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Ranked Seasons 2: Sunburst

New Season Begins with Sunburst Bat Skin

The second Ranked Season of MLB The Show 19 has arrived and so have these new rewards:

  • Two new Signature Series player items in the World Series choice pack.
  • Two new Flashbacks in the Pennant Race choice pack.
  • Sunburst bat skin in the Division Series reward pack.


New World Series Rewards

Signature Series Bruce Sutter (Diamond, 94 OVR) can now be attained by reaching the World Series division. Sutter's number one pitch is his splitter with 99 break. Match that splitter with his 93 mph 4-seamer, and a devastating slider, and you've got a closing pitcher that can make a home in anyone's bullpen. 

Having trouble filling your left field or the hot corner with someone who can make the tough play and also get on base against any pitcher? Signature Series Alex Gordon (Diamond, 93 OVR), a Double Diamond for his hitting and fielding, might be your answer. Gordon brings elite defense and a strong arm to pair with his contact and power at the plate. 

Legends Bret Boone, Don Mattingly and Christy Mathewson are still available to choose in the World Series choice pack and all rewards are sellable, except the nameplates.

New Pennant Race Rewards

The Pennant Race choice pack adds two new, Gold player's to choose from: 

These player items will be added alongside the first Ranked Seasons Pennant Race choice pack player items of Legends A.J. Burnett, Ken Griffey Sr. and Paul Konerko.


REMINDER: Similar to past Ranked Seasons' leaderboards, the season rollover drops you down a few divisions. Get ready to climb your way to the top with your best Diamond Dynasty squad!

Q: When will I receive the top 50 World Series nameplate for my Universal Profile?
A: Those will be gifted within a few hours.

Q: If I start the new Ranked Season at a level above Spring Training, do I receive all of the lower tier rewards?
A: Yes, play a game in the new Ranked Season. Then try backing out to the main menu. Re-enter Diamond Dynasty and you should receive your rewards.