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posted a comment in Top 3 classic rock songs .

The Beatles- A day in the life

Zepplin- When the levee breaks

The Doors- Break on through

2/11/2019 9:41PM PST


2/7/2019 10:07PM PST

If not for that vid I'd still think he was a dirtbag.....crazy

2/7/2019 9:37PM PST

thanks bud

2/7/2019 9:09PM PST

That's where I got this image of him being hitler with a bat

2/7/2019 9:08PM PST
posted a comment in Ty Cobb Villain or Hero?.

MLB should do something about clearing his image

2/7/2019 9:07PM PST

That's messed up......

2/7/2019 4:46PM PST
created Ty Cobb Villain or Hero?.

Ty Cobb Villain or Hero?

2/7/2019 4:38PM PST
posted a comment in game play rant .

Call time out asap

2/4/2019 10:35AM PST
posted a comment in Tom Brady.

Good point, specially all those SB wins Bill had without Brady in Cleveland........

2/4/2019 8:43AM PST
posted a comment in Finally finished up the Ticket counter collection!.

My TC players

99 Yogi

94 Winfield

92 Guidry

91 Brooks

87 Green

86 Dickerson

85 Schwarber

85 Mondesi

85 Treinen

83 Morales

83 Vlad

2/4/2019 8:28AM PST
posted a comment in Need help picking a 3B.

92 HW miggy

2/4/2019 12:30AM PST
posted a comment in Finally finished up the Ticket counter collection!.

I've been doing the same, if you want we can get an all TC roster game on....

2/4/2019 12:27AM PST

Big papa pump

1/24/2019 10:22PM PST

LMFAO Yes very true....the potato on tbe blam blam is a reference of the 90's hood movie South Central.  Kind of an ok movie 

And go warm up the banana is a reference to the Brazilian gangster movie City of god. A must see, sick flick

1/24/2019 10:14PM PST
posted a comment in Favourite Song from all MLB's?.

Lauren Mayhem and Action Bronson

Nippsey Hustle and Cee-Lo

1/24/2019 10:09PM PST
posted a comment in I cannot believe Brian Kenny.

Thats cause he's spearheading the sabermetrics nerds

1/20/2019 3:41PM PST

I actually think a solar powered watch is better then both.......

1/20/2019 3:23PM PST
posted a comment in Steve Pearce ve 2015 Miggy.

You probably meant 2012 when he won the triple crown but I agree with you boss they shitted on Miggy bad

1/20/2019 2:58PM PST
posted a comment in Sabermatrics and its cult following.

Awesome way to look at it, not to say sabermatrics doesn't have a place in baseball but too much of it becomes boring and pointless. Baseball is a simple yet complex sport and bridging the gap are scouts and traditional baseball minds Vs sabermatricians and scientists at eachothers necks thus this argument. They're both effective if used properly. I see it like if you bring a group of lab coats to analize 1+1  they'll come up with some quantum physics equation to why and that's cool but dont give me shjt if you ask me and say 1+1 is 2. 


Like the Great Mike Tyson once said,

         - everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.


1/20/2019 2:51PM PST

Lol funny guy

1/20/2019 2:25PM PST

Very well put, as far as how the game has changed for the better coaching wise is undeniable but where it gets murky for me is in award votes and overall value of a player in comparison to others specially in WAR numbers and your point on the shift was brilliant...well said

It just sucks to try to have an eloquent discussion with a numbers buff, yeah numbers tell a story but it's not complete without all the intangibles ignored by sabermatrics. They both need eachother, clutch and grit are not measured by numbers yet they're soooo important, small ball has taken a big loss due to all the number crunching as well. 

1/20/2019 1:28PM PST
posted a comment in Secondary positions.

I wonder if the order of the positions listed on multiposition players like finest Baez or Diamond Zobrist have to do how good they play those positions 

1/20/2019 1:00PM PST
posted a comment in Favorite non immortal card .



1/20/2019 11:40AM PST

He said non-immortals

1/20/2019 11:38AM PST