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posted a comment in Diamonds pulled so far .

None yet. 

Had Syndergaard and BO Encarnacion at this point last year. 

Tried a few headliner set 2’s for Eloy and Tatis Jr but no luck. 

4/19/2019 4:57AM PDT
posted a comment in Here we go again or so I thought.

I wonder if your opponent came on this forum to complain about how he held you down for 8 innings and then the “DDA” kicked in and screwed him. 

You guys are a bunch of jack wagons. 

4/18/2019 8:38PM PDT
posted a comment in 98 Bumgarner!!! Thank you lord!!!.

When and where?

deets please!

4/18/2019 3:31PM PDT
posted a comment in There’s a comeback logic doesn’t matter what anyone says.

That's not really saying much though.  I would wager that it happens the same way IRL about the same amount of time.  Check box scores from time to time.

OP talking about Quirks and what not is right on.

There are players that play better when their team is behind (maybe score the next half inning because of it) and others that are "rally monkeys" and play better in the 9th inning or later (according to the description of the quirk). Geez guys, there is even a moments section devoted directly to the rally monkey quirk (in conjunction with the "stoppers" quirk where the pitchers "play better" when guys get on base or when they get behind-stopping the bleeding so to speak).

Quit it with the comeback threads before I get Save Ferris in here to copy and paste his moment of glory last year from the mouth of SDS employees whom, I would venture to believe, are more in the know than you are (Steroidz and all the other "DDA screwed me I've never made a mistake in my life") players that make up these threads 5-10 times a day.

I like what jeypr (sp? marlins fan) said.  These kooks need their own forum so they can sit around telling their sob stories and stroke each others...egos and leave the rest of us alone. 

4/18/2019 8:56AM PDT
posted a comment in Fix the First Base Fielding Bug!!!.

I have never had that issue at first...although I do just manually run him to the bag instead of pressing a button,,,

4/17/2019 11:34AM PDT
posted a comment in I am out .

I think you spelled that street name wrong, Hungry, I believe it is Weiner Road...

4/17/2019 8:01AM PDT
posted a comment in Who’s your starting C?.

Hard ware Posey. But I would say I’m a little biased. 

4/15/2019 7:33PM PDT
posted a comment in How do you get Eddie murray.


4/15/2019 7:21PM PDT
posted a comment in Dream Player?.

My favorite pitching motion by far. 

4/15/2019 2:20PM PDT
posted a comment in Dream Player?.

A 100 Platinum Barry Bonds

4/15/2019 1:05PM PDT
posted a comment in If there’s no scripting, then what is going on? .

Even the best “diamond level” infielders averaged an error every 10 games or so IRL. Cal, Simba, Brooks, Crawford etc. 

like Tuke is saying, it sucks, but it has to happen at some point because these guys aren’t as “perfect” as all of you guys that have never made an honest mistake in this game. 

You guys need to take a chill pill.  Play to have fun. If you aren’t having fun, say your piece and go on your way. Please do not continue to post the same thing over and over.

I’m sure SDS has taken note of your many posts and will do what they can (if they want to) to rectify the situation.


4/14/2019 6:42AM PDT
posted a comment in Some of these event squads are ridiculous... .

I’ve had moderate success with this lineup:

LS C Davis

LS R Nunez

LS C Shaw

LS C Casali 

LS D Dietrich

LS P Earvin

LS A Aquino

LS Y Munoz

with only common and bronze pitchers and bench except for D Leone in the pen is a silver. 

I am not doing this lineup for fun though, it’s because I have no other choice haha. My only diamond is the HW Posey and my only Golds are not on the proper teams for this event. 

Just started last night and hoping to finish it off tonight on the first entry. 

4/14/2019 5:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Who is your starting 2B?.

I’m between the padres Alomar and LS Eddie Rosario when he is up on IE. 

4/13/2019 10:08PM PDT
posted a comment in Shame on anyone defending this game in its current state. .

I thought you just posted that the “atrocious errors” aren’t being recorded as errors because your opponents are given hits for them even when the announcer says “and he botched it”. 

As people used to say last year with great pack pulls “pic or it didn’t happen”. 

I call BS. 

Video or it didn’t happen. 

I’m sorry steroidz, but you and your waffling can’t be taken seriously and amendoza And his “bought my brother the game” need to either man up or go join Demise and play PUBG. 

4/13/2019 10:03PM PDT
posted a comment in Same old song and dance! .

Definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing while expecting a different outcome. 

Maybe you should do something differently in the 9th inning in RS?


4/13/2019 9:42PM PDT
posted a comment in You got me. .

Bye Felicia! 

See you tomorrow!

4/13/2019 9:37PM PDT
posted a comment in Who’s Your Starting SS?.


4/13/2019 10:08AM PDT
posted a comment in Just got to level 50...who should I take?.

Maybe grab the Venters or another lefty for the Bullpen.

4/12/2019 11:32AM PDT
posted a comment in New Content today? .

The Redsox Agon was in '18 as part of the Redsox collection if I remember correctly.


Just sayin'

4/12/2019 10:12AM PDT
posted a comment in Since Blocking doesn’t exist bring on Signature Piazza.

I haven't had many issues with HW Posey and in the events I was using LS Carlos Santana who still has C as a secondary and had no real problems (catcher throwing meter didn't always come up but...).

4/12/2019 8:52AM PDT
posted a comment in That 99 Kershaw is a joke .

You might have misunderstood me. OP was saying that introducing an end game card this early in the game will wreck it and wasn’t fair. If I remember correctly, OP has finished the collections so has “end game” cards that are hitters. 

Kessel, I know you are a good player and congrats about that. I wasn’t saying anything other than allowing some of us folks that haven’t finished collections a chance at some end game type cards this early is fair if they are allowed to finish collections day one.  

Ya dig?

4/11/2019 1:10PM PDT
posted a comment in That 99 Kershaw is a joke .

Well all you guys that spent half a paycheck to finish collections to get SS Mays, SS Hornsby, SS Pudge along with all the other beast hitters ( Edmonds etc) probably have enough hitters to counter SS Ryan and SS Kershaw. 

Maybe others didn’t think that was “fair” and gave those who did an advantage over those who didn’t. 

Maybe this gives the “cheaper” folks a chance to make it through 9 innings. 

4/11/2019 9:59AM PDT
posted a comment in 93 Matt Kemp review.

More people praising Ichiro to be honest.  I think Kemp is better "all around" because of the power, but Ichiro is ELITE everywhere else.

I haven't been able to attain Kemp the last two years (which has killed me) but I honestly think I'm going to pick SS Kershaw.  I have no lefties so he will help with that.

Also, who are you planning on selecting at Silver 1?  If you are planning to go Gwynn or Snider, then Kemp seems redundant personally. I also loved iRyan last year, so I plan on selecting him the next chance I get after SS Kershaw.

4/10/2019 8:53AM PDT
posted a comment in Game is trash.


Taking the proper routes to the ball = being able to be at the correct angles and be in proper position to make the play = very low chance of error (even with bronze level fielders)

4/10/2019 8:51AM PDT
posted a comment in Game is trash.

For your viewing pleasure...

Cubs fans, you may want to look away...

4/10/2019 4:57AM PDT