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posted a comment in Ball Physics = Awful Gameplay.

Yeah yesterday I hit 2 sinking liners that never sank

4/18/2019 2:09PM PDT
posted a comment in MLB 19 started great. What changed?.

This game is algorithm based and because of the way it's coded, if you connect properly then the ball goes at a fielder, because fielders are positioned based on where the batter is likely to hit it. Hence why if you hit poorly it drops in for a hit, because the fielders aren't positioned for poor hittin.

A big part of the problem is the lack of topspin and backspin

4/18/2019 12:35PM PDT
posted a comment in Ball Physics = Awful Gameplay.

In 17 we complained there was too much topspin. Now there doesn't seem to be any topspin or backspin, which I think is creating alot of the hitting issues

4/18/2019 12:30PM PDT
posted a comment in 17 Is SoOoOo MuCh BeTtEr ThAn 18....


I stand corrected. I did play you. Sorry didn't recognize the name from here.

However I didn't dashboard you. I started the meter then got lost connection to opponent. Thought it was weird to quit at that moment, but whatever. That was until I got back to the main screen and saw I lost. I was livid. Went into the group chat I'm in and lost it. I was so pissed. It was my 2nd lost connection in a 48 hr period that I got the loss on.

I'm sure you wont believe me, but oh well

2/25/2019 9:11PM PST
posted a comment in 17 Is SoOoOo MuCh BeTtEr ThAn 18....


You talking to me? Since I've never played you, what exactly are you talking about? I might quit a game, but I don't dashboard.

2/25/2019 5:01PM PST
posted a comment in 17 Is SoOoOo MuCh BeTtEr ThAn 18....

Love it, Skepple picks one questionable moment to try his case

2/25/2019 10:38AM PST
posted a comment in Anyone want to make a Fantasy Baseball league?.

If anyone's interested I have a yahoo keeper league that I need a few replacement managers. PM me if you're interested.

2/23/2019 5:06PM PST
posted a comment in There's petty, then there's this.

I played a guy from Team Caribbean last night. Good player. But it turns out, he's a tool too. I threw over or stepped off for about 15 minutes. Finally picked him off.

Stealing is easy enough without a 99 guy getting an extra step

2/19/2019 6:05AM PST
posted a comment in Freeze and then I lose?.

That same thing happened to me yesterday too. It's a server issue. SDS at their finest

2/17/2019 5:51AM PST
posted a comment in Steal Cheese Corrected !!!.

191 steals in 127 games is 1.5

400 steals in 483 games is .8

Might wanna check your math...

Just sayin

2/15/2019 2:27PM PST
posted a comment in To: Swetty Tryhards, From: Swetty Fat guy.

I just started playing DD in 17. I was not great. But I practiced and got better. I had fun improving and being able to hold my own with guys like Nash, Miju, and Thizzly.

 I was a casual player but like competition.  I didn't need to be the best to have fun. And I didn't want everything handed to me otherwise what's the point.


2/15/2019 12:52PM PST
posted a comment in Wow! Talk about being salty!.

Normally I'd agree that squeezing is cheese. But sometimes ya gotta adapt to your opponent. Quick pitching can be very annoying. IRL, quick pitching is called a balk.

Plus, BR is the wild west. Gotta be willing to go for broke

2/15/2019 12:29PM PST
posted a comment in This is the year that a DH should be an option in DD.

DH should be taken out of baseball all together

2/13/2019 2:25PM PST
posted a comment in Confirmed: User input @died in '19.

Can't wait for 19. These forums are going to supply endless hours of entertainment :)

2/13/2019 10:25AM PST
posted a comment in 30 minutes of gameplay for The Show 19 hitting analysis.

Gotta love the haters. @Jdramirez1314 took the time to give us his thoughts on what he saw and all anyone cares about is losing their ***.

I was actually encoured by some of the stuff I saw, but I only saw 2 innings. It's a first impression. Relax on all the hate. Go get a hug or something

2/13/2019 10:20AM PST
posted a comment in One Word Only.


2/13/2019 10:13AM PST
posted a comment in Top 3 classic rock songs .

Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

One - Metallica

2/11/2019 12:16PM PST
posted a comment in Silence on Online Franchise mode.

See, that's what I'm talking about. A little communication goes a long way.

2/7/2019 3:45PM PST
posted a comment in If you have more Steals then Homeruns.

Sounds like someone needs a hug. This game is completely random. There is no skill gap with hitting if you're not an elite. Having more SBs thsn HRs does not guarantee a cheeser. I understand why you'd think that, but it's not the case.

2/6/2019 8:29AM PST
posted a comment in rip the show?.

The show was dead before this :)

2/1/2019 6:36AM PST
posted a comment in Troll Level: Grand Master.

SDS, still the king of trolls.

1/29/2019 11:49AM PST
posted a comment in Another great moment in the show18.

That way hilarious, the music really made it even better

1/29/2019 11:40AM PST
posted a comment in Who thinks that....?.



Always such kind words you guys have.  Didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say STFU.

There are more people playing 17 than you realize. This community isn't the end all be all.

1/27/2019 7:18PM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

Such a potty mouth. I think someone needs a hug :)

You know nothing about me or who I am or am not. You sir have been nothing but the type of person who has proven time and time again to get off on trashing people.

But have a lovely day.

1/27/2019 12:23PM PST
posted a comment in Hitting is inconsistent .

There's the hungry *** we all know and love. The stats page doesnt update 17s stats since 18 dropped.

Try looking here...

That's quite the impressive avg... no wonder you dont like 17


1/27/2019 12:11PM PST