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This is comedy gold right here.  So what are you complaining about then?  The RNG isn't affecting you if you don't fall into one of the extreme (and unrealistic) categories you just described.  Rah rah rah pissing and moaning over "the man" holding you down.  

Stats don't lie, people do.

Almost as absurd as making up weird statistics and using one of the best players in the game to prove a point.  Newsflash, every top player is still killing at this game and winning the vast majority of their games.  

To suggest the game catered to lower skilled players is stupid.  They don't have winning records.  Your winning percentage is roughly the same from last year to this year.  The only difference is batting average, but that has gone down for every player even the best at this game.  

The game wasn't as fun because of the power meta rendering a lot of cards useless online.  You think you are a better player than you are and just want to use the game as your excuse.  I know a guy you'd be real good friends with.

So you were one of the lower skilled players and rewarded with a winning record?  It took you almost 500 RS games to figure this all out as well.  

I wouldn't say they've been deceptive as I don't think the way the game turned out in 18 was what they intended.  SDS has done a pretty good job so far of accepting accountability for it and attempting to improve the game.  

Content wise they've stepped it out, now we'll just have to see how the adjustments they've made will pan out.

I get that, I just took the stance of working my way towards them as opposed to getting them as soon as they were available.  It worked out for me, because I got to double dip on stat grinds for the second wave of arcs with immortal stat grinds.


But you got that pack with a bronze and a few commons to round it out.

I am with you on the fact that user input shouldn't be 100% but you lose me at players have to post numbers relative to their actual counterparts.

You can't directly correlate the two, because there are a lot of extenuating circumstances when looking at a player in real life.  Not to mention this game is infused with flashbacks and legends.  

The user input should matter most, but there needs to be a balance system in place to account for attributes and environmental factors.  Regardless of what some of these guys think, pitching input success should play a role as well.  You can't argue for input to matter on one side and not the other.  

If contact hitters can generate acceptable exit velocities and subpar defenders can't run everything down the experience on offense should improve dramatically.  We'll get a good idea tomorrow watching unedited gameplay and an even better idea when the game actually drops.


Don't you kind of feel that was self inflicted though?  

It didn't sound like they will be sticking to it when it launches.  They did acknowledge on stream that it is popular and they are open to making adjustments.  

Maybe we'll see it happen sooner in the game cycle, but who knows.  It will kill the LS Diamond market pretty quick though and there are collection rewards tied to those cards.

So your winning record was the result from winning a dice roll?

I still think that was nothing more than a PR stunt by DeWitt.  It was well known he had a full no trade clause and preferred a major market on a coast.  DeWitt get's to come out and say hey we tried.  It's too bad they didn't push for Yelich instead, hindsight is 20/20 though.


Yes let's revert back to the days of bunt cheese and ball physics that were modeled off a ball hitting a wall as opposed to a round bat.  


The track record of this ownership group for the Cardinals would suggest there is a zero percent chance they'd be in on Mookie.  I'd eat my shoe if they managed to pull that off.  They won't approach a contract with the length of years he's going to be looking for.  

Mookie is going to take Boston to the cleaners if they want to sign him long term.  He has been very vocal about his displeasure with the organization in terms of his contract status the last two years.  Mookie refused to sign for 2017 because he felt he was being lowballed, Boston renewed him at $950k.  Last year he took them to Arb, only the 3rd time for Boston since "02, and he won Arb for $10.5 million.  Boston was at least smart enough not to f*ck around a third year in a row and signed him for $20 million and avoided Arb.  Any chance for a hometown discount has probably flown away.  

He's got two years to increase his stock even further.  The only knock you can really put on him is consistency.  Granted it was his first year 2015 was a solid year.  He broke out in 2016.  2017 he regressed offensively pretty bad.  In 2018 he was statiscally the best overall player in MLB.  He doesn't need to produce at his 2018 level consistently, but when looking to hand out long term deals teams don't want to see that kind of bouncing trend.

It's hard to imagine another situation other than he gets more than Harper but less than Trout.  This of course barring any injury or the even unlikelier sudden drop off in production.

95 Goose Gossage, 91 Andruw Jones, and 96 Cy Young are the 1st inning program rewards

Tony Clark is an idiot and the MLBPA got fleeced in the last CBA discussions.  The MLBPA decided to lobby for quality of life concessions and got them.  All the while they got bent over the table and didn't realize it until it was to late.

I provided the MLB and MLBPA's longstanding stance against a hard salary cap.  Those don't necessarily reflect my personal views on the situation. MLB owners don't want to be forced to spend on players and cutting into their profits.  The MLBPA doesn't want to restrict player earning potential.  

The problem in MLB unlike other professional sports is the players can be cost controlled through most of their most productive part of their career.  Once a player reaches the majors his salary is controlled for three years at the team's discretion.  Then there are three years of Arbitration where players can increase their earning potential.  It's not until completing 6 full seasons of service time can a player elect free agency.  Given the nature of the game, players are accepting these team friendly contracts that buy up free agent years at team friendly prices.  

The reigning AL Cy Young award winner is going to make less than $750,000 this year.  That's where the problem lies. 

The NFL salary cap and it's rules are vastly more complicated than you are presenting it as.  There are all sorts of bonuses to consider and how they pertain to the cap.  Not only that, MLB contracts are 100% guaranteed unlike NFL contracts.  

The MLBPA historically refuses a salary cap because you put restrictions on earning potential.  The cap value can fluctuate as well, it's not guaranteed to go up and could go down.  

The NFL is also a good example of forcing teams to spend money does not equate to teams playing better.  The same teams are competitive every year and the Patriots continue to dominate the league.  

Shush your mouth, coming in here all logical and stuff.

They can't do this because the timing of the meter is matched to the delivery of the pitcher.  Depending on whether you use meter or analog there is only so much they can do to increase the difficulty.  

Analog- they can block perfect timing on the way down based on the pitch being throw and the confidence of the pitcher.  They can increase the sensitivity of the flick motion towards the top of the meter reducing the margin of error.

Meter- They can adjust the size of the landing spot and block perfect input as well.  


I am not colorblind, but Minute Maid sucks to play in.

He's going to the opposite field with authority.  Plus defender too.  Poor Cecil and Fowler on the midnight train going anywhere but St. Louis.

Check out this replay of Haniger's HR in Japan

25 points into the Tigers affinity program gets you an 84 overall IV Pudge.  That will probably be my first C option I go after.

They made the changes to breaking pitches to help with pitch recognition for players.  Mission accomplished on that respect, but I don't feel it had the desired effect they wanted.  Bad players still can't wait on them and have poor timing, good players can see them coming and read them no problem.  That's why splitters and change ups are the most effective pitches this year, hardest to read the depth on especially in the bottom of the zone.

They did say that they have reduced movement of breaking pitches which should be a good thing.  No more rainbows.