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Have fun with that lol.  103 GB after updates.

Streaming isnt gonna put a lot of stress on your PC lol.  You dont need much power for that.  So I would just go the more affordable route if you dont want to do any heavy gaming. Your internet connection would be more important than the actually PC.

The Ripken card?  If your talking about immortal Cal I dont know what you mean.  There is no other SS close to him in the field.  Saves runs all day long.  And a pretty good bat too.  Besides Griffey Jr and maybe Babe, he is the only immortal I cannot get out of my lineup.

I dont know why people are complaining about online mode.  GTA V didnt even have one at this point in the game and I have tons of fun playing online. While it is true it is still in beta and there isnt a ton of content that doesnt change the fact that you can just grind away at making money and leveling up so you will have what you want and be ready to go by the time more stuff is added.  That is pretty much all I do and and enjoy it a lot.  All I do is hunt, fish and level up and it is so easy to make money.  Gold bars are a little tougher but money is very easy to make.

Plus if you dont have the game yet you arent gonna want to worry about online for another 2 months anyways.  Because the main story should and will be your main dedication right after you get the game.  It is awesome and almost unlimited in stuff to do.

They are looking like they may finish behind the Brewers, Cubs and Cardinals.  That is usually a tough division.

Not many at all.  Early on of course, Gallo, Sanchez and all those glitchy players.  But now, maybe Betances every now and then.  And I used Vasquez for a while.

I had done great with him in the starts he made.  I havent really played much since getting him though.  But he is 6-1 with a 1.85 ERA.  I remember a bunch of good starts and one that didnt go so well. Being a lefty kinda sucks because so many hitters crush them this year, pretty much all immortals do. So given that he has been solid.

I havent found XP to mean jack squat ever.  If you get the game at launch the last 2 years you are maxed on XP by mid May, if you play a ton, and by June if you play a lot.  And they are still on the much lower level tiers in the TC.  And then there is literally nothing else that it helps you on or gives you any kind of advantage.

Number 6 is some sort of glitch. At first I thought the ball was just somehow going under the fielders glove. But after I started saving those clips I realized the ball was actually going through the glove on every one. Not over under or around.

It has been made clear over and over again the game H2H has its flaws.  No one defends that.  But this aint one of them. Balls do not have to be strikes to be hit at all.  And to be hit hard even is not strange when a curve ball dips below the zone the way you showed in your OP.  Or a FB is whizzed in 2-6 inched above the zone.  No surprise if those balls can be hit hard. Especially if the opponent is throwing them over and over.  But that really doesnt matter.

In fact going back and watching that clip again that ball looks like it was about knee high when he made contact.  Probably would have been a strike anyways.  But mid shin is pretty routine as well.

Most likely a simple curve ball.  That is what they do.

I will always say this.  The worse part about this game isnt anything the developers can fix.  Because it is the horrible people that play.  Way too many little kids play so we get way too much of this.  What is sad is that there are also grown adults that will do this stuff.

Yes, no gimmicks and a clean batters eye.  Exactly why I like it.

I cannot imagine how batting avgs would be different if we all used Shippet stadium lol. I used Coors and lost a game 1-0, hadnt played in a weak but wasnt sure why I couldnt hit anything.  So I used Shippet next game and the ball was flying out like crazy.  7 HR by me alone in first 5 innings. Still lost 11-9.  Using that stadium alone could probably raise your avg 20-40 points. 

Charlie Hough and Tim Wakefield added to MLB the show 19!!! Each will have 4 different cards!!

I disagree.  Strikeouts were down right out of the gate when the PCI did not travel outside the strikezone.  It actually makes it harder to hit.  Now when people overreact to high or low pitches they get on top or under the ball.  That is why so many more pop ups. And I feel strikeouts have been pretty ok in recent months. Obviously with not being able to ever surprise someone with a FB they are gonna be down some, but besides that I strike out plenty of people.

He wasnt a great baserunner.  It is just assumed he was because of the amount of SB he accumulated in 25 years or something like that.  Most where in his first 10 years. But he got caught quiet often for a guy with his speed. Plus wasnt an Xtra base hit guy either. There are probably a dozen or more ACTIVE players that steal bases at a better percentage than Rickey. For a guy that could run like him you would think he has some triples on his stats. Nope, only hit more than 5 triples in a season twice.  7 both times.

Bottom line he was gonna be the all time leader in SB no matter what.  Even if he was gonna get caught stealing 42 TIMES in one year.  Reminds me of the base cheesers on here always running into outs.

His 1990 season was pretty dang good though.

Shh!!!!  People have been doing that all year.  I have almost as many HR's with Griffey vs lefties then righties in about 1/3 of the AB's lol.  I also have FB Beltre and they will take out a lefty to bring in a righty to face him even though he has like 30 points higher con and pwr vs righties lol.  Dont teach these guys who are clueless.

If so that would be interesting.  Well RS always goes on and on. But the rewards for them usually stop.  Guess it would be cool if they threw us something out there for January and February.

Ummm NO.  Nowhere near the hitter those guys where.  He was a dynamic leadoff man and scored a ton of runs.  Maybe the greatest leadoff man ever?  But not a threat like the others you mentioned.

I am pretty sure we are done with rewards lol.  I dont remember anything after Jan last year at least.

I hate playing RS games on All Star.  That is where it really doesnt seem like you have much control over the outcome.  And directional hitters can thrive.  I wish it was all on HoF across the board.  Maybe legend in WS if they want to mix it up.  The game plays sooo much better on HoF.

Well, if you were down 8-4, what happened to the comeback logic then? 

At least starting in the 5th inning or something.  I feel that is how it use to be.

Your team probably didn't have any left handed catchers mitts since you didn't have any left handed catchers on the roster.