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The new Signature Series Choice Pack arrives in Diamond Dynasty and offers a choice of a Diamond Legend or Flashback in every pack!

There are two ways to acquire the pack:

  1. As a post-game reward. You may receive a voucher to exchange for one Signature Series Choice Pack just for completing a Diamond Dynasty game. Go to the Exchange area of Diamond Dynasty to turn in your voucher and open your pack!


  1. Purchase a Signature Series Choice Pack from the Show Shop and open it

Once you open your Signature Series Choice Pack:

  • You will see a group of three players from either the Rare, Mid or Base tiers (odds listed below)
  • Select one player item
  • Add the player to your Diamond Dynasty squad or list it on the Community Market. All items in the pack can be sold.

The nine players featured in the Signature Series choice pack are divided into three groups:


Odds 1:10 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack.


Signature Series Ryne Sandberg (Diamond, 99 OVR 2B)


Signature Series Kenley Jansen (Diamond, 99 OVR CP)


Signature Series Gary Carter (Diamond, 99 OVR C)


Odds 1:4 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack.


Signature Series Curtis Granderson (Diamond, 96 OVR CF)


Signature Series Joey Votto (Diamond, 99 OVR 1B)


Signature Series George Brett (Diamond, 99 OVR 3B)


Odds 1:1 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack.


NEW LEGEND! Signature Series Rick Ankiel (Diamond, 88 OVR SP)


Signature Series Russell Martin (Diamond, 95 OVR C)


Signature Series Keith Hernandez (Diamond, 98 OVR 1B)

The Signature Series Choice Pack costs 40,000 stubs in the Show Shop, and is limited to one per account at this time. Look for new ways to earn or purchase the Signature Series Choice pack in the future!

new battle royale flawless rewards

Battle Royale is a Diamond Dynasty mode that levels the playing field by challenging your managerial and stick skills. First, draft a 25-man team from multiple choice rounds. Then take your squad up against the drafted teams of others in a three-inning, head-to-head showdown!

If you can take your Battle Royale team to 12 wins with no losses, you will earn the coveted Flawless Reward Choice Pack, which guarantees one of the two new Legends player items:


Signature Series Eric Gagne (Diamond, 98 OVR CP)

Minnie Minoso (Diamond, 99 OVR LF)


Diamond Upgrades:

  • Kirby Yates (Diamond, 87 OVR CP)
  • Walker Buehler (Diamond, ?? OVR SP)

Gone Gold:

All-Star Summer Event

The Split Squad I Event is over and the Split Squad II Event has begun. Keep accumulating wins to earn vouchers to earn two Signature Series player items:

Collect six All-Star Vouchers to earn Signature Series Travis Hafner (Diamond, 94 OVR 1B).

Collect nine All-Star Vouchers to also earn Signature Series Omar Vizquel (Diamond, 97 OVR SS).

Split Squad II Event
June 28th - July 8th

  • N.L. pitchers
  • A.L. hitters
  • 3-inning games
  • 85 OVR player max
  • difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • always free to enter

Collect white vouchers 5 - 8 playing in this event.

Moonshot Event
July 8th - July 15th 

  • Any hitters
  • common righty pitchers
  • 3-inning games
  • difficulty: All-Star
  • always free to enter

Collect blue vouchers 9 - 12 playing in this event.

New Moments

  • Topps Now
    Relive some of the most exciting moments from last week's MLB action. Gain XP, stubs, and special Topps Now vouchers that can be used to redeem Topps Now packs in early July. 
  • MLB Vote Moment
    The MLB put out a Twitter poll to allow you and all the other baseball fans to choose a Moment to appear in MLB The Show 19. The results are in and you can now have the dream matchup of Aroldis Chapman pitching against Ted Williams.
  • Kerry Wood "What If?" Moment
    What if Kerry Wood set the major league record for strikeouts and notched number 21? It's up to you to finish off his final 10 strikeouts on Rookie difficulty.
  • Twin's Sony Partners Moment
    Complete each of Twin's curated Moments to get the Signature Series Adam Wainwright (Diamond, 95 OVR SP).

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