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IDK what spamming the pitcher is either. And no clue how to lag a game?

100% agree. Imo Miller is behind only iWagner for LHRP.

You really should be able to tell from the game. Also, everyone has done this. Played on the wrong difficulty, I mean. That's honestly what most likely happened.

The point is that it was just a joke! I think we know his IQ is above 27.

God these threads are just laughable at this point. Yes, the game is programmed to help the team that's behind. Also, whenever you "perfectly" place the PC it should be a HR nearly all of the time. 

In other news, I have bad PCI placement but every poster here seems to constantly place their PCI with "Perfection." Blows my mind how incredible everyone would be if not for SDS holding them down. It's really a shame.

Falling on deaf ears. Just give it up Farris. Blatant $.grab :)

Way before today, believe me!

I'm sure this will get deleted in a bit but since the "THREAT THREAD" was deleted I decided to make this one.

Just wanted to let you know that you may have accomplished the task of becoming the biggest idiot on these forums. That's a noteworthy achievement. And since you like to bring attention to what a  @$%&®! invalid you are, I didn't think you'd mind my starting this thread. You're welcome. You're also 41? Just wow!

Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Thankfully I live in Iowa. So, I am not in any clear and present danger. But you guys out east best be careful who you challenge to a video game!

Yes, in all likelihood he will. But he asked "what if?" And it certainly isn't impossible. Unlikely, sure. But not impossible. And I agree with OP that the temporary design is kind of original and looks good. 

Another thing I'd like to see added to DD

I did a lot at first but been ok with him since.

The guy is a modern day hero!

Seriously? C'mon! Enough of this ridiculous conspiracy theory [censored] whining. If CPU ALL-STAR is giving you trouble, could there be something else at work here? Nah, the game is out to get you. JFC!

IDK, some HR crackhead to be sure but no info besides that.

AMEN! I have like 8500 tickets and already bought every single TC card. Wish they had SOME kind of value, no matter how minimal!

I don't particularly care for Harvey and I'm with the majority that Nola blows! Mike Scott for out of those options. He's very good.

Yes, VERY rewarding achievement!

Dunno if there is a correlation or not? I know earlier in the year there was supposedly but not sure if it still is?

Maybe we should talk to the person who is ACTUALLY playing on your account?  :)

It's a good card. I got him cuz I'm a fan. Only time I use him now tho is the rare hair up my a$$ and put him in Vlads bench spot. He's very good vs lefties and obv as a D replacement. His no doubt animation ain't bad either. Wish Bichette had his struck by lightning bat release when he goes yard tho!

I'm not surprised you've run out of titles at all!

Um, not trying to be a p3ckerhead but what sort of advice do you anticipate considering stubs are not an option? I'm a bit curious how you'd anticipate 2 upgrades over 2 immortals given that fairly large constraint.