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posted a comment in rip the show?.

The show was dead before this :)

2/1/2019 6:36AM PST
posted a comment in Troll Level: Grand Master.

SDS, still the king of trolls.

1/29/2019 11:49AM PST
posted a comment in Another great moment in the show18.

That way hilarious, the music really made it even better

1/29/2019 11:40AM PST
posted a comment in Who thinks that....?.



Always such kind words you guys have.  Didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say STFU.

There are more people playing 17 than you realize. This community isn't the end all be all.

1/27/2019 7:18PM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

Such a potty mouth. I think someone needs a hug :)

You know nothing about me or who I am or am not. You sir have been nothing but the type of person who has proven time and time again to get off on trashing people.

But have a lovely day.

1/27/2019 12:23PM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

There's the hungry *** we all know and love. The stats page doesnt update 17s stats since 18 dropped.

Try looking here...

That's quite the impressive avg... no wonder you dont like 17


1/27/2019 12:11PM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

I agree the menus suck and I absolutely hate the "variable" umpires, but the hitting engine is most definitely better. And with all due respect, you've played 21 games on 17, so I don't think you're qualified to say 17 is worse.

1/27/2019 10:02AM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

It's easier to hit in 17, because user input actually matters.

1/27/2019 7:23AM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

This is why I left 18 four months ago and went back to 17. 18 a complete joke. 17 just needed a few tweaks to make the game perfect. Instead we got 18. And SDS continues to ignore their community.

1/27/2019 6:14AM PST
posted a comment in MLB The Show 19 action figures .

My question is, are the action figures worth the commons you're gonna pull from the 10 pack

1/26/2019 10:25AM PST
posted a comment in PLAY '17! IT'S FUN!.

I've been playing 17 for the past 4 months. Far superior to 18. I've been having a blast

1/26/2019 6:41AM PST
posted a comment in What should I do with my 25 K stubs in MLB 17?! + Same with 2 K TIckets.

Wait til 33k and buy Chapman. Save your tickets til you have enough for PS Beltran. Best card in the game

1/26/2019 6:40AM PST
posted a comment in Tips for winning 3 inning games?.

Someone needs a hug

1/10/2019 6:56AM PST
posted a comment in "THE GAME IS SCRIPTED".

You're right, no one complains when they get a helping hand, but guess what. I've been on both ends of the "comeback logic". So there ya go...

12/18/2018 8:31AM PST
posted a comment in The salt is real! Participation trophies for everyone? .

How bad is it, that I knew who it was before I looked at the game history. LMFAO

12/10/2018 8:56AM PST
posted a comment in Here’s a new one.

There are some serious tools on this forum, but you sir are a waste of air

12/9/2018 5:40PM PST
posted a comment in Your go to word or phrase while playing the Show.....

I talk to myself alot when playing.

Oh come on, what the F, under it too much, and just missed it are my most common

12/7/2018 9:03AM PST
posted a comment in 18 vs 17.

We've played against each other a few times in 17. Those games were so much more fun than 18

12/7/2018 7:24AM PST
posted a comment in Brett Phillips from KC Royals taking on several creators in MLB The Show hosted Event!.

I've seen others talk about the sign against lefties at Laughing Mountain, but I've never had an issue. Maybe because I play at night

12/4/2018 9:57PM PST
posted a comment in This Event is an great example of DDA in action.

LOL, that's a new one. Usually it's people complaining about losing, because if "comeback logic". Then everyone piles on telling the OP they suck and choked.

First time I've seen someone tell the OP they're better than they think

12/3/2018 10:47AM PST
posted a comment in Who won the Trade?: Díaz and Cano to Mets.

I'm weary about Diaz not slumping after an amazing season and Cano's on the wrong side of 30. While I hated losing Kelenic, I'm glad McNeil ended up not being part of the deal. Now with the new rumor that the Mets are going after Kluber I feel as if they finally have a win now attitude, which has always been lacking with the Coupons in charge

12/2/2018 9:32PM PST
posted a comment in Better than 18.

Yes, 17 needs more people. Hate waiting 5 minutes for a match up

12/2/2018 5:45PM PST
posted a comment in How can you tell if someone is in WS?.

LMFAO he's in PR

12/1/2018 5:46PM PST
posted a comment in How can you tell if someone is in WS?.

The other day I had a runner on 3rd no outs in BR and the game freezes. Guy messages me asking me to quit. Says he's 11-0. Well I was 9-0 and no way was I quitting. Especially since I was most likely about to go up 1-0.  so I look at his last 11 games. He was 9-0 like me.

Made me wonder how many of his wins were from "freeze offs".

12/1/2018 4:33PM PST
posted a comment in Cano and Diaz to NYM?.

That's Commander Cool, you tool




11/30/2018 11:55AM PST