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posted a comment in Thoughts on Major League Baseball Automating Balls and Strikes.

Just to be clear, the rules provide that it is a strike if any part of the ball crosses any part of the strike zone. There’s no 50% requirement like Diamond Dynasty might have you believe. 

9/25/2018 4:03AM PDT
posted a comment in Khris Davis.

What individual attributes do you think they have wrong? 

9/23/2018 7:31AM PDT
posted a comment in New Future Star Pitcher.

Definitely not Hicks. He doesn’t throw a splitter or a curveball and those velocities aren’t high enough. He basically just throws a sinker/2-seamer and slider. Any new card of his would probably just have a two steamer, slider, and four seamer.

Assuming this image is legit, I think it has to be Ohtani. Wonder if he will be the free diamond. I wouldn’t think so, but that would be a way to entice a lot of people to come back and play for a bit.

9/20/2018 8:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Ted Confirmed (mostly).

Doubtful, since the tweet refers to one free diamond player, rather than multiple. Seems like a card that will be obtained another way.

9/19/2018 12:46PM PDT
posted a comment in Jordon Hicks FS?.

At the very least they could update his LS card to at least somewhat accurately depict his repertoire.

9/19/2018 5:49AM PDT
posted a comment in OHTANI .

Hm. Now I’m wondering if the Ohtani tease is legit. The Live Content twitter account just retweeted a video showing Barria as the Angels FS card. It would seem Ohtani would have to be some kind of FS program final reward or something if he has a card.

9/18/2018 6:14PM PDT
posted a comment in OHTANI .

May have to add an answer to the best splitters thread after Friday.

9/18/2018 5:38PM PDT
posted a comment in Future stars revealed .

I’m glad the Cardinals’ FS is going to be useable at least.

9/18/2018 5:02PM PDT
posted a comment in Yelich.

He’s having a great season but I don’t know if he’s been good enough to win the MVP of the league he doesn’t play in.

9/17/2018 9:14PM PDT
created Yelich.


9/17/2018 6:50PM PDT
posted a comment in Adam Wainwright .

I don’t think you can really call a pitcher lucky when he gets 9 strikeouts through six innings. I am still not optimistic last night is what we will see moving forward, but he was definitely more good than lucky. He can get away with low velocity when his curveball is as good as it was last night.

9/17/2018 6:13PM PDT
posted a comment in Best FS Cards for Friday?.

Having a secondary position won’t mean anything. The LS Ohtani card originally had RF as a secondary but you still couldn’t put him in the lineup. They should make one for him as a SP and one as an outfielder.

9/15/2018 11:22AM PDT
posted a comment in The Phillies.

Phillies are 7.5 back in the division and 6.5 back of the second wild card spot. It would take a miracle for them to get in at this point.


9/13/2018 6:55AM PDT
posted a comment in Player Perks.

I believe it’s called Situational Hitter. As mentioned, I know J.D. Martinez has it. I think Machado does too.

As to the gameplay-affecting perks, I believe all of them affect the PCI size. So for instance, the perk for hitting with two strikes (unfazed I think) will increase the pci after you have two strikes. And if the pitcher has a perk that affects the game, it will decrease the pci. 

9/12/2018 6:05AM PDT
posted a comment in SDS police!.

So you think people should be allowed to be toxic so long as they spend enough money on the game through micro transactions? A kind of Jerk Tax?

9/9/2018 5:46AM PDT
posted a comment in Wanna hear a joke?? 2x stubs every game.

Is there a way to actually see the stubs you’ve gained after each game? I feel like it’s either not there or I’m missing it.

9/7/2018 9:20PM PDT
posted a comment in Still no Cubs.

Turner was the best player in baseball for a month.

9/7/2018 12:30PM PDT
posted a comment in Donaldson Traded to Tribe.

Passan says Indians.

8/31/2018 6:13PM PDT

I think a lot of people assume he won’t get one because he recently got the FS card. He does deserve one though.

8/29/2018 3:42PM PDT
posted a comment in August POTM .

I hope Jack Flaherty gets one.

8/29/2018 2:52PM PDT
posted a comment in SDS manipulating ratings to suit their needs? Matt Carpenter example included.

Actually, Matt Adams isn’t even getting the start tonight, despite the fact that Gyorko is on the DL. Matt Carpenter stays at first and Munoz plays third tonight. SDS really jumped the gun with this one.

8/29/2018 2:49PM PDT
posted a comment in SDS manipulating ratings to suit their needs? Matt Carpenter example included.

He got a start while Gyorko and DeJong got rest. It’s the only game he has started since joining the team. No one denied he would start every once in a while.

That said, if Gyorko misses some time after his injury last night, Adams likely will get more starts, especially with Wong on the DL too. But that doesn’t mean he was ever meant to be the everyday starter at first, because he wasn’t.

8/29/2018 7:37AM PDT

But a salary cap mode like Madden’s is essentially a second ranked seasons mode. Doing a live series only version would be a way to do a salary cap type mode, just in a different way. But I’d be ok with a salary cap mode as well.

The events are too different from one another to rely on them to serve this kind of role.

8/29/2018 6:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Other M’s fans, what u think?.

Not a Mariners fan, but I’d say there’s not much hope for them at this point. The only realistic way I see them getting in is with an A’s collapse.

8/28/2018 3:51PM PDT
posted a comment in LIVE SERIES RANKED!!.

I would like something like this. They really do need to do something to emphasize the live series players more. These guys are the current faces of the league. I’m not a big fan of feeling encouraged to fill my team with people who are no longer playing.

8/28/2018 3:48PM PDT