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Jackie Robinson Day: Conquest Map and Rewards

April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball, and we are joining the nationwide celebration. Robinson challenged and broke through the racial divide that existed in baseball with his grace, his unwavering courage, and his own special way of playing the game. Therefore, on Monday, April 15th we are honoring that legacy by releasing a special Jackie Robinson “42” Conquest Map. Complete the goals to earn Hardware Legend Jackie Robinson, the Jackie Robinson Nameplate, and the Jackie Robinson 42 Bat Skin.

You will see the players participating in the celebration by honoring Jackie’s number on their jerseys in the following game modes:

  • Road to the Show (only on the scheduled April 15th game for the 2019 season)
  • Franchise (only on the scheduled April 15th game for the 2019 season)

As you play and earn the rewards, remember Jackie and the countless others that paved the way for baseball to become what it is, and always should have been: for everyone.