have you looked at some gaming history of some of these streamers?  They never finish a game.  I looked at pitching_rebel's game history and in the first page alone he had at least 12 quits.  Most of those when he was tied or behind.  

You can tell us to get good but no one can help your intelligence.  

4/16/2019 1:23PM PDT
posted a comment in Convince me why I shouldn’t take Kershaw at 75.

If you face Kershaw and don't have him, good luck.  If you have him, you will be pitching him too.

4/16/2019 11:58AM PDT
posted a comment in Don’t get 99 Pudge .

Do these errors mainly occur when ahead in the game?  I can't recall seeing an error in the field from the team behind whether that be the opponent or myself.

4/16/2019 11:52AM PDT
posted a comment in Don’t get 99 Pudge .

No worries here I'll never see him.  I have zero live series diamonds.

4/16/2019 11:51AM PDT
posted a comment in Non lives series power is nerfed.

He's probably always behind.  Funny how blind people are.

4/16/2019 11:15AM PDT