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Game Update 1.09 Notes


  • Diamond fielders will no longer make errors on routine ground balls.
    • (They can still make errors, just not on the routine set up low catches).
  • Fixed an issue with player behavior near walls that was preventing fielders from branching to catch animations.
  • Identified and addressed an issue where an incorrect difficulty level was set in player lock Moments.
  • Fixed an issue where the catcher would not react to a steal from 3rd to home, if the batter attempted and missed a bunt with the bases loaded.
  • Adjustments made to fielder urgency on knee-down throws to 1st.
  • The matchmaking window now does not include rating mod, allowing users to control whether they match within the divisions / difficulty windows they prefer.
  • Fixed an issue where middle infielders in an extreme shift were not fielding batted balls they should have.
  • Slightly reduced timing window for hitting, which increases the frequency of strikeouts and late counts.
    • This is roughly 1 or 2 more swings per game to put the ball into play.
  • Further reduced timing window for pitchers when hitting.
  • In Diamond Dynasty games, the guaranteed line drive region is slightly reduced to account for the higher caliber teams in this mode.
  • Sac bunts and drag bunts are slightly easier to put into play.
  • Moments with multiple game series will now reset correctly after the first failure.
  • Players will no longer clip through the stadium walls when attempting to rob a foul ball.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect XP bonuses were applied to users who quit games online.
  • Fixed an issue where program stars where not being awarded when the winning user would exit a game.
  • Fixed an issue where the catcher would throw to the pitcher instead of running and tagging the runner himself after a wild pitch.
  • Moments will no longer overwrite User Settings (Hot/cold zones, strike zone, etc...)


  • Fixed a soft lock in Franchise (and MtO) when pinch hitting for the DH, followed by a pinch hitting for the pitcher.
  • The "AUTO" switch in the Franchise TRADES menu now works.
  • Fixed an issue within Franchise where Player-Lock would deactivate with Critical Situations set to on.
  • Fixed a soft lock that would happen after rapidly entering Quick Manage from the Launchpad in Franchise mode.

Road to the Show:

  • Dynamic Difficulty now progresses faster during RTTS hitting and relief pitching.
  • Fixed an issue where user would not see a failed boss battle notification in RTTS.
  • Changes and corrections to several challenges in RTTS.


  • Addressed an issue that caused framerate slowdown in certain MLB stadiums.
  • Fixed an issue where users would get stuck in the pre-game lineup screen.
  • Stats will now track correctly on the Ranked Seasons landing page.
  • Corrections made to the Handbook regarding information on Free Agency within Franchise mode.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect player levels were displayed in Challenge of the Week.
  • Stance socks will now show when equipped as a visiting team.
  • The bat will no longer float in mid-air when certain players hit a no-doubt Home Run.
  • Various timing adjustments made in the frontend UI, to prevent soft locks or odd menu behaviors.
  • Adjusted various players batting stances and/or pitching deliveries. (Joey Gallo, Cliff Lee)
  • Drums from the crowd will now be heard in Progressive Field when runners are in scoring position for the home team.
  • Fix to the commentary in regards to home and away bullpens at Great American Ball Park.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game.
  • Typos and text sizing adjustments throughout the game.
  • You can now page backwards in the Playlist Editor within Sounds of the Show.
  • Updated panel players for several teams in the front end UI.
  • Changes to Marlins Park: Dugout roof colors, missing collision areas, outfield deck area colors, logo on top of deck area.
  • Added correct logos to the backstop at T-Mobile Park.
  • Users will no longer see their own XP level when viewing other Universal Profiles.
  • Starters and relievers now display their correct position within Play Now Live Rosters.
  • Bat Skins unlocked through Conquest rewards are now able to be equipped immediately on your created player/team.
  • Missions in the DD panel will now correctly reflect the amount of time remaining.