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Thank You!

Quits are always welcome! 

what was your 25 win reward 

Oh yes 

My College team used that as out take the field song

Hey I had a good pack opening yesterday lol

at least I had fun

Keep going man 

I know you pain the closer I got to 25 wins the more 3-0 and 3-1 counts I had to face 

My saving grace was on my 25 win it swung in my favour 

I started laughing when  I read the title. Was not disappointed when I look at the response

Sweet I had picked him up after the end of RD for like 35k so I sold him for 62k and finished the Rogers collection to get to Bagwell



Finish the event my self back on Friday got Airando 

I only started events when you need 5 for the Novemeber program and have been hooked since likely will be more of a focus in 19 

Ended up locking in the cleats to get Matthews as I had all the other equipment plus I committed to losing 90k so I am good with finishing a equipment collection really only thing I haven't done in this years game. Have 40k in orders for stuff so I'll still get back some stubs which I'll likely just blow on packs as I have no real needs for stubs at this point 

Was pretty excited about the pull hopped around my basement like I just won the World Series 

Also  stoked I got a diamond as a topper which is the 2nd time I have had that happen this year

In have had no real pack luck all year and today I was like yep we are buying packs and I have hit 4 LS diamonds and the cleats 

FYI I locked in Mattews as I didn't want to push my lick and sell the cleats and buy more packs and get nothing 

Set 17 = 11 Packs

Set 18 = 4 Packs 

4 silvers between the 2 sets 

well that's it overall pretty damn good set of pulls easily made my stubs back and then some if I sell the cleats but Matthews I know is really good choices choices

Intermission  = 2 thanksgiving packs

Glove and batting gloves

If we can pull the cleats in set 17 we get Stanton 


Set 16 = 7 Packs

3 silver

5 diamond suvioners so some good exchange items 

Set 15 = 10 Packs

1 silver 

It's ok let save some luck for the Reggie and Stanton equipment packs 


Set 14 = 10 Packs

5 silvers 

1 gold 


Intermission = 3 post season Packs 

2 bats and arm selve


Set 14 = 10 Packs 

5 silvers 

1 gold 

2 diamond baseballs

Set 12 = 12 Packs 

3 silver 

1 Diamond LS Verlander 

2 diamonds and the cleats pretty good haul so far

Intermission = 1 All Star pack 

The cleats which I have like 10 of now

Set 10 = 10 Packs - funny how that happens

2 silvers 

I have hard amazing luck today with packs as I pulled LS Chapman and JD this morning now Stanton and the cleats so really can't complain one bit

Set 9 = 13 Packs

2 silvers 

BRB have use the bathroom

Set 8 = 18 Packs - Bonus 10 pack

7 silvers - new best 

1 gold