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All-Star Summer Events Bring 2 Diamond Rewards

All-Star Summer Events

The Red, White, and Blue All-Star Events will take place over the next 26 days. Play in these three events to earn two Signature Series player items:

Collect six All-Star Vouchers to earn Signature Series Travis Hafner (Diamond, 94 OVR 1B).

Collect nine All-Star Vouchers to also earn Signature Series Omar Vizquel (Diamond, 97 OVR SS).

Split Squad I Event
June 20th - June 28th 

  • A.L. pitchers
  • N.L. hitters
  • 3-inning games
  • 85 OVR player max
  • always free to enter

Collect red vouchers 1 - 4 playing in this event.

Split Squad II Event
June 28th - July 8th

  • N.L. pitchers
  • A.L. hitters
  • 3-inning games
  • 85 OVR player max
  • always free to enter

Collect white vouchers 5 - 8 playing in this event.

Moonshot Event
July 8th - July 15th 

  • Any hitters
  • common righty pitchers
  • 3-inning games
  • always free to enter

Collect blue vouchers 9 - 12 playing in this event.

Headliners Set 13

Each Headliners Set 13 Pack contains one guaranteed Silver player, plus three other player items. Increased chance to find Signature Series Jim Palmer and Signature Series Justin Upton! Limit five packs per account. Previous Featured Headliners can still be found in The Show Pack and bundles in the Show Shop

Jim Palmer

Justin Upton

New Moments

  • Mills' Partner Moments
    Unlock All-Star Flashback Chris Davis (Diamond, 87 OVR 1B) by completing these Moments featuring Mills' favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles. 

  • 4th Inning History Moments
    These new Moments will help you get closer to unlocking the 4th Inning Boss Choice Pack. Learn about milestones and historic feats from baseball’s history as you complete each one.

  • Topps Now Moments
    Relive some of the most exciting moments from last week's MLB action. Gain XP, stubs, and special Topps Now vouchers that can be used to redeem Topps Now packs in early July.